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From the Forum Mods: Updated for Season 4

Door County Cherry
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You's fourth season is a Netflix exclusive and therefore we'll follow streaming show guidelines as well as shows based on books rules. It will be split into two parts. 


  • Please keep discussion in the episode threads to that episode or potentially earlier episodes.  Do not refer to later episodes.
  • Episodes 5 and 10 will be a "catch all" threads. You can use Ep. 5 to discuss the first batch and Ep. 10 to discuss the whole season. 


  • Please do not discuss the book in the episode threads.  There is a dedicated book talk thread to discuss the book as well as to compare the book and the show. 
  • There are times where you might like to make a quick book reference (e.g. "this did not happen in the book" or "this happened X not Y in the book").  These should be spoiler tagged at all times. General, non-plot specific comments are usually okay.  If you doubt, use spoiler tags. 
  • Posts that are mostly about the book or even go beyond a sentence or two, even spoiler tagged, will be removed, not moved.  If you'd like to make a longer post or engage in a longer comparison involving the book, feel free to indicate your intentions to discuss further in the  You: The Book and The Sequels thread.

Spoilers and Previews

  • Previews are fine for discussion EXCEPT in episode threads.
  • In depth speculation based on previews should go in The Book and The Sequels thread.
  • Spoilers go in The Book and The Sequels thread. 


If you have any questions, please PM us at @Door County Cherry and @dubbel zout.

Thank you!

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