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Suzanne Brockman Trouble Shooter Series

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Has anyone else read this series?  I guess it could be pigeonholed into the "Romance" category, but I thought it did a good job in going beyond that.   While it can seem formulaic I thought the author did a very good job in terms of giving each character a unique voice.   


My favorite Characters were:


Sam Starrett, Alyssa Locke, Lawrence Decker, Tracy Shapiro, Wildcard Karmony, Savannah Von Hopf, Izzy Zanella, Maria Bonavita.


Some parts of the series are better than others and I do think she uses characters as a platform in later books (which can be ok but sometimes it came off as REALLY forced) but I think it's a very good series overall.

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I love them, and I think she does a good job of research into how military operations can be done (I have no idea how authentic she is, but she SEEMS authentic enough to me!) I do think that later she gets kind of preachy about certain issues that are personal to her, but I enjoy the writing and characters enough to overlook it. 

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I loved them at first.  I don't usually read romance books but my sister convinced me these were well beyond that...matter of fact it was the bond between the team members that we liked so much.  But as you said, the later books became too preachy and she really did hit the reader over the head with them.  Plus she cut out the secondary stories which I always enjoyed.

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