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Starting a new thread for anyone who would like to discuss Better Than Us, the Russian series about robots that debuted on Netflix in August 2019.  The series stars Paulina Andreeva and Kirill Karo.  There are currently 16 episodes which Netflix has listed as a single season.

I finished watching this today.  I knew little about the series and had no expectations, and came away very impressed.  There is explicitly some inspiration from Isaac Asimov, but the show goes off in its own interesting directions.  The world building is good, and the effects are better than I would expect from most genre television.  The lead actress is exceptional at playing a robot.  The show kept subverting my expectations, and taking less obvious directions.  I am surprised at how much was packed into these episodes.  There were a lot of twists and turns and relationship drama, which would sometimes put me off a show.  But the actors are good and I became invested in the characters, and anxious to see what would happen next.

I'd call it a solid scifi show.

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