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S01.E12: Danny's Boys

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The guys pool their money to help Justin pay off his loans for the bar, but overstep their boundaries when they start to make business decisions without his consent. Meanwhile, Shelly and Brett secretly ditch Burski to pick up dates and Leslie accidentally blows their cover.


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Did they show the final two episodes out of order -- as the neon sign for the bar's name change to Baby Bird's went missing in the final episode.


Baby Bird's .... what exactly ?  Bar.  Too alliterative.  Tavern ?  Gastropub ?   What a terrible name for a bar, even worse than 'Black Eyes Bar'.


"Baby Bird's" sounds like discount KFC competitor catering to kids, kind of like Chucky Cheese.


Why did they assume that since they took over Justin's bar debt that that entitled them to majority ownership ?  That would never happen. 


I watch this series just for Ron Funches (and Eva Amurri helped in the eye candy dept./sassy waitress dept.), but Danny is just terrible and Justin has to stop with the stupid singing and being so pathetic.  Who writes this ?  Plus, Brent Morin and Chris D'Elia are terrible actors. I don't see this series getting a renewal.

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I busted out laughing so hard at the "celebrate slow motion" scene. I could NOT stop laughing.  I would love to watch it over and over.  It was the best part of the series for me.   That said I really liked this show. Don't really love the beginning/credits, but it has grown on me. I hope it gets renewed. :)

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