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  1. Real teens are horny. Soaps are incredibly unrealistic in this regard.
  2. Joss almost spilling out of her bikini is the entire point of these scenes. The pool setting is an opportunity to show some skin. And I’m pretty sure sure all 18 or older at this point.
  3. Yeah, none of it makes any sense. The writers must not care about getting details right so stories make sense. No one is this stupid.
  4. How much does Medicare cover for that kind of treatment? Lenny has to be old enough to receive Medicare.
  5. The only time Lulu haS been brought up in recent months was to rub Cyrus’ nose in what an evil piece of crap he is. Nothing since he was written off the show.
  6. Pancreatic cancer is very treatable. My uncle had it and held on for quite some time. And he was nearly 90. Lenny is….. 65, give or take? What a decision. Focus on being a mob thug, or have a relationship with a hot model who is having your children. I’m sure Brando will take the stupid route. As nothing is more important than Corinthi hegemony.
  7. The pool is a great plot device to get the characters into swimsuits. Not that I’m complaining. The actress playing Portia was really rocking her bikini. I’m just sad at the timing of Sofia Mattson’s pregnancy. No bikini Sasha this summer.
  8. The writers can find a way! And it wouldn’t even be the lamest thing they’ve done. I saw a fellow wearing a heavy jacket and stocking cap while riding a bicycle, in 90 degree heat under the afternoon sun. Although, I’m pretty sure he was a meth addict.
  9. Or how much said shares are worth. If ELQ is worth many billions of dollars, how did Valentin afford to buy a substantial percentage of its shares? This should have cost him billions. So how did that even happen, given he had already lost the Cassadine fortune back to Nik? I know Valentin was already wealthy, but we’re talking maybe tens of millions of dollars tops. I don’t see how he bought 5% of ELQ shares, let alone close to 50%.
  10. I distinctly recall that there was a storyline where Jimmy Lee found a way to sue the Quartermaines and got $20 million of Edwards’s money. So I’m guessing Edward decided that Jimmy Lee already got his inheritance back in the 80’s.
  11. Bringing Celia back would be a good move too. I liked her back in the day.
  12. The fake pregnancy constitutes contract fraud and would cause a judge to immediately void the contract and have any shares revert to Valentin, at a minimum. Valentin would also have grounds to additionally sue for money damages if he could justify him.
  13. And wouldn’t it figure for Ned and Michael to coordinate ahead of the meeting? Multi billion dollar corporations are just not run this way. Don’t even get me started in what these constant turnovers in senior management would do to the company.
  14. Jimmy Lee was long gone by the time Sonny first appeared. So it isn’t about that.
  15. If they wanted to be really soapy about it, there could be a twist where it isn’t actually Spencer at all, but a previously unknown Victor Cassadine Jr.. Maybe he’s a lookalike cousin or some weird crap. Kind of lame, but better than Shebeast and Jaysus tying the.knot. Gloria Allred does that all the time. While almost never acting in her capacity as an attorney.
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