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  1. If I wrote this show, Michael would be portrayed as the depressing spoiled dolt that he is. To the point of dark comedy. He would be buffoonish,y failing left and right while the Q’s and the Corinthi delusional praised him, and……. oh wait, that’s what happens now. Except he’s treated seriously. It must be the dimples.
  2. It could have been done as a lawsuit. If a plaintiff’s attorney could establish causality, it would probably be easy to establish a fairly high number on damages. But GH writers appear to be largely ignorant and uninterested in basing courtroom storylines in anything approaching reality.
  3. This show plays out the kind of legal scenarios that people who know nothing of the law must imagine. It wouldn’t shock me if they had another outdoor set next year where they hang out and have conversations by the Statue of Limitations.
  4. What’s up with Esme wearing sneakers in every scene? Is that a thing right now, or does she have an issue wearing other types of women’s shoes?
  5. Or maybe Britt. That could work. He would be way better for her than Jaysus.
  6. Notice how Mooby didn’t apologize to Nick. Not even a little. What a stupid asshole.
  7. I’m guessing long lost daughter.
  8. Yeah, they aren’t Mormon or Amish, so they’re completely unrealistic.
  9. I would spring for a pay per view event if they had a knock down drag out death match where Nina loses her shit and completely beats the living hell out of Shebeast. Specially if they threw Shebeast Jr. in for yucks.
  10. Isn’t she a nurse? With the bar gone and being newly widowed, she will probably follow Nina to Port Charles. Lots of opportunities for her to meddle at the hospital. Be ready for a long wait. The only way he leaves is if they replace the current showrunner, or it gets cancelled.
  11. Brad was never a villain, just desperate and weak. With some bad luck thrown in the mix. But still somewhat endearing.
  12. Based on Jason’s comments in his limo I got the impression he has anticipated this and moved the bomb to their car. Or maybe Wu tipped him off. Either way, I think you’re right. The bomb is not under Jarly’s car.
  13. Hey now! Dante and Jaysus have probably bonded a lot during the offscreen part of those arrests. They both like sports, cars, motorcycles, guns, etc.. plenty of room for some guy talk…….. Or Jaysus just sits there like a statue. I don’t know.
  14. I still hear Steve Schnetzer’s voice on TV commercials. I always recognize his voice like. Shot. No one sounds like him.
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