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  1. Brad was never a villain, just desperate and weak. With some bad luck thrown in the mix. But still somewhat endearing.
  2. Based on Jason’s comments in his limo I got the impression he has anticipated this and moved the bomb to their car. Or maybe Wu tipped him off. Either way, I think you’re right. The bomb is not under Jarly’s car.
  3. Hey now! Dante and Jaysus have probably bonded a lot during the offscreen part of those arrests. They both like sports, cars, motorcycles, guns, etc.. plenty of room for some guy talk…….. Or Jaysus just sits there like a statue. I don’t know.
  4. I still hear Steve Schnetzer’s voice on TV commercials. I always recognize his voice like. Shot. No one sounds like him.
  5. It would be fun to watch him tie Joss to some railroad tracks with a train approaching as he cackles maniacally. And it would make as much sense as any of the other shit he’s pulled. He should get his money back.
  6. At this point, bringing back the vampires would be a step up. Maybe they can take over as the town heroes from the mob.
  7. Amd it’s not like they don’t have Monica living there who is an actual medical doctor.
  8. It would be like watching a sporting event where I despise everyone involved. Then spend The whole time imagining a scenario where everyone loses horribly.
  9. Did you notice that when the families met their phrasing made it seem like ‘the five families’ are a third party to those present?
  10. Given how GH portrays medical and legal things, does it seem at all likely that they would actually bring in a consultant to help them write this storyline?
  11. Did you ever imagine coming to the realization that it’s noticeably worse NOT having Mooby around.
  12. That’s ok. If Sofia Mattson weren’t in advanced state of pregnancy I would hav slicked it if she was stripping for the guy’s party. Or even just hanging out in a bikini all summer.
  13. I almost posted that myself. I love that film.
  14. I remember a scene several years ago where Luke and Tracy say in unison “no one in this town stays dead”.
  15. Jason will singlehandedly defeat the bad guys, with Dante mopping up for him. Then in an unrealistic turn of events Cyrus will get free and a newly restored Sonny will defeat him. The Corinthii the champion protectors of PC again.
  16. I guess the GH writers have never heard of Martha Stewart.
  17. They make family size microwave meals. Then there are ‘salad kits’ that even include the dressing in a separate container. Throw in some rolls an you’ve got a family meal with no real cooking involved.
  18. It also worked because John Colicos could portray a credible villain. Plus the cinematography and score gave the whole thing a sense of suspense and intensity. I rewatched some of it on YouTube recently. And it really contrasted how far the show has fallen in the last 40 years.
  19. Seriously. It’s not like they buy companies that are successful. Typically they buy a company that’s circling the drain. Then turn them around if possible, or sell off the assets of the ones that just aren’t viable. In reality, they save jobs that would probably be gone otherwise.
  20. Wouldn’t that be kind of ghoulish to do that to someone who is actually having a baby though?
  21. I hate to be cynical, but it feels like the only reason they have this character at all is to check a box.
  22. A good parent would never let their child set foot in that town.
  23. Real teens are horny. Soaps are incredibly unrealistic in this regard.
  24. Joss almost spilling out of her bikini is the entire point of these scenes. The pool setting is an opportunity to show some skin. And I’m pretty sure sure all 18 or older at this point.
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