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  1. Or at least mention Henry. Is she still married to Dr. Jake (Ben Bratt)? I need to know! And, please, Derek isn't worth getting that upset about. Rewatching Grey's, I can't stand him even more. I totally thought she was upset about Mark. Yes, that seems to be the path with Amelia and them. I definitely love her and Linc. It might just take time. I think we need a whole new set of interns. These are overdone. Especially Helm. I kinda like Schmidt. He and Jo are OK, because he makes her palatable. The good Addison & Amelia parts aren't worth watching the rest of Private Pract
  2. About the only thing I'm tuning in for these days are the flashbacks, but think they could have found someone else to be Smurf. I know it's a journey, but don't see her as young Smurf. She didn't buy it yet, she just picked the lock while the current owners are away because she didn't want to take the kids to Disney. Julia has Smurf's number at a young age (which Smurf HATES) and loves that she takes care of Andrew. Sad to see the beginning of her addiction, which her mom fostered. The rest of the heist stuff drives me crazy. They're always screwing things up and yet somehow man
  3. It can fail, but yeah, you'd think! Keeps the story going. I can see Teddy not being prepared, but Owen should have been. And Amelia had slept with three guys about that time so it could have been any of them!! Glad it was Linc's! At least they don't do a ton of SORAS-ing! All the kids seem to be age appropriate for the most part. I'm looking forward to more stories about the new interns from this season. We hardly knew ya except for a couple.
  4. I feel like ABC is really bad about this the most. So many Sunday at 10 PM shows cancelled. Grrrr. I watched Rebel a couple of times and while it could be good, it seemed really shouty.
  5. Which is fine, but I got the impression that he meant from him. There are certainly enough children around to fill that void, including Leo!!! Amelia should be give a lot of props for not only taking care of her own infant, but also Zola, Bailey & Ellis and apparently various and sundry children and not working except for a few stints whereas Linc got to work much more (although not day to day somehow) so I can't blame her for not warming to the idea immediately as it comes out of Linc's mouth!!!
  6. I'm watching Jesse Williams in "The Cabin In The Woods" and he has a nice abs shot.
  7. I don't hate Owen. I liked him with Amelia (until she said she didn't want a baby and he wigged out again). They were great with Leo and teen mom (I forget her name) and that they were co-parenting them. That being said, also, can Linc have more kids? Wasn't he pretty sure he couldn't even have kids when Amelia told him originally? Cart/Horse.
  8. I dislike Owen more than Teddy, but they're both so co-dependent they need go away very soon. I liked her with Tom much better and wish they had kept them together.
  9. I feel like he missed the point of talking with his father. His father knew that the life of being an Avery wasn't for him, but didn't know how else to be a person from the name and moving out and away from overbearing Catherine (which Richard should have done many times) was probably the best thing he could have done for Jackson (except for the leaving him with Catherine part, but he turned out alright anyway). I don't think he checked out as much as found himself, which is what Jackson is now doing. Again why does he have to be in Boston for the Foundation work? Sign me up. But no A
  10. There would be no TV if people told people things they should! Why would Levi go back to Nico? The guy couldn't even give a drawer and then all of a sudden asks Levi to move in. Don't blame Glasses for not going for it right away. The vaccine guy was so much better, but alas, the trial would have been flawed (and we know what happens then, but you might get a Covid reprieve!).
  11. I can't believe they made Amelia say no to Link? REALLY????? I know she's flighty, and definitely has anxiety over getting close (former fiancee dead of an OD), but c'mon!!!! And I like Amelia for the most part. I wish Richard would have said that addiction doesn't define you, which she makes it, but I hope this isn't the end for them. Why would Jo sell her shares to Koracek, whom I kinda like, but really? The Beach. I was like, what??? No more beach!
  12. Except channeling Madonna with the bra-y white circley thing. Had to mute during her songs. I liked a non-actor/comedian person hosting. And Elon says he has Aspergers so I give him props for trying something new/different even if he isn't a natural. He and his mom were cute. May, but with an "e" at the end. Overall it was decent. Gen Y Hospital should have been Millennial Hospital, but OK... Murder Durder - I haven't seen Mare..., but have seen many of the same type of shows, generally British murder shows and felt the reference. The first meeting after COVID is s
  13. I'm only up to season 12 (don't mind the spoilers): Seasons 1-5/6 - Derek - Smug, jerk, a##hat, judgey. I read that he wasn't supposed to be married in the original story, but they changed their minds. He was given the option to divorce Addison and be with Meredith, but didn't then pined after Mer and stalked her. Not to mention when Ellen Pompeo went to him to help support her getting equal pay (she is the star of the show) that PD didn't want to give up a few thousand for her. - Burke - Tried to make Cristina into someone else and when he finally was about to marry her - leave
  14. That was Marco and unexpected. But the way Smurf threw it in the garbage disposal - GROSS. I keep saying this to my husband. All that work to keep everything away from everyone, suspicious about everyone and their motives because their motives are the worst, etc., etc. It would be so tiring to keep everything straight, all the cash transactions you have to hide. I mean look at Breaking Bad and all the stuff Walter White had to do to hide his money. He has to know that it's for killing Baz. Mia and the guy drove by him running after shooting Baz and before Pope pulled up to tel
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