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  1. I read somewhere yesterday that Joe Biden was furious early in his presidency from having to listen to "morning punditry show, Morning Joe" constantly talk about former president trump. It was a story about how Trump left childish shit all throughout the White House, like an indoor driving range, and how Biden refers to him as a "fucking asshole." But shit like that where journos and politicians refer to Morning Joe as the punditry show of record is what saddles us with mediocrity. They don't need to improve the show or pay attention or invest more... because they've made it. They're i
  2. Mind boggling. Her brother is an ambassador. She did nothing to prepare to interview France's ambassador to the US? I watched Good Morning Britain on ITV/BritBox yesterday, and they succinctly and fully covered the issue with France, educating me to a huge degree on what's going on. It's not Biden's fault (although they mocked him for being old), it's France's fault. They have old submarine technology that is now no longer appropriate for Australia to employ as a deterrent to China. Joe Biden has nothing to do with it, but here in the states it seems as if he is to blame for upsetting F
  3. How was the interview with the French Ambassador? How was the dispute framed by the show? What was the resolution? I had it on mute as I clicked around on my phone.
  4. Bizarre AF https://www.nbcnews.com/know-your-value/feature/i-spent-three-weeks-alone-my-89-year-old-mom-ncna1279446 1. She writes like a 16 year old. Her prose and process is embarrassing. (The bullet points at the end of the article are instructive though, but plainly from a pamphlet her Dr provided) 2. So she took 3 weeks off to take care of Bamba who is extremely ill... but makes NO MENTION OF IT ON THE SHOW. The mind, it boggles. No KYV for elder care, no KYV for Parkinsons/Alzheimers, no doctors to talk about this, no health care discussions, no policy discussions, NOTHING. I
  5. The handheld purposefully shaky camera zooming in and out and moving about is pointlessly distracting and subtracts more than it adds. I believe this is the first time I've seen them try this. Not a fan. Why have they selected angles with long takes that has Eddie's back to us? This morning's director's decisions are odd to me, or, I am just not used to them recording in studio. They've just done 10 minutes on Instagram. I've got it on mute. But I could see early on that Mika was oUtRAgEd!!
  6. The story is that Facebook ran internal data analysis and determined on their own that Instagram negatively influences teenagers. They have self image issues exacerbated by "social comparison" only found within Instagram. There's no straight line from this to depression or suicide or eating issues or self medication, but it's known there is an effect from viewing perceived perfection on Instagram and measuring oneself as less. Should Zuckerburg be better? Yeah. Is Joe and Mika's hysterical outrage warranted? No. They scream and rant and lay the sanctimony on thick, but they do nothing
  7. I turned on the show immediately after the 4 of them were talking about a movie? And Mika pretended to be offended and superior and the jokesy humor around the table was SO. FORCED. Ugh. It was terribly awkward. It was like "Oh here we are back together we joke around like this and isn't Mika cute about how she doesn't like movies, let's all laugh like we used to at this." It was awful. She does look good though. She is fascinating to me. I wonder what she's like in the wild, off camera, not posturing.
  8. Mika mispronounced Michael William's character "Omar" from The Wire. She read the celebrity segments like she had never seen any of those words printed before. She didn't know how to pronounce "Omar" so she mumbled it. If she had seen The Wire she'd know Omar.
  9. With respect, I will never understand this frame of mind. The Cowboys franchise is valued at $5.6 billion. In 2019 the franchise earned $1 billion in revenue, and cleared $425 million as profit. The NFL players' salary cap is $182 million per franchise for players' salaries that year. That's 18.6% of Cowboys' revenue. Jerry Jones will tell you the Cowboys' product they sell is the mystique of the brand. I'd tell you it's football. The Cowboys' product that people paid a billion dollars to enjoy is the players. They are the product. If there remains $425 million in profits, then it'
  10. https://twitter.com/morningmika Yep, not one mention of Rachel's huge contract.
  11. Absolutely bonkers, right? On the other hand, the show was tight and informative. I'm certain i'm misremembering, but sheath dress and Louboutins Mika had the proper veneer and seemed correctly situated, if not informative. At least she wasn't making the show much worse. She was running, dating (apparently), addicted to Ambien, and was focused on the show... evidently to her detriment, personally. Now that she's out of the studio she is wholly unengaged and it appears the show is an afterthought or nuisance. The show today couldn't have had Mika steering the ship. The news is too w
  12. Did anyone catch Mika and the new NY Governor? Mika asked what the new governor is going to do to prevent sexual harassment. I kind of stopped listening, and I think the new governor swatted away Mika's next question and then was interviewed by Willie. Mika ended the segment by saying "Happy Birthday. It's your SIXTY THIRD birthday." She was like, yeah, I know. Mika, "So you found SUCCESS AFTER FIFTY," and sat there like a smug brat who just ate your ice cream. I didn't listen to it all very carefully. Did anyone else?
  13. @neona NevADDuh. Like "ADvertising" or "ADD up"
  14. Oooh, i can't wait. Special exclusive interview of the new governor of NY by our Scoop Brzezinski. She's going to ask... wait for it, wait for it... what is the new governor going to do for women? My wife and I laughed and laughed and laaaaaaughed. What a clown.
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