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  1. This was on a website named "Homeschoolers Anonymous" so I don't know if the parent(s) are JillR and/or Shrek. https://homeschoolersanonymous.net/2014/02/13/the-many-valuable-lessons-i-learned-in-ati-lauras-story/
  2. I was reading a blog post named "The Many Valuable Lessons I Learned In ATI - Laura's Story". One of the things she mentioned was fasting - at least on Sundays. Do you supposed the "adult-people" in ATI would force a teenager or younger to fast even if they are either diabetic and using insulin or if they are hypoglycemic? That's a scary thought to me, because I am an insulin-dependent diabetic and have family members who run both ends of the spectrum.
  3. Someone mentioned that he had been arrested for getting a minor pregnant and is now trying for custody or visitation without having seen said child because he feels said child could be damaged without "father-type" contact from him.
  4. Was talking about it in J&A and Mod made a general comment about off-topic posts there. I felt it had the potential to get off topic so moved it here.
  5. Last name for Caleb? And I wonder if he got permission from his PO to go to wherever he went on 1/6/21?
  6. OK - talking about Caleb and being arrested for getting an under-age girl pg. I've never heard of it happening in my state, but maybe I'm just not paying attention.
  7. Thank you - this shall go to Small Talk then.
  8. OK. Can someone tell me how to move this to Small Talk if it needs to be?
  9. Is it just me or is it weird that the Caleb person was arrested for getting a girl pregnant - or was the girl underage?
  10. I like the cucumbers w/salt and vinegar, but we also put sugar in ours, and sometimes sliced cherry tomatoes and spring onions.
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