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  1. watching it made it look like her mask was sliding as she talked, not that it happened on purpose
  2. UPDATE to original post. It seems that although appearing in the instagram post from earlier today Victoria is not in her place within the formation during the takeover after halftime (her part of the deck was not shown beforehand).
  3. I noticed that picture too, after I posted my comment. The picture was posted 3 maybe almost 4 hours ago (when the Kelly story was still up).
  4. I noticed something strange with the Game Day Instastories. My sister looked earlier and saw that the Takeover had already started. She told me that the first story was Tess in front of the camera talking and the second said pregame rehearsal showing Tess and a couple of her fellow deckmates practicing with Kelly watching from the stadium steps. Because the game was about to start, I looked on my own and noticed it went straight from the first story (Tess alone) to her practicing the touchdown cheer. I showed my sister and she didn't know why they would take it down since the only thing slightly off is that Kelly's mask was below her nose as she was talking (which is completely reasonable). With knowing Kelly was out last game due to contact tracing, the only reason I can see taking down the video is that Kelly hasn't finished her quarantine period. Just a theory seeing as I have no idea when the person she was near tested positive.
  5. https://dallascowboyscheerleaders.com/gallery/week-6-arzvsdal/
  6. Was looking through the Game pictures from Monday Night and noticed a few things. I think Maddie, Gina, Chandi, and Kelcey had great pictures. The jumping picture was a cool action shot that I hadn't seen before. HOWEVER, although Savannah looks really good in her solo picture the picture is obviously edited in multiple ways. They made the blue in the uniform and mask a more vibrant blue than the other pictures which makes the mask look edited on. The part that bothers me about the picture is there are three obviously edited on mask in the crowd behind her (woman in pink on the right in the front row, the man immediately beside her on the left of the picture, and the person in a #21 jersey by the stairs railing). **Side Note** something looks off in the kick picture
  7. I very much appreciated the last one when I was searching for rookies.
  8. In a normal year yes. It seems for some reason they want 16 and 20 which causes the groups to be uneven. I don't get it but then again I guess I don't have to. There was a comment earlier that 20 ladies could fit on a deck.
  9. Meant it as no one knew her location on either deck (fixed)
  10. This Game seemed to have 16 cheerleaders on Deck 1 and 20 cheerleaders on Deck 2, weird. ** All of my information came from their instastory yesterday and the few pictures posted here, so I may have mislabeled someone (Erin and Jessica look too similar with masks to be so close together). Sorry if someone has posted this already. ** Deck 1 (Game 2): Amber, Savannah, Marissa, Briana, Kristin, Jalyn, Darian, Lexie, Maddie, McKenzie, Lisa, Chandi, Kelcey, Amanda, Rachel A, Ashlee (this came from Jackie Bob's Thunderstruck video) Deck 2 (Game 2): Caroline, Victoria, Alora-Rose, Kat, Jessica, Madeline, Armani, Daphne, Claire, Gina, Tess, Jada, Erin, Taylor, Dani, Alanna, Sydney, Cianna, Elli, Rachel W This would make the group breakdown: (Rookie & Missed 1st Game) 1: Maddie, Ashlee, Rachel A, Lisa, Chandi, Kelcey, McKenzie, Amanda 3: Lexie, Amber, Darian, Jalyn, Kristin, Briana, Marissa, Savannah 2: Tess, Rachel W, Elli, Cianna, Sydney, Alanna, Dani, Taylor, Jada, Erin 4: Gina, Caroline, Victoria, Alora-Rose, Jessica, Madeline, Armani, Claire, Daphne, Kat
  11. I meant Rookie, as in they have only had one year and the team hasn't been announced.
  12. I find it interesting and refreshing that they used (last year) rookies for their "get the look", sponsored business, page.
  13. I know and agree, but it just adds to the double standard. BTW I wouldn't feel this way if the show wasn't starting/ending so late. (my feelings of course may change with number of episodes, etc.)
  14. I know I am picky, but I wish it would stop scrolling while I am looking at the picture. I don't want to have to open the image in a new tab to keep it from moving. As I said I know it is being nitpicky.
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