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  1. My jaw dropped at Jenna's bald face lie to Glenn that she and Georgia never took a break at same time during the day, leaving only Madison on service with guests, cabins and laundry. She said "it never happened." Then Glenn pushed and said came to his attention that Jenna and Adam left duty together to go take a nap. Jenna looked Glenn in the eye and said she couldn't remember. She'd been too busy working her ass off to remember! She totally knowingly lied to her boss.Jenna has likely ended her yachting career. And tho she'll blame it all on others (ie Madison and Georgia and Glenn) she has ONLY her OWN crappy attitude and unacceptable behavior to thank. Her Chief Stew career should be over! She's whinibg and making excuses on IG. Too bad, it's all on tape and the world has seen it I did pause tho, because from what Glenn said the "nap while supposedly in duty" apparently happened 2 days earlier. So I was thinking WTF? Glenn waited 2xdays before having his 'talk' with Jenna? The timing didn't make sense to me. Maybe I heard it wrong but I thought she said she couldn't remember 2 days back...
  2. Kerry and her friends were my favorite charter guests of all time. Fun, appreciative, not over demanding or acting entitled. Quite the opposite. Her friends obviously planned ahead and brought items for special surprises like the party decorations and PJ's. Mark brought those jammies, not Production. Jenna totally provided pathetically subpar service to this group. She was totally disengaged and uninterested. The guests were so nondemanding that they didn't complain. Throughout the episode I kept thinking that I wish they had been on a charter with Kate and Capt Lee. Kate has so many special ways to add to a charter, fun games and activities (ie. a treasure hunt) and goes above and beyond to make guests entire dining experience memorable. I wish Kerry had received a Kate level service. She really deserved that.
  3. I felt for Madison at the crew's dinner out. Surrounded by couples is not easy especially if you've been picked on by several of your coworkers. She understandably felt excluded and alone, particularly when Georgia was making a play for the new guy, leaving Madison without a "partner." And, props to Madison for having the decency to show discomfort at the juvenile jokes about Parker, made by mean girl Jenna and Adam.(oh they thought they were so funny to laugh about Parker) Madison considered Parker a friend and did not want to sit at the table while the rest made mean jokes about him. Madison is the only one at that dinner showing evena modicum of decency and class. Jenna, in particular, showed once again that she is totally trailer trash.
  4. This was the most boring episode so far, which isn't really saying much because the bar is so low. Not one incident or guest or crew member was even remotely interesting. Borrrrrrrrring.
  5. I was really looking forward to another Kate commentary.very disappointed!
  6. ZzzCaroline B was a totally pathetic stew, and like Andrew on this season, she had absolutely zero skills or knowledge to contribute. I cringe just remembering her ridiculously nervous run-hop between guests and galley, in full panic mode. It made me nervous to even watch her. She didn't even know how to make iced coffee and other common drinks, slice lemons, and on and on. She ended up with nonstop health issues and injuries with the result that she did NO work for more than 2 charters, yet she accepted her tip $$. Kate was very kind and sympathetic, until finally she just had had enough. She and Josiah were exhausted doing Caroline's job as well as their own. The herpes and loud music were juvenile and they shouldn't have done it, but Caroline refused to get up and leave her cabin, and at that point Kate snapped. Not the nicest thing to do, but I get it. Kate is a perfectionist in her work as a Chief Stew. She expects her stewardesses to also work hard and not complain. Every charter we saw Kate doing some of the unglamorous tasks in addition to service and planning and organizing for the big and the small details. Jenna is lazy and worthless. And I can count on one hand the few times we've seen her doing anything beyond wiping the same damned wine glass in order to hang out in the galley and make out with Adam, dropping off family style platters of food, or gossiping with crew to bad mouth Madison including running to Glenn to complain and distort. She doesn't even make an effort to comb her hair and look presentable. Yet she has the gall to make fun of guests she deems low class. Jenna is a waste of time and film. She can't hold even the tiniest candle to Kate's efforts to provide a fine dining and luxury experience to the charter guests. Jenna is tarnished brass compared to Kate's gold.
  7. Last week on WWHL Andy interviewd Capt Glenn live from Spain, plus Ciarra and Paget who were in Italy. Very impressive to pull off a done-from-home TV show with participants in different countries. It was great to see Ciarra and Paget were still together and actually appearing happier and more relaxed than during a stressful season of filming BDSY. However, I was disappointed in Capt Glenn. He maintained his jovial (who me?) nice guy attitude, although he squirmed a bit when he admitted that he preferred that crew did not use the master cabin for their "personal use". He repeated his praise and support for Jenna as Chief Stew. But, after last night's episode I wonder how he feels about Jenna's smirking laugh to Adam that she was going to have to "punish Madison" for supposedly sticking her nose in Jenna's business. And then Jenna immediately sought out the rest of the crew to bad mouth Madison and spread the lie that Adam and Byron started. Jenna and Adam are both horrible horrible employees and make their boat and Capt look bad. I seriously think their mean kids behavior could cost the boat future charter bookings that don't even involve the show. So now....would Glenn stubbornly stick with his claim that Jenna is GOD of the interior team? Another random thought thatugly has really bugged me about Jenna's performance as a Chief Stew (and I think she is definitely the worst we've seen yet. She makes even Adriene look good) : she makes zero effort to set a beautiful table, and what's with those old tacky striped sheets she uses as table cloths on the beach picknicks? They're all bunched up and look so ugly. If I was a guest paying big bucks for a chartered cruise I would expect service MUCH more impressive than the sloppy job that Jenna puts out,( then blames others). It's absolutely disgusting how she and Adam are constantly making out with their hands all over each other right there in the kitchen where Adam is supposed to be preparing meals for guests. GROSS OUT Disgusting lack of even minimal hygiene. If I was a charter boat owner or captain I would never ever hire either Jenna or Adam for my crew.
  8. I'm only half way thru this episode and am so bored that all the deliberate product placement is more interesting than the crew members. CORE water bottles nonstop in scene after scene. Pullleese. I disliked Parker from the opening episode when so many viewers were loving him. He's been a spoiled egotistical brat fromthe get go who thinks he knows everything when he actually knows nothing and apparently isn't learning, either. A couple episodes ago he was bragging that he was a regular James Bond. So pathetic, if he wasn't so insufferable I'd feel sorry for him. Adam and Jenna continue to be total jerks. Jenna clearly enjoys complaining to the Capt about other crew members. (Seriously, it was so much fun to see Kate make witty remarks while rewatching last week's episode. And it reminded me, that unlike Janna, Kate very rarely brought complaints about crew to Capt. Lee.) I really really dislike Janna. Would be great to see her and Parker replaced mid season. However I have enjoyed these Playbiy guests!
  9. Note to 51 Minds, Bravo, and their horrible casting agency: LEARN from your mistakes! The last cast of BD ruined the show for a significant number of your fans and cost you the most loved cast member, not to mention loss of your integrity by continuing to film while abusive vehavior went on unchecked in front imif your cameras. And so---here you are with BD Sailing Yacht and are losing even more fans due to horrible casting. Here-s the proof: fans are not enjoying the show even tho you worked to cast three 'hunkyish" good looking guys. But they are stilk either dirt bags, weird or simply uninteresting. Proof: the only cast member that fans are enjoying is regular, funny and decent guy Byran. We fans would rather watch decent crew members abd leave the drama to crazy guests. Seriously!
  10. Just rewatched last week's episode (out of sheer boredom) to try and get in the mood for the new episode tonight. Big mistake as last week's episide was totally awful. But I finally figured out one of the main things that really bugged me about the ridiculous Yanna guest (many things bothered me about these ridiculous entitled classless snobs)... She has SO much filler in her lips that she can't use them to talk, show expression, or even eat. When she puts food in her mouth her lips remain frozen and she barely can open her mouth and use her teeth to pull food off a fork. And how about the lazy B who is so helpless she can't even dish a spoon of scrambled egs onto her plate? Seriously the dumbest guests we've seen on BD. My guess is they're nuevue rich and weren't raised in a truly wealthy background, and are compelled to wallow and rub it in now. They give wealthy people a bad look... Quite pathetic actually.
  11. I absolutely cant not stand Jenna. She iis lazy and uses her rank to get away with doing as little work as possible except serving platters of food, flirting and making sexual advances on Adam in the workplace during work hours whike also galf heartedly wiping a wine glass, and constantly calling Madison to run and do tasks for her. And then complaining about Madison. I also really dislike cocky stupid Parker. He doesn't seem to be a quick learner, often because he thinks he already knows more than everyone. He's beyond annoying. I don't blame Ciarra for gettiing tired of his antics. I actually like Ciarra and hope that sly snake Georgia doesn't break up Ciarra and Paget. I feel neutral about Paget. He seems quite knowledgeable about the boat and appears to be sincere about his relationship with Ciarra. Maybe too comfortable in their relatiibahip because he seems kind of flattered or doofish in his flirting with Georgia who clearly is encouraging him. Meanwhile Ciarra is up working hard on the deck. Frankly I don't have any sense of a 'happy ending" for this crew. The show had a LOT of potential...new issues being on avsail boat, and a gorgeous setting in Greece. I totally blame the crappy casting that blew the show's potential. Same crappy casting that ruined Below Deck's last season. Simikar crappy casting goals to find hunky guys with personality issues, and stews who are mostly unprepared for the non stop work pace. And of course, finding a "chief stew" who lijes to think she's as good as Kate (dream on, Jenna!) who also apparently nade it clear during her auditions that she's always looking for a good time in the sack. Seriously, all those stupid tears on the pier over a guy shes been throwing herself at for less than three weeks? She's pathetic. And the tip meeting that ended the last charter gave me the creeps when she sat snuggled up to Adam in the couch with his arn around her. So unprofessional it cringed. In front of their boss. Did he even notice? He seems kind of blind to a lot of the crew issues and shows lax expectations for their behavior. Maybe sailing yachts have more casual rank heirarchy than motor yachts? But I doubt it.. Basically 51 Minds and BRAVO blew an opportunity to expand the BD franchise with another winner. Especially sad after the debacle on Below Deck las season and the disrespect and threating behavior they allowed to continue towards Kate. They blew it big time, again. Get a NEW CASTING agency!!
  12. THIS! Thank you, Gingerella. I am already boycotting all BRAVO shows from here on and would appreciate having a list of their sponsors so I can boycott them as well.. Sexist and drunken behavior has become the sole focus of BRAVO's "reality programs" proving that tacky classless Jerry Springer-ish behavior can be found across all economic levels. Depressing to say the least. It's too bad how BRAVO/51 Minds ruined what started out as a really fun upstairs-downstairs premise in an interesting setting that most of us will never get to experience. Hyjinks with the crew and guest drama was very fun and rapidly built up the show as a fan favorite. But you had to push it in the drunken and gender-based conflict drama like all the Housewives clones. You took a great show and destroyed it. And what to say about the stupidity of NBC to tolerate (and maybe fully support) the downward slide? NBC obviously didn't learn anything from it's own Matt Lauer debacle, or even the well publicized misogynistic behavior at FOX that brought down a few other big names. NBC might incorrectly believe that it's safe from criticism because fingers are mainly pointing at BRAVO. But as pundits are saying (even on MSNBC!) about the political mess and disgusting male behavior in the White House, fish starts to stink from the head down. SO NBC, you are to blame as much as BRAVO for turning a blind eye to the outrageous male behavior on Below Deck' 7th season. Although this is a much larger issue than a handful of specific cast members, I'm going to use Kate Chastain as my personal 'thermometer" for measuring if/how these two networks ever understand that a large portion of their viewers have literally been turned off. Bring back Kate in a respectful manner or I'll know you absolutely do not "get it". And I will show my disgust by using my $$ to support other networks and their sponsors.
  13. Bru-advocate Andy claims he repeatedly asked the female production crew filming the reunion if he was being "hard enough on the boys " What that tells me is that he considers these adult males to be mere "boys" and that he was aware that their behavior had been totally egregious and deserved to be seriously addressed as unacceptable in society, and definitely will not be allowed again on a BRAVO show in the future. As well, Andy must have been nervously aware that he actually was not being hard enough. The women deserved apologies from all 4 of those men and one from 51 Minds' production crew. Unfortunately their failure to anticipate the backlash from female fans indicates that Mark Cronin's team is really out of touch with reality, even though they supposedly are filming a "reality" show. So ignorant. If they (deck crew, Andy, and production teams) had made sincere apologies and owned up to their mistakes in not intervening or stopping the behavior as it happened --- fans would be in a very different place right now and feel a little vindicated just to have the misogyny acknowledged and regretted. Andy can give all the wimpy whiny excuses he wants. I do not accept them. He was getting paid to moderate a much needed debriefing and instead he acted like a spineless weasel.
  14. Kate Chastain is educated, well traveled, articulate, witty and attractive. She has much greater career potential than another reality show gig. If she wants to stay on TV I could envision her on something like The View, her own Travel Show (how cool that would be!), or something that has nothing at all to do withTV. My only hope is that she finds something that interests her and pays well. She really doesn't owe her TV fans anything. Supportive fans will be sending her All The Best Wishes in her next endeavor. 👍
  15. I am so bummed at the prospect of a Kate-less Below Deck that I am officially going to turn off BRAVO altogether and forget its channel number. Below Deck was the last BRAVO show I watch, I already gave up on all the Housewives. Actually I think "Reality TV" as a genre of unscripted entertainment is dying and has outlived its expiration date. Idiots like Mark Cronin @ 41 Minds / BRAVO dug their own graves by failing to intervene when they witnessed misogynistic and dangerous behavior toward female crew members on BD's 7th season, and just let the cameras roll on. Cronin, you've literally killed your cash cow thru your greed and inability to make the right call. Kate Chastain deserved SO MUCH better from BRAVO. I hope she lands with something positive that has no connection with you. And you can just watch your ratings drop next season.. BTW: different network but I'm equally sick of the whole Bachelor Nation franchise. Another reality "show" where producers' greed and casting decisions continually ramped things up and up until the shows were painful to watch as the participants degraded and embarrassed themselves and their families. I'm sticking with documentaries and Netflix for quality programming from here on.
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