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  1. I guess you can argue that. But between Esther and Jonny, Esther did eveything better.
  2. This conclusion seemed weird. Seemed like Esther did better than Jonny, except that Jonny had already managed a brand for 15 years. But wasn't the point to find the next huge brand and wouldn't he have made it big already in those 15 years if he was there? For me that counts as a point against him, not for him. I was debating if I was willing to say that Esther was robbed, but I think I came to the conclusion: Esther was robbed.
  3. I never heard cumgutters before. I think that may be my new favorite word. So, interesting that they had a mention of the virus. They usually don't produce as fast as south park. Makes me wonder if that was actually suppose to be the real Rick and Morty on that train originally and they slotted in the toy-train part at the last second.
  4. That is seriously hard to believe. There are so many moving pieces and at the end you even have Jane Levy singing live (granted not perfect, but appropriate for the situation). That would be a huge order even for a movie, let alone a TV show. If it's true, I'm even more impressed than before.
  5. What in the actual fuck? That was a 7 minute continuous shot! I'm sure there must have been some invisible cuts in there. It's not possible to do this at a TV show scheduel otherwise, but other than the front door to the house right in the beginning and the pan to the winter garden in the middle, I couldn't see any places where they could have easily been hidden and I watched this twice now. I am extremely impressed. Bravo! Not to mention the song and choreography during that song were beautiful. Great and moving episode.
  6. He didn't expect instructions immediately. If he did, he wouldn't have put Stubbs on ice. He probably expected it to take only hours, not months to years, but still priorities. There was no rush to recieve instructions immediately. He could have patched up Stubbs and then gone to robot heaven. This course of action makes no sense.
  7. Okay one more complaint: Why the hell couldn't Bernard patch up Stubbs? What was so damn time sensitive about accessing the robot world? Seems like he was in there for months anyway... Speaking of which. For how long had he paid for that room?! I also can't see what robot-William is going to be good for. Real William just shot a security guard in the head in front of a bunch of witnesses. He' going away forever. I swear if that is swept under the rug or not even menioned next season, I'm going to flip... no I won't, because I won't know on account of me not watching. Pretty muc
  8. Thank fuck this is over. I deliberated if I should turn this off mutliple times. This was such a slog and not just the episode, but the season. The Highlight of the episode was probably the talk between Dolores and Maeve. It was beautiful scenery and very moving. BUT we could have had that 8 episodes ago. Nothing really changed. Dolores could have explained herself to Maeve back then and would have probably brought her to her side, especially had she explained that she doesn't have the key but it is in save hands. (Also not sure why Dolores stared at the side of a hill 3 feet in front of
  9. I liked the first two episodes. The third one was extremely horrible. But alas that's Gattiss and Moffat's MO. They make a show with a promising premise and really good first few episodes and then proceed to completely ruin them.
  10. Tammy 2 was great. Megan Mullally is great at physical comedy. I always loved her in Will and Grace, but imo that part of her talent was always a bit underused there. At least in the revival, don't quite remember how it was in the original run. Not giving her any lines and just having her eyes and tied up hands do the talking was brilliant. Just looked it up and he's 51?! Hot Dayüömn! I hope I look half as good when I'm his age. I think in a weird way the strange circumstances helped, a lot. It wasn't that awkward characters coming back together after a long time thing, wh
  11. No? The guys who made and subsequently ruined Sherlock? Talking about this Dracula btw: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9139220/ But of course multiple people can come up with the same thing. Though it's also possible that there is prior lore that we all have in the back of our minds somewhere.
  12. Mailer Demon - now that was some inspired comedy. I almost pissed myself laughing. But one he never read before. "Ooops" Are you sure you made that up? Wasn't that a thing in the new Dracula from Gatis and Moffat? Blood is lifes and all that crap.
  13. See, that would make sense, except Maeve can control all other electronics as well. Robots, handguns, electronic gates, you name it. Suggesting that it has nothing to do with conciousness but that she can simply hack into electronics. So yeah, I could buy that explaination if she could only control other hosts, but that's not the case.
  14. Yeah he did. So if he's really dead he at least has to have a host body. Pretty sure she did ask and Dolores said no. Don't quite remember why. Probably some flimsy bullshit. Really? Was that established at some point last season? Makes no sense, but I guess we have to just accept it, if it was stated... Now I'm imagining Dolores singing this after the episode: This was a triumph I'm making a note here; "Huge success" It's hard to overstate My satisfaction Aperture Science: We do what we must Because we can For the good of all of us Except
  15. You know, I really couldn't get invested in that fight between Maeve and Dolores when the only rule about what disables these robots (they can't be killed as long as their pearl is intact and even then there can be backups) is "what the writers feel like at that exact moment". Sometimes one bullet is enough, sometimes one stab to the chest. Sometimes they are bullet sponges and you can lob an arm off. Doesn't matter that it robs the show of any suspense, only thing that matters is that it looks cool in the moment. Also why can't Maeve just control Dolores? Was there ever a good explainati
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