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  1. I watched S.E. Cupp and thought she brought fun to the table. I then visualized the Way Back Machine when Elizabeth Hasselbeck auditioned. She was the pick of the litter that year and all four co-hosts said she was the one they wanted to replace the irreplaceable Lisa Ling. I don't know when Hasselbeck turned into Medusa, perhaps after her first child was born, but she was a nightmare and I gave up watching for years after the final blow-up with Rosie. Long story short, I am not sold on these two days of S.E. Cupp knowing her past of "take no prisoners" approach. From my post to
  2. I guess I am too shallow but Cindy McCain in the granddaughters birthday picture and Cindy that was sitting at the table today looked like she had aged backwards since the birthday party. The makeup artist was a magician or the filters on the set are magic! Yes I am jealous as well as petty for bringing it up!
  3. I had the same thought but was not surprised that she would have pulled Rosie into this new interview format. I feel sorry for Nicole to have to address this question. Perhaps Whoops new 4 year contract was a little bit of (needless) settling score victory dance. I like Whoopie as an actress but have been turned off from the get go of her attempts at hosting The View.
  4. Well Alyssa Farrah has the pageant look down. Another Hope Hicks mannequin. I went in jaded this a.m. but wondered if there really is someone who thought going to the White House from the Defense Dept. was an act of a patriotism. She certainly sounded more qualified than any of the other bobble heads who were holding court as White House Press Secretary. I am loving Sunny reading the legal slap back comments so far this morning.
  5. Thanks for this detail, I am going to erase it instead of wasting the hour.
  6. I was interested to see who was going to be the guest conservative today. I held my breath when they said Mia Love but was pleasantly surprised that she didn't come on too strong. I then remembered how other conservatives morphed into screeching banshees once they get comfortable in their contract and ruin the show once again. Mia has an interesting background but I don't know how far to the right she is in the party. I am hoping for a rational conservative who can discuss like a mature adult when she disagrees with the other ladies. Is ABC looking for intelligent adult debates or
  7. Funny you should say barf, my DH walked into this kitchen when Megs was gushing over her bff Sinema and after 15 seconds he said "how can you listen to that and not puke!"
  8. Amen! I find it hard to believe that Ms. McCain was Polly Pureheart during her single years. I do think that once she became married she reinvented herself into the perfect political wife that her husband would adore. I quickly muted her as she was honking about President Biden's faith as I find her judging opinions just another facet of her ignorance. As for Drew, I caught a couple of segments of various shows and it appeared too juvenile to have a long run. She falls out of her chair onto the floor over a comment a guest makes, fawns too much over her guests and sometimes her c
  9. I record it too and most times just delete it. This week Colbert had a cartoon of the/another MM meltdown and Whoopie trying to shut it down using cartoons of her thoughts. The two cement trucks pouring concrete into her ears was amusing.
  10. On my screen his smile made him look like the Joker. Fillers gone wrong?
  11. Didn't watch but did see enough commentary to be disgusted at how their story is being portrayed. Although I don't remember Diana's interview the Royals survived that one and time will show us how this one will work its way through the collective memory. In my view Harry is the biggest loser in this immediate drama.
  12. First of all I would like to admit that I have strong family ties with UK and watch the news over there as much as in my own country. I was disgusted by the lack of knowledge this panel has on exactly the issue with the "Meghan/Oprah whine and cheese interview" and the issue with employee bullying. It is not about 5 am emails more like Harry's orders to them that "what Meghan wants Meghan gets". Markle has managed to make Wallis Simpson look like an amateur when you examine the brief time she was in the UK and the trouble she caused during that time. Whoopie's Con series should look
  13. I opened my phone and it says Whoopsie is finally had it moderating the View. Reading through the news drop it claims a tabloid says she is tired of "know it all Joy" and McCain's bulldozer attempts to monopolize a topic. She is also not too fond of the others. We won't know until the summer if this is a subtle way of telling her panel that she wants them to back off or if it is a real plan.
  14. Did I hear right, Joe said Mika is in the south of France. Is this code for rejuvenation?
  15. First time I tuned in for a long while and MM is whining about Fauci and wanting more scientists who will tell her what she wants to hear. Newsflash that was the last administration. IMHO!
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