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  1. I record it too and most times just delete it. This week Colbert had a cartoon of the/another MM meltdown and Whoopie trying to shut it down using cartoons of her thoughts. The two cement trucks pouring concrete into her ears was amusing.
  2. On my screen his smile made him look like the Joker. Fillers gone wrong?
  3. Didn't watch but did see enough commentary to be disgusted at how their story is being portrayed. Although I don't remember Diana's interview the Royals survived that one and time will show us how this one will work its way through the collective memory. In my view Harry is the biggest loser in this immediate drama.
  4. First of all I would like to admit that I have strong family ties with UK and watch the news over there as much as in my own country. I was disgusted by the lack of knowledge this panel has on exactly the issue with the "Meghan/Oprah whine and cheese interview" and the issue with employee bullying. It is not about 5 am emails more like Harry's orders to them that "what Meghan wants Meghan gets". Markle has managed to make Wallis Simpson look like an amateur when you examine the brief time she was in the UK and the trouble she caused during that time. Whoopie's Con series should look
  5. I opened my phone and it says Whoopsie is finally had it moderating the View. Reading through the news drop it claims a tabloid says she is tired of "know it all Joy" and McCain's bulldozer attempts to monopolize a topic. She is also not too fond of the others. We won't know until the summer if this is a subtle way of telling her panel that she wants them to back off or if it is a real plan.
  6. Did I hear right, Joe said Mika is in the south of France. Is this code for rejuvenation?
  7. First time I tuned in for a long while and MM is whining about Fauci and wanting more scientists who will tell her what she wants to hear. Newsflash that was the last administration. IMHO!
  8. Whippy Goldstein, you made my day!!!
  9. As a long time on and off viewer I have had the same thoughts. I got hooked when Lisa Ling joined the cast and enjoyed the level of conversation daily. When they finally added Elizabeth it took a while before she turned the show into something unwatchable for me, like McCain is presently. When Rosie took her first turn I went back to the show and left again when she had enough of Elizabeth and so did I. The few times I saw Whoopie in the moderators seat I was not impressed with her attempt at being a moderator and did not watch again until Rosie returned. I thought Nicole was a good addi
  10. And to remind us of Know Your Value during the last hour!
  11. Yesterday I realized how much I miss Ana and Abby Huntsman. The statement: "Conservatives, in particular, given that we’re the party of ‘family values’ and that everything about our ideology sort of stems from the nucleus of the family" uttered by McCain was a trigger for me. It appears she had a come to the mountain experience from her pregnancy about family leave but her labeling her side as being the family centered party at this time in our country was inflammatory for so many reasons. She is full on Elizabeth Hasselbeck these past two days.
  12. Did not know that but I bet it was the same face. I enjoyed the big smile he had at the end, wonder if that was one of relief that it was over. The recognition of the teacher and the musical tribute was a beautiful way to end the show. I realize I enjoy that type of entertainment more than the old way of a live performance of a singer and musician accompaniment. There is a lot of creative work being done this way on youtube.
  13. Dan Abrams facial expressions looks like he is waiting for the urologist to give him an examination. His tense expression is an understatement.
  14. I enjoyed the show sans Whoopie. I realized after watching Whoopie act in a NY police series last night that it is her acting talent that I prefer/enjoy, not trying to moderate a talk show.
  15. I remember those conversations and I have been turned off since. I would enjoy the show more if Sunny or someone of her caliber would be the moderator. It seems that Walter's show has become Whoopie Goldberg's legacy. JMHO
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