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  1. After the Wayne Shorter mess, the producers did a 180° change with Arturo Sandoval. He was much more involved and had a lot of fun doing it.
  2. Wow. That was painful to watch Wayne Shorter sitting there with the 'WTF am I doing here?' look on his face. The band, however, could have giving him more opportunity to play. If you don't know what to do with musical guests, please don't invite them! Oh yeah, and dissing Bernie Sanders while having Hillary Clinton as a pre-taped guest is so original. Yawn ... Liked the apology to Australia bit, though. ;-)
  3. I'd like to see the bad-ass muppets: Waldorf and Statler poking fun at Erdogan! And Kermit wanting to move with Miss Piggy to a pig sty because it's less poisoned than his home and more affordable - all f*cking hell breaks loose. ;-) On a more serious note: the lead poisoning issue is one more example for the US being a third-world country when it comes to civil rights for poor people. And Congress still being the cheerleader for big companies' interests. Tell me something new ...
  4. TV-junkie

    Season One Talk: FFwSB

    GunTV just makes me sick: https://tapatalk.com/topic/tag/15680-30526 Please take a look at who's hosting the show! *cough* ... and don't get me started about the NRA: https://eddieeagle.nra.org *sigh* On a lighter note: Sam could have acquired an armed vehicle or taken a Hummer and 'redecorated' it to look like a HumVee, then driving it around town. Glad to have her back. No Donald Trump to be seen, thank you, Sam! :-)
  5. The Nightly Show has fewer amounts of chanting as well. So looks like it's a goner. After Stephen mentioning one man besides Kasich left standing to be the nominee is Cruz I thought now we have another Hungry for Power Games, but to no avail. What is Stephen waiting for? The Sleepwalker's endorsement of Drumpf was cute, though.
  6. At least there will be another Hungry for Power Games soon because Rubio dropped out. I hope they devote at least 20 min for that. Yes, the 'Life Hacks' bit always sucks.
  7. TV-junkie

    The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

    Unfortunately, DiBuonos hands are a bit large. ;-)
  8. Carmichael must be taking drugs or something. Maybe he takes the same stuff the Drumpfinator is using.
  9. TV-junkie

    S03.E04: Special-purpose districts

    2032 views. Yeah!!! And this is well-attended, too:
  10. Wow. Totally forgot about that Horse-Prancer and Dog-Strapper-in-Chief with that magic underwear. Please, Mittens, run again. It will be a feast for Annoying Orange who already responded to Romney's fake outcry. What were the spindoctors thinking when choosing Mittens? That all those notorious video clips floating around will magically disappear? The campaign gets better and better. Yeah, this is reality TV. ;-)
  11. TV-junkie

    S03.E03: Donald Trump

    Wow, 17,483 comments on youtube, almost 1.2 m clicks.
  12. TV-junkie

    S03.E03: Donald Trump

    John's sermon is already on youtube: Please read the comments - the episode rattles the Drumpfians. Poor babies! ;-)
  13. TV-junkie

    S03.E03: Donald Trump

    This must be THE EPISODE even most GOP members in Congress can get behind. Just read this report: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/28/us/politics/donald-trump-republican-party.html Oh, and John's speech would have been even more effective if he dropped the mic at the end. Other than that - let's see what Annoying Orange is really made of in the next few weeks. Thank you, John, you are precious!
  14. Donald Trump, the last clown standing? GOP, you got a problem ... ;-)
  15. Nice. Loves me some more political segments on LSSC. Stephen should send that child to Rubio's campaign headquarters. At least somebody then who's more grown up in order to handle Rubio's campaign. Do they smoke the Havannas by the truckload over there or why are the brains so lacking in oxygen?