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  1. Yes. Perfect observations. Now my unanswered question is: Why does there have to be a "Meredith, or Morgan, or even a 50 yd. Kelsey" every year? Now we can add Alora-Rose to that category. Too much screen time, too many chances...at least we were spared Meredith's tears and incessant whining this year.
  2. Yeah, I think since the number of shows is less than in past years, they are trying to cram lots of little snippets of different dances, choreographers, the confessionals, etc., into each program. And because of not showing larger dance sequences and the use of the masks, I still don't know who is who. A definite empty feeling as FutureCPA18 said.
  3. I didn't know that Jenn A and Melissa W didn't make the team the first time they tried out! I thought they both did. I was watching season 11 earlier and I was so surprised at Melissa 's weight gain! I guess because she was so good, she was kept on the team when many, many others would have been cut. Double standard for sure.
  4. My feelings EXACTLY...so much of the initial excitement for us viewers will not be there. However, I am still glad there will be a show, and I definitely will be watching. For me personally, I do thank Charlotte Jones, the Cowboys organization, and CMT for agreeing to continue the show.
  5. Oh, mine, too! When I saw that she was trying out again I was so glad. I was sure that she would make it this time. Sad.
  6. Yes, this is good to know for viewing season 13. Unfortunately, CBS All Access is not free, and Pluto TV is. I already pay an exorbitant monthly fee for my cable and I cannot pay any more. ☹️
  7. I think someone else mentioned this as the reason, but in watching Thunderstruck from fans that recorded it and posted it on line, some action clips from the football team are definitely cut-in throughout the cheerleaders' dancing. So to fill those spots of Thunderstruck that were not shown on the Jumbotron because of these clips, Thunderstruck was recorded on the field including using the new rookies. Then Maddie was moved out of point. Boo. Rachel W. is gorgeous, but she is not the dancer that Maddie is for sure. I do like how they still showed on the Jumbotron the gals dancing their signature entrance and giving them their due time.
  8. Have first generation Italian friends who have a blond, blue-eyed, light skin son, and their other son has black hair, dark eyes, and an olive skin tone. They told me that Northern Italy has more genes from the Germanic and Nordic gene pool, while the Southern Italians have darker skin, etc., going back to the Moor/Arab invasions. Also, since Southern Italy is more rural, from working more outdoors. Also have Hispanic friends whose family comes directly from Spain, and they are blue-eyed blonds, not the dark haired, darker skin Hispanics that many of us think of generally as Hispanic. Just looking at someone is meaningless...as someone said, genetics is interesting but totally unpredictable.
  9. Just found out that former DCC Jordan Daigle, 2012-2014, is married to new Stanley Cup Winner-Tampa Bay Lightning player, Blake Coleman. Blake is a Plano, Texas native. Great article from the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. Read all the way to the end for a great picture in Tampa. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article246064180.html
  10. I can't say what she'd do if she didn't retire, and yes it was nice that she stuck up for her friends, but the point was that it's easier to say something when you know firing isn't an option. I think I missed something somewhere...just what did Bridget say?
  11. IMO everything to do with the cheerleaders comes from the top...not with Kelli, but with the boss, Charlotte. And while I'm not a big Kelli fan for many reasons, she is a smart lady or she wouldn't have been in this job for 27? years. Kelli is the day-to-day director, but with Charlotte having the final say. I can't imagine Kelli not having a weekly meeting with Charlotte to go over issues, scheduling, events, etc. Over the years, the cheerleaders and the MTT show have provided great exposure for the Cowboys organization. I can fully understand wanting to continue the MTT show, even if it is shown later than in the past. I may just be speaking for myself here, but I feel the fact that we will all know the team already will have no bearing on most of us watching the program. It will still be fun and entertaining...and isn't that what we all get from the show?? Entertainment??
  12. I think she said she was trying to look like a little kid. Bc Texas is sooooo much more country than freaking North Carolina. I think that Kat was trying to be cute, but she didn't realize how this could come off as offensive. I'm Southern by birth and place of residence, have family all over the south (Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina - and in 3 metropolitan cities in Texas - Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. I get so sick and tired of Southerners being disparaged on TV, in movies, in politics, etc., for our accents (as if Northerners or Midwesterners have no accent of any kind...) for our appearance or especially for our intelligence. This is totally uncalled for and has really affected my opinion of this girl. Youth is no excuse for ignorance. I was shocked to see this. Oh, BTW, many counties in many states suggest making an appointment at the motor vehicle departments so that long waits can be avoided...
  13. I'm thinking the same. Since so few people will be allowed on the field this season, few photographers will be allowed there. Photogs have those gigantic lenses that they use, so taking still pictures from a distance would not be a problem. So IMO the girls are mostly cheering facing the field so the TV cameras can cut to the cheerleaders during the game, as they have always done in the past, to show them on the jumbotron. If the ladies were always cheering to the "crowd" their backsides would not make as pretty pictures all of the time! I certainly would rather see a pretty face, even a masked one! I remember Judy saying in one of the episodes that the cheerleaders were the entertainment, as she hears the directors constantly saying "cut to the cheerleaders." From the NFL games that I have attended in person, (unfortunately, no Cowboys games) they did not show the TV commercials inside the stadium at every break. So this is when the stadium shows their own commercials for local businesses and also show the cheerleaders. I also think that the main reason the girls did not look as polished as we are used to seeing, is because they are cheering in an incredibly long line. A long line is just not as conducive for their normally in sync cheering. As many of our posters here have said, the rookies are definitely at a disadvantage cheering in this different configuration. I'm sure they will get better as the season progresses. I also wonder how much practice they actually have had in a long line of 18 girls. I can imagine it wasn't much.
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