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  1. I'd never heard of Bubba Wallace before this unfortunate hate crime. He's attractive.
  2. Meeagain - Oh I thought I was going third. I wanted to hear what the ladies had to say. Whoopi - I have you first. Meeagain - rambles incoherently Good. I hope they continue to shake up the order in which the cohosts speak. It's bullshit that Megan gets to have the last word on every topic. Also, it's annoyingly obvious that everyone is reading off a teleprompter lately.
  3. I don't think Meagain understand the Defund the Police movement. Nor really has opinions of her own. She's clearly a parrot for her husband and extreme right wing media/conservatives. It's a shame. She'd be much more authentic (and probably likable) if she thought for herself and stopped trying to be the attack dog for the right.
  4. Whoopi ALWAYS seems to give the benefit of the doubt to the accused in these situations. She's said similar things on the show concerning men accused of sexual assault. I think the most recent example was her siding with Matt Lauer's criticism of Ronan Farrow's reporting. Lauer made a few dubious claims and Whoopi was ready to throw the baby out with the bath water like none of the sexual assault allegations were true. I like Whoopi, but some of these opinions really disgust me. Maybe she's not articulating things properly, but it really comes off like she sides with the accused because she knows them personally or is skeptical about the accusations in general. I'm beyond ready for Whoopi to be off the show. She's not a good moderator and her opinions are sketchy and poorly stated. Edit: Ugh, reading more about Fedida and it's really really bad and makes Whoopi's comments that much more terrible. Does she dislike Sunny that much that she's willing to give the benefit of the doubt here despite Fedida's pervasive well-documented history of racism and other problematic behavior? The network paid out millions in settlements due to her conduct. There really isn't an other side argument to make here. Details about the settlements, well-documented complaints like calling women in the workplace "c**ts" and actively working against diversity and inclusion initiatives are here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/abc-news-toxicity-thrives_n_5ee3db80c5b684a0c4f2e297?wfx I don't understand why these companies would choose to pay millions in settlements as opposed to getting rid of the racist/problem employee? It makes no sense. No one is that good at their job to justify this.
  5. I really don't think Sunny and Joy are giving Meghan a pass. I think the current virtual format of the show doesn't lend much time for follow-up.
  6. What is going on with Megan's teeth? Invisible braces perhaps? It's really distracting. How much longer is Whoopi's contract? She continues to be an awful moderator and I'm tired of her looking like she couldn't be bothered to get dressed for TV.
  7. Are pregnant women banned from leaving the house in New York? Do stores not have special hours for at-risk shoppers? Do rich people not shop online? I'm so confused by Meagain's constant whining about being unable to go shopping. I guess anything less would work against the martyrdom she's pushing.
  8. Really? I thought his response was very cringe-worthy. He sounded like an old man stuck in his ways. And it reminded me of how black women don't receive much support--even from black men.
  9. No, she's using it correctly. She's un-apologetically wealthy and lives a high maintenance lifestyle. She's saying she prefers paying people to do things for her like cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.
  10. Why can't John McCain's daughter present the demeanor she presented Tuesday's episode on every episode? She smiled. She bantered with the rest of the panel. I thought her point about people being so desperate to get back to normal that they'd be willing to try unproven treatments like hydroxychloroquine to stay healthy made sense and wasn't her usual nonsense. She is an okay host when not parroting her husband's talking points or forcing conservative/republican dog whistles.
  11. Oh Soledad with the spicy tweet.
  12. I wonder about that. Both pregnancies were a "surprise" according to her. Do conservative women not know how babies are made? Her mood seems even more unhappy than usual lately with the shows being filmed outside of the studio. Everyone posts hate for the View Your Deal segments. I like them. I've been able to pick up a few things from brands that were on my radar but out of my budget until appearing on the segment.
  13. This reminded me to search for this story online. I hadn't heard of it and it sounded like M&M was spinning it.
  14. I'm having a really tough time following the plot of this second half of the season.
  15. I haven't been watching lately because I hate the virtual format. I watched Thursday's episode. Why isn't Joy on everyday?
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