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  1. Victoria Secret says they go up to a 44 DDD, but it's not true to size. Plus there are so many cup sizes beyond D.
  2. She has to pick at Biden to appeal to her Conservative base and appease her husband. I wish she'd just speak her thoughts instead of pushing an agenda.
  3. Holy moly. Ana shaded the heck out of Megun in her reply during the Housewives segment. Did y'all catch it? She made a lengthy and well-spoken point about how white people can get away with behaving badly on TV and unprofessional at work and still keep their jobs while people of color cannot. Ana's smirk made it clear that it was a not-so-subtle commentary about working at the View with Megun.
  4. I'll have to tune in later. My broadcast was interrupted by breaking local news.
  5. This is completely unintelligible.
  6. Does being a privileged spoiled brat count as a mental health problem?
  7. The show was interrupted for Biden's remarks on the pipeline so I missed most of it today. I did see Megun completely ignore answering the question about the capital attack to rant about Biden instead.
  8. Whoa. Hold the phone. I didn't know this was a thing about Sunny being paid less than others. I never really noticed her not being prepared for the show. She always seems up-to-date on the topics and well-versed on legal commentary. She made that legal correction on today's show and then chimed in about the journalist doing the best to fix the mistake like she was knowledgeable on the topic.
  9. The ladies have really found their stride lately with the current format. Megun not speaking out of turn and going over her time plus less topics and guests makes a huge difference. Whoopi still is a terrible moderator. Joy is so much better as a moderator. No, I hadn't noticed. Probably won't be able to un-hear it now that you've pointed it out!
  10. Oh lawd, seems like I missed Megun tripping about liberal media. My tv signal was going in and out right in the middle of whatever she was saying.
  11. Was Tuesday's episode spicy too? Hulu still doesn't have either episode loaded this week. What gives?!
  12. Why does it seem like the show takes much longer to show up on Hulu after the ladies have an on-air argument?
  13. I was shocked that she didn't respond in her typical rude or bratty way. Is Megun's job really in jeopardy causing her to straighten up? Did she get punished and that's why she's acting better? Finally got the medication right? I wanna know what's causing the change in behavior.
  14. I'm around that age and I experiment with hairstyles and makeup often. I also take selfies regularly.
  15. What happened with Marie Osmond? I was excited that Elaine got the gig, but I haven't actually seen the show since she joined.
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