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  1. That scenes was... yikes. They wanted Carly to play wise mob moll to Sam’s clueless one but made her sound so heartless. It’s true that she doesn’t care about the risks to her children but the show has been trying to pretend like Carly’s a good mother for years so I wonder why they actually had her say that.
  2. I think having Julian deliver the bomb was just another way of giving Sonny/Jason a pass for their mob activity. It makes Julian the big evil in this instead of Cyrus. Cyrus could have had any of his men do this but if he did, they would have to acknowledge Sason antagonized him and they were supposed to “take care” of him but didn’t. It’s annoying how they are always protected in some way. Wonder if Jason being the true target will even get mentioned
  3. I don’t know if that applies given Julian was a recast. They did add a whole backstory to tie him to Alexis and Sam but they used his history early on with Duke/Anna, made Lucas his son, etc
  4. I don’t think it’s that they couldn’t, especially on a show where Sonny, Jason, and Franco are in long term pairings. They just weren’t interested in it. I think RC was the only HW interested in writing for Julian. Things really went off the rails for his character after Ron was fired.
  5. I thought the same. Kristina is too connected to the canvas to be conspicuously missing from certain events. They wrote her off 2 or 3 times before by saying she moved out of state. All they have to say is she left again and that’s why she’s not around.
  6. Sam’s reasoning for excluding Kristina from the intervention was interesting considering that she’s been less than delicate when dealing with Alexis. I’m wondering how she thinks she’s coming off. Side-note, I find Kristina to be an immature brat most of the time but it annoys me that they write her relationship with Alexis the way that they do. They got along fine when she was a kid and a teen for the most part. Their issues were typical parent/child ones. Teen Kristina’s issues were mostly with Sonny, not Alexis. There was a big shift in those relationship dynamics when LA returned to the role a few years back but it never made sense to me. I have a feeling it just happened because Sonny’s kids aren’t allowed to hate him or get angry at him anymore so Kristina’s relationship with her mother has to suffer.
  7. It’s strange since Alexis has already lashed out at Sam twice when she tried to get her to stop drinking. She should expect it. I don’t see how an intervention would work. Sam was already keeping her kids away from Alexis and that didn’t stop her from drinking and Sam was already “done” with her at the MC. She hasn’t been seeking Sam out, or anyone really. Cutting Alexis off is just giving her what she wants.
  8. Whew these writers really hate Julian. They simultaneously write him as a coward and villain.
  9. I saw a spoiler with Brad and Britt for next week. Something about her catching Brad having a nightmare
  10. I never felt for Sam during that time period. She could just as easily have asked Sonny to not go after Julian if he agreed to bank his bone marrow and she didn’t. Also, banking his bone marrow was an experimental procedure from what I remember. There’s no guarantee it would have worked so Sam should have wanted Julian alive just as a safeguard anyway.
  11. Anytime I see someone get utilized more that is normally on the sidelines, I’m usually wary. That always seems to be a hint that someone is about to be out the door.
  12. I never thought they were bringing Dante back to reunite them. It was weird that he was on the show for 8 years and only had 1 pairing aside from an affair. If anything, they could think this makes it easier for fans to accept Dante with someone new. And I agree about WdV. The last few days has been anvil heavy and his character has basically been the town punching bag for 3 years.
  13. So when are they killing Julian off because there were all kinds of anvils in those Alexis/Julian scenes today.
  14. That preview was strange. Danny looked like he was a pre-teen last time we saw him. Hard to imagine that he’d be interested in putting on a costume to hang around the PH. I assume that’s what Sam meant anyway since it didn’t sound like they were doing it on actual Halloween day. Also, how busy are these kids that Wednesday worked best with their schedules?
  15. I don’t think there are any issues between WK and IR. I just don’t believe that the current writers know or care about Jax’s history. IR was fired in 2011 before or around the time that FV took over and his brief returns were all focused on Carly. They hardly acknowledge that Jax has connections to the canvas beyond Carly and Sonny and clearly just brought him on for Nina hence why he’s been in this bubble the whole time. I don’t really mind though because he’s been terrible since he returned. He’s never been the strongest actor but he had onscreen chemistry with most people. I don’t see it anymore so I’d rather they keep him around characters I don’t enjoy.
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