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  1. I think it works better with Valentin even though I know most people don’t enjoy him either. I love him away from Nina but I think JPS is more charismatic than WR.
  2. Unless I misheard them today, it sounded like she wasn’t going to even get off parole. She’s giving away the kids’ voting proxies for years just to get a different parole officer. All for what, to sit by Jason’s bedside for a few days? I’m sure he’s going to ask her to stay away as soon as he wakes up because it’s too dangerous.
  3. I think we’re supposed to be assuming that Sam’s is protesting too much with her Brando hate but she just comes off like a bitch. I’m basing that mainly off that scene with Sam and Alexis at the gym where Alexis said he was cute and Sam said she didn’t see it.
  4. Yeah it looks like it. The only episode she wasn’t on was last Monday, which looks like it was filmed prior to the shutdown except for Dante. I have a feeling that KeMo minimums are lower now and they saved them for this SL. She wasn’t on as much after she re-signed her contract last year compared to how she used to be.
  5. I saw it differently. When Sam first came on the show, there was a big push to make her happen. Her and Jax got a big promo before her first scene ever aired and she got a bunch of rewrites in an attempt to make her look more sympathetic. When Sam was with Jason, it was the first I remember her character being popular. However, I do agree with you that she was hardly a strong, independent woman in that pairing and that relationship is well past it’s expiration date.
  6. I don’t think the pregnancy was the reason for BL’s bad outfits going by her recent SOD article about being out. It sounded like she decided to start leave early because she is being extra careful so she more than likely either wasn’t pregnant when the show wrapped in March or wasn’t very far along.
  7. Neil ignored Alexis after their last meeting. I don’t know how much time was supposed to have passed. Sam’s anger towards him about it was way too much but I think it was supposed to be partly misdirected and she’s lashing out because she’s angry at her own situation and Jason. She’s had a lot of scenes this year where her level of anger towards someone didn’t make complete sense.
  8. Is Alexis’ wrist injury part of an actual storyline or did NLG hurt herself and they wrote it in? Seems random. I can’t bring myself to care about her and Neil. I thought they were cute when he first came on and I saw chemistry but their relationship, or whatever it is, moves at a snail’s pace. They keep having the same conversations over and over again and are always changing their stances. There really aren’t any obstacles between them anymore and they still aren’t together. Unless the actor is leaving the show, I’m sure they’ll turn up in a couple weeks again and have the same conversation they did today.
  9. I’m trying to remember but I don’t think Ned was ever running ELQ in the time that he and Olivia were together.
  10. I think today was a mixture. We had recast Sam with Alexis and Jason.
  11. Jason not wanting to make Sam his POA is fine. They technically aren’t supposed to be around each other and aren’t married. However, Carly is much less likely to follow his wishes and be able to let go than Sam and neither of his excuses made sense. I think these writers are so intent on playing up the Jarly relationship that they don’t realize that it doesn’t match their history. Carly never been this stable, level-headed person in Jason’s life. Michael would be much better for something like this. I did like Sam’s response to him and I think LH played the anger better than I feel like KM would have.
  12. The rumors are that Nelle was always supposed to be Nina’s daughter but they planned to change it to Willow when CL left. I find Nelle to be ok, not anything to write home about and I don’t think CL is a good enough actress to be a lead which she has essentially turned into this year. I think most only like her because she’s a Carly foil and no one is really allowed to go against that family anymore.
  13. Michael already admitted that their relationship wasn’t real on the stand. However, something tells me that won’t be an issue because they need a contrived reason for Michael and Willow to end up together.
  14. I knew Nina would betray Nelle on the stand because the show loves doing the long lost daughter hating her mother. This is just as forced as when they did it with Alexis and Sam. The whole custody battle is just missing something. Everyone involved knew both marriages were fake. Michael didn’t even bother to lie on the stand about why he married Willow. Nelle randomly confessed to Nina about blackmailing Julian even though they weren’t that close and she was uneasy about testifying for her. I still don’t get why Nelle even married Julian since they didn’t make him sound like a decent guy on the stand.
  15. I find her to be pretty good, she was one of my favorites on B&B. I’d take her over any or all of YA women we currently have but I still don’t think her and Michael would have chemistry. She has in her pairings but I don’t think CD is capable of it since he’s failed so many times and so many RL pairings don’t have chem onscreen.
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