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  1. I think it depends on the school. At my college, there were a ton of local students who stayed in dorms for the first year but in the city I live in now, it’s pretty rare. I guess it depends on the college atmosphere, ability to meet people, attend parties. However, Joss seems like the type to ask her parents to buy/rent her a fancy condo close to campus. She’d want the freedom but wouldn’t want to be confined to a tiny dorm room.
  2. Not sure how Avery is supposed to be safer with Carly than Ava. Didn’t they just talk about things being uneasy on the mob front during Friday’s episode?
  3. I don’t think Willow’s past and cult background will be acknowledged in the future. It makes her actions easy to explain but I don’t believe that’s how we’re supposed to see her. In a way, her messy upbringing is being ignored to make her more bland and “well adjusted” just like Michael. A common complaint about him is no one can understand how he became so boring.
  4. Michael/Willow are getting the type of writing that a pairing gets when the show doesn’t know what to right for them as a couple. They spent months dancing around their feelings now a sort of forced separation. Normally I would think that they are being set up to blow up once they are finally free and clear to be together but I don’t think they want fo leave Michael single so I don’t know where this is going. They’ve already been through all of the major couple moments- ILUs, Michael wanted to move in before Chase got sick, their wedding. I don’t know if they’ll have Willow get pregnant this s
  5. Didn’t we have that scene a few weeks back with Carly, Cyrus, and the 5 Families where everyone automatically accepted her being in charge even though they should have all be vying for Sonny’s territory? It’s like someone promised LW that badass mob queen Carly moment but they are now going back to what the story should have been.
  6. I believe since FV took over, the only RL pregnancy that wasn’t written into the show was ER’s and Guza/JFP weren’t any better. Even if we can tell the actress is pregnant, who cares? The last thing the show needs is more kids, especially when there’s no storyline purpose behind it. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Brook Lynn’s faked pregnancy was originally a way for them to write in AS’ pregnancy but they didn’t end up needing to because of the COVID break and AS taking maternity leave early.
  7. Congrats to her but yeah, she looked pregnant to me as soon as the character found out she was pregnant onscreen. I figured they were writing in a RL pregnancy because a Sasha/Brando kid is beyond pointless.
  8. Alexis also wasn’t convicted of the attempted murder charge. It was dropped and she only pled guilt to assault. Now they reason it was dismissed was dumb (someone else later murdered Franco) but Alexis and Shawn weren’t sentenced for the same crime.
  9. I think they waved it off by saying it was self-defense. However I think just having a weapon in prison would be enough and shouldn’t they know that Shawn worked for Sonny? He stabbed another inmate who also happened to work for Sonny, Jason then fled from the hospital and no one suspected it was all planned? They don’t even pretend Michael is an adult, do they? God he was extra pathetic today yelling about Jax not giving him a choice because he’s incapable of being honest and possibly looking like a bad friend. It’s fine, I’m sure Carly will step into momma bear mode for him soon en
  10. Sam’s attitude today really didn’t work when you add in the fact that as far as she knows, Maxie’s baby was kidnapped. Shouldn’t you want Dante to get all of the information he can get to assist with locating her? Honestly I feel like everyone seems rather nonchalant about a kidnapped newborn. I get that it’s Peter spawn but still.
  11. I don’t know of any BTS issues but she made it very clear that she wanted to stay on permanently during her last return so the show/FV wasn’t interested in having her on beyond FH’s vacation. Considering how bloated the cast is and how often they bring characters back and cast people who were big on other soaps, something is probably up.
  12. Didn’t Sam do the same thing last year with Brando? I remember her being bitchy and confrontational towards him for no real reason. It got to the point where Brando jokingly asked her for a list of people that Sam knew after she got in his face for talking to Alexis at the gym. It’s a weird direction to take the character because I just find her irritating and I was once a fan.
  13. I assumed Jax for no other reason than his showing up to the Q mansion today was so random and I can’t recall the last time he and Olivia shared a scene together. Why he needed to see them, idk. I ruled out Chase since I think he’s still in the hospital and I’m pretty sure if it was him, we would have gotten a reaction shot.
  14. I have a hard time believing Peter is dead. I just can’t celebrate that one yet because I feel like I’m going to be disappointed when we find out tomorrow that his body is missing. But this show surprised me with Nelle because I definitely didn’t think they’d kill her off so I’ll hold out hope.
  15. That was kind of a lot for a Jason love scene, wasn’t it? Granted I haven’t seen all of them but most of the ones I’ve seen have been fairly tame or FTB ones and this one also went on for a long time.
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