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  1. Since DOC became one of the HWs, I have found most of the big reveals to be lackluster. The Wiley baby switch, Millow’s affair and now Sonny finding out about Jarly has to be one of the worst yet. It was so flat and is there even a story there anymore or is it just going to be Carly whining about Nina until the end of eternity? I think the only entertaining one has been Olivia finding out that Ned and Alexis slept together though I didn’t care that Olivia got cheated on. I just find it fascinating that they can take these classic soap moments and give them such a boring end with no fallout.
  2. From what I remember of that SL, Ned did try to help her by having a lawyer (Diane?) look at the contract but there wasn’t a legal way out of it. I’m not sure what else she expected him to do. I also think the big penalty was that she wouldn’t be able to sing or record her music outside of the contract which was a bust anyway since her throat was slashed right after she signed away her shares. There was also a side plot of her blackmailing Julian into threatening her producer to get out of the contract, which either didn’t work or she gave up on. She didn’t know Valentin bought the sh
  3. Part of me found those Nina/Joss scenes funny because I didn’t recall some big Joss/Nina relationship that Nina cared about losing. Joss acted like it was this gigantic betrayal when all I remember was a couple of scenes of Nina being friendly with her then boyfriend’s daughter. It was nothing like Nina bonding with Charlotte when she was with Valentin. She isn’t thinking about Joss or even Jax for that matter since it’s always him reaching out to her since they split. Now Sonny on the other hand is a different story but Joss has no way of knowing that. Also, Carly telling Joss to mi
  4. I didn’t really get that part. Nina doesn’t even own Crimson, she just manages it, so it be more of a problem for Jax than her and they can easily find a new office. It would just hurt Carly/Olivia if they can’t find another person to lease the office space.
  5. I can’t recall an episode where Olivia hasn’t annoyed me. It’s truly a talent because she’s not on nearly as much as others. She’s way too snarky about the Qs now and I seriously resent it considering how she worships the ground Sonny walks on. I always think we’re supposed to assume that Ned and the family are lucky to have her but I like him much more than her and I’m really over their pairing as of late.
  6. What Spencer did was horrible but didn’t Nikolas do the same thing? He returned to town stalking and gaslighting Ava and also used Kiki to taunt her. It was only like 2 years ago so I’m not sure why they are acting like all of that didn’t happen. I’m hoping they’re setting Nikolas up for a big fall with Hayden’s shooting because he and Ava don’t come off as remotely rootable in this storyline. Side note, Ava has been ruined since they hooked her up with Nikolas. They’ve taken away the interesting parts of her and I don’t know where they are going with her character. Having Spencer arr
  7. I’m fairly certain that Alexis didn’t know but that may have only happened because her character was so isolated to Julian back then. I don’t recall the big SM outrage over this SL being so obviously retconned until that episode it was first mentioned around Laura and Sam and it was clear that they didn’t know who was responsible. I don’t think they should have revisited this SL but if they wanted to, they should have kept it as originally written and explored why so many people sat on the truth and why Shawn covered and sacrificed himself for Sonny. I’m also much more interested in T
  8. I don’t know why Ava would care. It was a terrible storyline but Ava didn’t care when she found out about it originally (she was yet another person who already knew he’s responsible) and Nik and Hayden got together after the shooting because Hayden herself didn’t care until she figured out she could benefit from it. The start of Nava was just a redux of Nikolas and Hayden.
  9. The show has been gaslighting us for years into “selling” Jarly as this admirable friendship when it’s always been a toxic, codependent mess. It’s especially sad considering that this show has/had plenty of awesome opposite sex friendships which characters who would do anything for each other but also managed not to consist of a doormat and jealous mess who knows that her friend will never question her actions or let her know when she’s wrong.
  10. Were Sonny and Brando close? Those sage parent scenes came off as forced. Brando only came to town last year and Sonny and Brando had never met prior to that. They only shared a handful of scenes together and I don’t recall any particularly deep ones. Brando’s existence on this show continues to confuse me and the scenes were just done as a way to prop Sonny as being father of the year. Why I don’t know but they throw him scenes like that occasionally. I remember another one last year where Curtis was randomly asking Sonny for relationship advice.
  11. If this was another show, I’d consider the Carly/Britt conversation an anvil but this show is so weirdly adverse to changing up the Sonny/Carly/Jason dynamics that I don’t see it happening. I’m also not sure I want it to because I don’t enjoy watching Jason or Carly period so I’d rather their scenes with characters I like be minimal.
  12. Maybe she has and I ignored it but I don’t remember Carly being so direct about needing to be #1 with Jason before this. Sure her actions would say otherwise and the women Jason were involved with rightfully called her out on the toxicity but they aren’t pretending anymore. What makes it truly laughable is that Jason isn’t worth all that. He’s a terrible SO and father and honestly Carly is probably the most blind to his faults. And even if he was great, dealing with Carly’s possessiveness would never be worth it. It’s not just the women in his life, Carly couldn’t even take Jason putting his o
  13. Going to college full time and having to tape regularly would be tough, which they would need to do if on contract since they have episode guarantees the show has to meet. Even worse if they are working on other projects as well. I don’t know if either have anything currently in the works but WL is working on a music career and Sydney has posted about voiceover roles and commercials since joining GH so I’d assume she doesn’t want to be limited to just this show.
  14. I’d guess the writers screwed up that line but my college did have that course. However, it was more of a remedial course for students that didn’t pass a math competency test. Everyone else that needed math courses in college took calculus freshman year
  15. ITA with you. I find Joss, Trina, and Cam to be dreadfully boring and Joss also manages to be unlikeable and boring. I’ve long thought they they needed to find a lane with Joss because having her stand around and pass judgement on everyone isn’t it. Spencer and Esme are more interesting than those 3 but i have no interest in teen SLs and I feel like they’ve been on 3/4 days a week for months now.
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