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  1. So I've lurked around the boards for a long time but I'd never joined to post until now and I'm about to be a very unpopular person I have a feeling. VK - Someone said this already but I think she causes such a reaction in people because of how they've been treated in the past. Her behavior, and K&J's last year was frustrating. Let's see how she behaves this year and not judge her so harshly on her past. However can we get someone to do her hair? Please? Gabby - She proved with her response to being cut she's a class act. All we do know is she was on weight warning a lot last year. The interview issue that was posted was one vet retired late, which we know was Lauren, and another candidate was late, we now know that was Raven, leaving just the candidate and one other in that interview session. All we have is speculation from supposed insiders that she had an interview problem. Diversity - This is what finally made me register so I could post. Some of the comments here have been absurd, people are taking things to such extremes it's actually gotten comical at some points. There are a lot of reasons the squad make up has changed, the biggest one being the WHOLE field of applicants has changed and shrunk so bad. When this started (I've watched this show since it was just a two hour special and followed them before there was a show!) there really were over 1000 applicants coming in for prelims, this year, less than 150. Look at the candidates too, there's not nearly as diverse of a pool coming in to choose from. I know early on the DCC had recruiters who went out to get girls for tryouts but I think they rely very heavily on the show now to bring in girls, which is a mistake because it's actually discouraged a lot of girls. Short of going out and specifically recruiting WOC, which wouldn't be right either, or taking less qualified dancers to increase diversity, I don't see why all this blame is being put on K&J or the DCC organization. They're working with what they have and doing a good job with it in my opinion. It feels like we've went so far down the equal rights path with quotas and stuff that now it's almost reverse discrimination. Yes, I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion but it's my opinion. Take a good hard look at the squad photos from the past, many, many years there's only 1 or 2 WOC, yeah there were years where there were more and good for them but does that then make a certain number a requirement? No. The show has been good and bad for diversity. Like one lady said she looked up to the WOC on the show and that was good but it's also raised the bar of talent and cut down the number of girls trying out. Less of every color and ethnicity trying out. Texas has always had a thing for blondes and probably always will and they've by far made up the majority of the squads over the years. That doesn't mean there's discrimination going on or a purposeful lack of diversity. No one outright just said it but it's been implied in several posts, which I think is a shame. https://www.dallascowboys.com/cheerleaders/squad-photos And before you say "Well they took (insert name here) and she's a weak, white dancer, they could have taken (whoever) who is a weak WOC dancer! Why didn't they take the WOC?" Unless you are a judge and at auditions you've got no idea why they took who they took and there is probably a VERY legitimate reason that is NOT based on their ethnicity! It's only your opinion who the weaker candidate it from tiny snippets of things we see on the web. You're not privy to everything they did or their interview or they're resume or anything else. With very few exceptions everything here is a guess at what happened or what's going on and based on the opinions of the little that's seen. And since it's been brought up, yes, I'm a male, and no, I'm not a racist, I'm a MOC.
  2. Excuse me? Why is it the DCC responsibility to recruit WOC?! If anything they should be recruiting talented women of EVERY race. It's not their job to bring in specific races or ethnicities. That would be discriminatory.
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