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  1. I agree. They gave her exactly what she wanted.
  2. That Kim Klacik interview was wild. Tbh, I actually thought the ladies handled it so badly. Joy *did* do blackface at one point, so it wasn't that out of line for Kim to call it out. Just because she got called out for a mistake she made in the past doesn't mean they needed to all throw a fit and end the interview like that. And btw I say this as somebody who doesn't agree with Kim or republicans at all. But all this is going to do is help conservatives push their narrative that The View is a one sided show where they just kick off anybody who disagrees with them.
  3. When do y'all think they will be back in studio? I feel like it definitely won't be until they return after Labor Day post summer break. And *if* then, I doubt they'll have an audience yet. Who knows.
  4. So glad they'll be back this week. They chose the worst week possible to take a hiatus.
  5. Oh, it gets uploaded to Hulu? Didn't know that. I'll have to watch it there later, too. Thanks!
  6. No show today, I guess. This questioning of the Director of National Intelligence regarding the whistleblower is on every channel.
  7. Sometimes it seems all the other ladies get annoyed with Sunny. They all seemed over it during her tirade about the clown and stuff. Also was JLo's segment cut? I was excited for her interview. Her new movie looks really good and she's been getting Oscar buzz for the first time in her career, so I really wanted to see her talk about it.
  8. What was up with Whoopi today? Giving Sunny such a nasty look and then even snapping at Meghan. Her annoying rants are intolerable, especially about politics. She’s so unqualified to be sitting at this table yelling at somebody so qualified like Sunny. When does Whoopi NOT miss the point? I love Whoopi as a person and her movies, but she isn’t a good fit for this show anymore. She’s starting to become even worse than Meghan.
  9. Is today the last show of the summer?
  10. How much longer till The View goes on hiatus for summer? They’ll still be new next week, right? They better not go on hiatus before the first democratic debates!
  11. The constant ass kissing of Biden from EVERYBODY on this panel is beyond annoying.
  12. Just came here to talk about how much I can't take Meghan seriously as an "LGBTQ advocate". It seems she's just the type of girl who wants a "sassy gay best friend" but doesn't really care about the community or the struggles or the oppression. Yes she talks about Stonewall and she talks about trans women being killed, but she still votes Republican on election day. She supports Republican politicians, who all are anti LGBT. Even if they aren't outspoken against the community, they all write, vote for, and pass bills and laws that hurt gay, trans, queer people and their rights and protec
  13. I’m so confused.... during the intro of the show they said they have a HUGE announcement, then the only announcement was that Abby had her babies. Was that the HUGE announcement or did I miss something?
  14. It bugs me so much when everybody says their view, then when it's Whoopi's turn she says "so here's the thing.." or "the thing is..." as if HER opinion is the most accurate or correct.
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