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  1. Jennara

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    Kelly posted videos and pictures of some soul cycle owner or something like that. They apparently had a party for him . Kelly wasn’t kidding when she said she looked unrecognizable after a soup cycle class ! She looks about 85 years old and emancipated ! I wonder if her makeup comes off and we see the real Kelly ! She really is scary looking without makeup and whatever they pad her with to make her look less skeletal!
  2. Jennara

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    ABC’s obsession Strahan is a mystery But I also find Sara Haines even more obnoxious! She is hyper and paws at Michael like she’s in heat . ABC might want to replace Live with this snow , but I can’t imagine he would be successful
  3. Jennara

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Ewww! They both high! She could play the witch of the west in the wizard of Oz without needing any make up to do so ! Besides the fact they are “dubsmashing” a song called “white girls anthem” , which mocks white women for going to Starbucks and wearing yoga pants , which is offensive IMo, she is wearing fur which turns me off right away , but that is just me. And Jlo without make up is not at all healthy looking , so why take diet advice from here ? Her body is most likely as fake as her face is that she paints on!
  4. Jennara

    Live With Kelly And Ryan

    On Monday’s show Kelly decided to dress like she’s the “millennial”, and she even said at one point “we’re milenials” ! I actually looked up what the oldest age of a millenial would be , and it’s 37! Kelly is 48, and Ryan is 44! Now Kelly has gone from saying Ryan is a millennial, to saying both of them are . I don’t get the point, except that she’s trying to be “young” or be perceived as young: