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  1. prettygrownup

    S06.E12: Make It Or Break It

    About Larissa’s legal trouble, know a bit as a former lawyer and from life experience. So here is a long, boring post - apologies. 1. Domestic battery = hands were laid on someone, a scratch or slap would do it. Battery means it was more than a verbal argument. 2. If you call the police during a DV incident, they will come out. You can’t take it back or change your mind on the phone. Which is progress generally and for women in particular. Here, the police made a judgment call based on what they saw and heard after they got there. They then arrested Larissa. 3. If you get arrested on a Friday evening, in many states including mine (California) you will be in jail until sometime Monday for court. It can be any kind of charge. This has happened twice to a male relative at age 18 and then 20. (Idiot.) No violent crime involved, and he was scared in jail for more than 48 hours each time. You cannot bail out on the weekend if you have not been to court yet. So once Colt made the phone call here, the other consequences (police visit, jail, charge) were pretty much lined up like dominoes. He didn’t know that. Good news. A decent (free) public defender, and there are some in Las Vegas, can help this charge go away with anger mgmt classes and/or community service, both of which may do her some good. And those outcomes can happen without a conviction. Or the court might be willing to drop it, if parties go to court-ordered therapy. Lots of possibilities for a court to look at here and help.
  2. prettygrownup

    S01.E10: Christmas Wishlist

    “I can’t believe she s gone” could refer to Ashley — who may skip town or disappear after disclosures of Jon’s secrets. Also, Gary appeared to have a connection with Ashley that could cause him, of all the key characters, to make that comment. Just an alternate scenario..