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  1. I didn't see this but it is confounding. Wasn't it just this week that she was bitchy to the soccer guy? Even if it was fake-bitchy it was rude and unbecoming, especially in today's "can't we all get along" mentality of treating people with respect. Maybe she got counseled about the negative feedback from earlier in the week? Maybe, too, they are trying to branch out and have a more diverse pool of guests? Who knows. But the apparent lame attempt at reading the op-ed is inexcusable.
  2. Mika is certainly acting like she has the day off. What is with her and her lack of speaking skills? Embarrassing. Perhaps they got the ratings for their Peacock performance and they weren't good? It wouldn't surprise me. I don't watch much of the NBC family of stations...is Peacock advertised much anymore? I remember that annoying big peacock showing up on shows, taking over the lower half of the screen for awhile and don't recall seeing it lately. The hosts were so subdued today. Surprised me.
  3. And why is Joe's button down collar all wrinkled? For some reason I expected a more joyous presentation this morning.
  4. I've noticed this many times. Back when she was the cheerful, yet vapid, vixen, flirting through the show with Joe, she seemed fine at small talk. This all changed, IMO, at the time they cemented their relationship and she took on the role of an "equal" with him...she lost her carefree persona and became serious and ever more tongue tied. She seems to worry constantly about what she will say next and thus can't follow the conversation spontaneously. She isn't a natural at this and, in a way, I feel sorry for her that she has found herself struggling to keep up. And, when I think about it, I remember seeing a clip of her at one of the shaminars where even reading from a script there, in front of her people, she kept messing up. A great conversationalist she's not. Joe obviously takes advantage of this.
  5. That's rich, Joe. I think you wasted too much of my time yelling at him and provoking him during his presidency. And, by the way, what other TV format have you had a regular show or recurring role on? Yeah, thought so. I think he's cranky because he either knows this gig is up or knows that he's now going to have to find new material...four years of punching Trump has left him bereft of original thought.
  6. And, thus, their viewers. They are often quite ill-mannered toward newcomers/occasional guests compared to their treatment of the usual gang of sycophants. Painful to watch at times. I sort of get why Joe is the way is he is, what with the faux gravitas that comes with his short political gig, but Mika's behavior is inexcusable. She is a rude dilettante of little value. I come here to express my reactions to watching. I am too old to be a cheerleader and too tired and bored to argue. This isn't a fan club, for sure.
  7. I happened to catch this segment and agree with you 100%. What I don't get is who exactly picks the guests? She brags about being a co-host which, to me, when you are co-hosting, with your husband for cripes sake, you have a say in who you choose to have on. If he is insistent that he wants a a certain guest and she disagrees, she needs to be polite and sit quietly or remove herself from the set altogether. Her making such rude comments isn't endearing and honestly doesn't make her much different from Trump and the Republicans she constantly rails against. She and Joe are hypocritical bullies.
  8. I'd suggest she first cry yell at her KYV staff to close down her KYV Facebook page. Show a little conviction, you strong woman, you.
  9. Lord, I wish this show could pivot from all the mocking and ridicule of others. It's not newsworthy and not helpful. A morning full of Joe's ego is too much to bear. I am hopeful that after the inauguration they can focus on a new agenda and bring some hope, cheer, and grace to the set. (A dream, I know.) If not, send them off to Peacock and bring some new life to the show.
  10. Ha! I saw this and immediately thought the same! Just needed a riding crop...though maybe she has one to keep Joe in line.
  11. That gif of Mika beating up Joe sickens me. She is such a fame whore. Looking at the camera to make sure everyone gets a good look at her being so naughty. Wasn't she just the cutest?? Ugh. That flirtatious behavior was hard to watch. I wonder how her new KYV persona would critique that? I saw pictures of George Conway earlier. He really needs to visit his wife's plastic surgeon pronto if he is planning on a career as a pundit. She looked like hell at the end of the of the first campaign but somehow made an incredible transformation...all the bags and wrinkles were magically removed by the time she was back in the spotlight again as a counselor to Trump. Some tweaking would make him more palatable to watch. Ha. Another good one!
  12. These examples, as well as Eliot's observations, are not what I turn the tv on for at 5am. This show and it's hosts are stale and boring. I want to start my day with actual news, not a mutual admiration society repeating the same old opinions and exhibiting the same outrage over and over. I am checking in less and less. Oakville, I wish there was a way to insert an emoji after every entry in your recaps! Just having one at the end leaves me conflicted; when I want to like, laugh, cry, and roll my eyes all in one post! Bravo!
  13. Donny looked so old today. That's all I got...☹️
  14. I think there is/are other MSNBC Primetimer forums that may address other shows and hosts. I don't follow them but you may find your answer over there. This board was set up specifically for Morning Joe.
  15. Mika being Mika, sadly. She never can follow a conversation closely enough to respond spontaneously. Always following the script in her head. I heard a few of her gaffes today, just in my random check-ins. Laughing off the 1 vs 1 million was insulting. That, and all of pronunciation flubs show that she doesn't seem to comprehend what she is reading. Sad that MSNBC has allowed this to go on for so long. I need to cross-stitch this on a pillow.
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