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  1. Outrageous that he posted this "ad" for his podcast during the MJ's show hours with not one word about the actual show. He's so checked out; it's time to change his Twitter handle...@JoeNBC isn't really an accurate description anymore. I guessed right that Mika would be a part of the podcast. Is anyone on earth interested in hearing an encore of crazy shit her mother has done? As usual, Mika adds nothing and shows again that she has no real story of her own. She just attaches herself to others' exploits. Gee, maybe she'll brag about her brother's ambassadorships and how she attended her father
  2. Not enough to close down her own account though. Where else to show off the glam selfies and promote the podcast (where she describes Joe's podcast as ""we" start out with..."; is she on it too?). Yesterday's multiple pictures/videos were her leading her mother through weight training and a bike ride. She flubbed on the bike ride, though, by showing her mother's minder running behind her. Again Mika just posing as the wonder woman she thinks she is. Spot on, Lowcountry Snark.
  3. Hmmm. If Mika goes off to Peacock and Joe does a podcast...could the end of MJ as we know it be near? Surely they've proven that their work ethic couldn't possibly sustain a 3 hour show along with this extra curricular fluff. We can only hope.
  4. OMG! I know I'll get a whupping for posting here but couldn't resist d/t the coincidental timing: Just this morning, during MJ showtime hours, I was watching RHOBH and during a Dorit and PK conversation, discussing Erika's risque posing on IG while caught in her husband's drama, PK said "Her legs in the air is not a good look, Babe." Ha! Sound familiar?! We often joke about Mika and RH's...but even they know when OTT behavior can nullify any sense of serious professionalism. (We can't unsee that, Meeks.) I see the PR machine is going full throttle on the podcast...didn't they try that bef
  5. ITA. There's a reason CBS or whoever fired her. She likes to play the age/gender game and play the victim but the real reason is what viewers can plainly see every day. She is incompetent. Both in spontaneous interactions and simple scripted pieces. She was obviously elevated to CBS-status via her last name, and apparently that decision was regretted by the network. If not for Joe and his lustful wandering eye, watching overnight news breaks, she'd have been the home room mom at her girls' school. And then just lived the life of an entitled housewife. Darn him! Her "media career" is just a ser
  6. Another example of her social awkwardness. She is tone deaf when it comes to cultural mores.
  7. Check her Instagram. She's still posturing but doing it with her fab friends, many from the show, including Kasie!, and showing off her cake decorating skills and boating life. Oh, and clipping her cat's belly fur. Her place in Maine is party central, apparently. So true. Everything is for appearances. Like you said...just a poser.
  8. Joe wants Joe to do PSA's. Maybe that's why they're in NY, to film them. Mika can cry-beg people to vax up and Joe can do an informercial-length, wandering soliloquy, eventually getting around to saying the same thing.
  9. Whoa. What was today all about? (Full disclosure: I'm still not watching it, just reacting to your comments.) They went back to NY; for what, contract talks starting? It sounds like they were trying desperately to re-ignite the old sparks from the early days, with Mika playing the coquette around all the boys (well, Barnicle and Willie) and acting like sports and culture talk is beneath her...until maybe Joe kicked her to remind her to stay engaged. Trying to make some sparks fly to prove to management that they can really perform for 3 hours and appeal to a varied audience? Is it abo
  10. Or they took the time to reflect on how they've conned TPTB into believing they are worthy of the fame and fortune they've been granted for putting on such a garbage show. I can just hear them..."Can you believe we are being paid so much to do so little?" Hmmm. Just saw the story on Mediaite about changes in the MSNBC line-up. I skimmed it for mention of the Twins, but nada...so they really were reflecting on how good they've got it.
  11. I get this 100%...I'll continue to monitor this shit show from the sidelines and follow along with you guys. I just can't bear to click on MSNBC and give them (more) false hope that they are "winning" under this current format. When the tide finally changes and they are either gone altogether or show up at the table, ideally in a studio, in one camera shot, and Mika is attired professionally, preferably in a flattering pastel combo, with color on her face, and Joe is wearing proper, seasonably appropriate and well fitting clothing, both befitting the outrageous salaries they pull in, when Mika
  12. Me too. I've come to the conclusion that there's no reason for me to tune in anymore. It's obvious that they have no interest in the show...why should I? It's dull and repetitive. I'm not giving them a ratings boost by hate-watching anymore. It's been a fun run snarking on them for years and I've had a lot of laughs but all of our complaining falls on deaf ears while their egos inflate seeing how much we talk about them. (All press is good press, as they used to say.) I had hopes for Joe to come to his senses but that patronizing tweet to a viewer last week was the final straw. I love the comm
  13. The more I think about this, Oakville, the clearer my memory becomes: I do remember you posting this! Clever, as always. I also remember an Instagram post from Mika bragging about her maid and how (apparently) Mika had paid her enough that she could now buy a home in the D.R. and that Mika would see it "soon", like this summer. Maybe that's where she is this week? Somewhat doubtable though, what with Mika's Covid fear. But, who knows...how much of what she harps on is actually true? She has to have an agenda or platform to focus on ad nauseam since she can't be spontaneous in interactions with
  14. I agree that Mika's tweet was directed at the unvaxxed...she just steamrolled right over Elise's story to preach her tired sermon...like the "death cult" Mika is always talking about is reading these pundits' tweets. Highly doubtful, Meeks. Way to show genuine compassion for your friend (minion?). No social skills at all. Welcome back, jenkait! Please, please, please tell me I misunderstood: Mika is doing a book on housekeeping??? That can't possibly be true! She does brag about her maid from the Dominican Republic, though, so maybe she co-opted her into writing it. I never imagined Mika
  15. Hee! Cry tweeting. Good one, Oakville. It's interesting that this has been the only tweet from Mika during these last momentous days. (And an actual tweet...most of her lazy ass postings are just re-tweets.) She is so juvenile in her statements and so unprofessional in the manner in which she does it. A journalist she's not. That Mediaite article had some pretty choice comments...it was like our daily complaints here! It really made me hate Joe and Mika even more than I already did...it just shows what money hungry grifters they are. Willie does a great job. He truly IS the onl
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