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  1. itsreal

    S05.E09: Honk If You're Horny

    Peter Hermann grosses you out???? Wow. I'm speechless
  2. itsreal

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    Oh and I loved when Charles texted "I miss you already." SIGH :)
  3. itsreal

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    I am in love with this episode and I am going to watch it a couple more times :) We all knew Pauline would not just disappear....unfortunately. But seriously just get the F out Pauline!!! I actually kind of like that Charles isn't being very discreet. Maybe he is just so in love that he doesn't care who finds out. And yes, the chemistry was always there.....but tonight it was on fire!!! And I loved that he shaved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. itsreal

    S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll

    You’re welcome ?
  5. itsreal

    S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll

    You would have to be blind not to see this!
  6. itsreal

    S05.E06: Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll

    I'm sorry did you say something? I was distracted!!
  7. itsreal

    S05.E05: Big Little Liza

    It is interesting that some people make such a big deal about the age difference. Charles fell in love with a 27 year old. (or thought he did) Its not like she is 18.....that would be a little much!! When I was 26 I dated a 45 year old guy. I was working full time when I was 13 years old and owned a business in my twenties. It was natural since I was always very mature for my age. But 27 or 41, Liza and Charles are still a good match ;)
  8. itsreal

    S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley

    While I like both Josh and Charles, I am team Charles all the way. Especially since I went back to the beginning and watched all the episodes again while waiting for season 5. I picked up on a lot of things that I missed the first time around. Josh is hot and fun and he does love Liza. I think that Liza will always love Josh to a certain extent but to me the interaction of Charles and Liza getting to know each other and the build up of their feelings is just more realistic. Like their feelings are on a deeper level. Lots of people are hating on Charles right now. He is acting immature but he is extremely hurt. Age has nothing to do with it. He thought he knew her and now he doesn't know what to believe. But they shouldn't drag out the "Angry Charles" story line. They need to talk it out. Also I find it funny how many comments say that Charles is boring. Mostly what we see is Charles in his work environment. Where I would like this season to go from here is for Charles to come out of his shell, admit to everyone his feelings for Liza and become more focused on getting what he wants. Maybe show him on a more personal level and have the relationship between Liza and Charles really heat up. I think that Charles could really have a fun, way more likable side to him. He just needs unlock the door. I think Liza has the key :) And Damn he is so HOT!!