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  1. They usually address religion in a general way on soaps. I remember Guiding Light having a hot priest. And on this show, poor, forgotten Paul's brother was a priest. Guiding Light on the radio had a religious start. 

    I was trying to remember christenings on Y and R and couldn't. I googled and found baby Sully/Christian and baby Faith when both babies had their "fake" mothers(Sharon and Ashley). Incidentally, Faith's middle name was Colleen. 

    And a recapper described who Ashland was talking to in the preview as an older man. I'm gonna be goofy and say because of the names, Ashland and Ashley are twins separated at birth. lol 

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  2. 1 hour ago, ginger90 said:

    It's easy to be choosy about jobs when you have money.

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  3. 21 hours ago, JNavarro said:

    I don't know how surrogacy situations work post-birth in the real world.  But as was alluded to, is it really a good idea to have the donor and surrogate so involved after the fact? 

    I have friends in an online medical group  who have used them, and there should no connection. Most surrogates already have children which is good because it proves they can carry a pregnancy and they have at least one child to focus on. And the donor is usually the husband.

    Remember Mackenzie was a surrogate for Lily and Cane? She didn't have any angst that I remember. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, LexieLily said:

    LOL, that didn't stop them from casting Bristol Palin, Sean Spicer, Tonya Harding a season after they had Nancy Kerrigan, etc.

    I was thinking in terms of doing something illegal. And Tonya Harding did that. Then there are the political controversies. 

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  5. 9 hours ago, Rightside said:

    Well, I never thought Sailor what's her name would make it very far and didn't she last quite some time?

    I might be too cynical, but I always thought her mom's injury was a way for her to get on the show. They can't cast Lori Loughlin because she's too controversial.

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  6. 9 hours ago, kitcloudkicker said:

    Jan from the Office (was Roxy on Broadway, trained in ballet in her youth)

    OK, my profile makes it obvious I love the movie Dirty Dancing. Melora Hardin played Baby in a short lived TV show based on Dirty Dancing. I remember watching the show and not getting into it. It'll probably be mentioned on DWTS. I'm familiar with her from Monk too. 

    If the gymnast gets Sasha, I'll root for them. I like Sasha and want him to win. But his last gymnast didn't turn out as well as hoped(Simone Biles). 

    And I hate the bachelor association with the show. The past two winners have been Bachelor people. Ugh for bachelor nation. They got Grocery store Joe much higher than he deserved.

    And I know we have to accept Tyra. But having the 30th season without Tom is so irritating. 

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  7. 18 hours ago, JoanArc said:

    Reddit says this is in the video - the reaction to the announcement. I guess Jim Bob let the mask slip a little.


    This is what Jim Boob looks like before sexy times with the wife. That's what Mechelle looks like during sexy times. 

    Walmart can hire these people for a commercial. Have lunch in Walmart. Get your car serviced in Walmart. Take a pregnancy test in a Walmart bathroom.

    Yeah, hillbillies come in different stripes. Many are not religious. Many don't want a bunch of younguns.

    You know you're a Duggar if you know mama's menstrual cycle.


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  8. 5 hours ago, iwantcookies said:

    Next storyline: adopting a baby so Chris can experience fatherhood.

    Yeah. Chris needs a son to ride motorcycles with and go to strip clubs together. But with Chris being in his seventies by the time the son is old enough, it might not happen. But look at Amy's father at his age. Chris can take him on the motorcycle to the strip club.

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  9. I know Amy and people on the show are making more money than they deserve. That's been known since Kate Gosselin and the Duggars started their shows. It's just fun to snark on these people.

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  10. Kate Gosselin kept her last name because of the brand, and she really hated her ex husband. But she didn't remarry. Personally, I don't care. Amy can change her last name to one of her adoring friends' last names. 

  11. Maybe she wrote Matt a thank you note:

    Dear Matt:

    I'm being made to thank you for letting me use the farm for the wedding. So thank you. Please enjoy the painted rock enclosed. 

    Amy, wife of Chris, married August 28, 2021 and Mr. Amy, my man

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  12. 4 hours ago, Joan of Argh said:

    Back to selling and selfie hell 


    The wedding makeup artist must've put the makeup on with a butter knife. 

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