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  1. I don't have a problem with how Dave handled it. He was not upset that she had dated somebody he nows but rather that as he put it "When I see him now it will be in my face." Knowing the guy had slept with his wife and all. SO far I like Dave, but that Amber?? Uh ..no.
  2. And there is no way in HELL that I believe Mia's story about why she got arrested! Something is very fishy here.
  3. Here's how I saw it. Pedro kept telling father chantel to shut up. River said very quietly "Don't talk to him like that." Pedro is the first to stand up and say "what did you say?" HE provoked it, River got mad stood up and threw a paper towel in to the light fixture which swung and hit Pedro. Then PEDRO came around the table to for a physical fight> Pedro was itching for ANY chance to get hold of River. Pedro is the reason the physical fight started. The real one to blame was Mother Chnatel for having this little "nice dinner" knowing it would be explosive somehow.
  4. That was crazy saying he couldn't get a job because he has to take care of Baby Huey and may??? HUH?
  5. I just can't get on the admiration bandwagon for Andrei. He is a control freak. He has been that way before he even came here. Calling and demanding to know where she was all the time, and how he flat said NO to a bacherlorette party. And so much more. I dated a control freak for 3 years, it only escalates and gets worse and worse. She will regret ever marrying him.
  6. I have been saying this from the beginning. There is no way that Azan's family would want him to marry a lazy unkept American girl. They have pretended to like her all along because they know she sends MONEY!
  7. What A frickin joke, her and her calendar. I remember her going on and on about how proud she was to represent her country that it would've about Columbia, etc. Now she is hawking her old body for no reason except MONEY. 60 bucks for a calendar???
  8. I was wondering about the kids too. Some of them HAVE to have kids with as long as they are married. I think they are keeping any kids out of it all, due to the obvious backlash to TLC for these kids having to see this stuff. Besides, what could possibly go wrong? 4 couples already having problems paired up with people who are more like them than their spouses. Thing is, of course anybody can put their best foot forward for 2 weeks. No wonder some will think the switch partner is better than their spouse. TLC really scraping the bottom of the barrel here or else they know that all this dr
  9. Danielle did not undo her hair or brush it before bed AND she kept on the same makeup from the day before. Her eyelashes showed it.
  10. I am pretty sure that I heard her use the word "punta" which is actually (I think) Spanish for slut
  11. About the Family Chantel fight, my take on it is that Chantel has been taking the brunt end of Pedro constantly putting his family before her. Even when Nicole called her a bitch in the DR. He never defnds her with them, and he always cares more about them than he dos his wife. So culture or not, Pedro is a loser. His family doesnt need tv sets. I do not like Pedro at all, and I think after the fight Chantel was glad to have family on her side only for a change. She was still very mad when she went home, and very upset. So Pedro's sister wanting to go home would not have calmed her dow
  12. The ex girlfriend said that Anfisa showed up on HER page.
  13. Well, u could be right on that. Because in the early days of this saga it showed the parents home and it was a lot bigger and nicer than the one in the family fight. I was wondering why the change of houses.
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