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  1. Oh, come on....Chris....does NOT want to be in this!!
  2. Hmmm....makes sense. Chris looked so unnatural with that nonsense.
  3. Ok, now that speech from Chris sounded and looked so scripted! He looked so uncomfortable...nothing natural about it! Anyone agree, or has this been discussed?
  4. Ok, I am confused and perhaps this has been covered - what is the rush to be 'engaged' in just a couple of weeks? Don't these couples want to spend some time together away from island life and get to know each other in the real world? I am referring to Nicole and Clay. I am on his side with this situation.
  5. Ok, is it Shaun Mendez who Connor reminds me of? Forgive me if this has been mentioned, but that same young, baby face? Trying to grow up too fast?
  6. Hahahaa! Ya me too. I find them more interesting and intelligent!!
  7. Is it me or do so many of these girls look alike??
  8. How to get a vacation in Mexico: Just tell Chris Harrison you need to talk to someone, in this case, Hannah needed to go talk to Demi. And there you have a vacation!
  9. Ursula Andress??? I love her!
  10. She really is, just nothing there. Always fiddling with her hair. Acts like she is 14. Not much of a personality. I don't know what is so appealing about her.
  11. She is a glutton for punishment. Plus she goes for the guy whom all the other gals are head over heal of! She saw how Dean was treating her last season, yet she watched him and cried, instead of having a nice time. She listens to his bs. as it was evident he was unsure about her. Then she comes on this show and with a plethora of men, she chooses Blake for a date? What a waste when she could have had the conversation on a 'non' date! It is hard to watch her put herself through this.
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