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  1. I'm just pleased it wasn't Justin! Kind of sad Kishwa didn't win - her dessert sounded amazing. Elise can just go home any time now 'Traditional Italian with a Twist' stops being that when every single time you stuff your pasta with 'Native Australian Ingredients'. Did the ad say no episode until Sunday? What shall I do tomorrow?
  2. I was really sad to see Sabina go - I thought she might be the underdog! However, now I am convinced all the girls will go home one after another just so they can have their 'sick bro-finale' Nothing against Pete or Justin (one of which I really like) but sometimes the reviews of the food are a bit unbelievable! I would also strongly recommend to Elise to look at her wardrobe choice - peter pan collar with berries on it was the least of the sartorial eye-bashing! Kind of underwhelmed to be honest!
  3. Dear Lord, I hope not! I want them to say this for every single episode. I am really, really sad that Elise got the first immunity, but I will live with that. Super sad Minoli was sent home - I think she is so much better than so many contestants still here. However, totally relieved that Pete and Kishwar survived! I know I stayed up late and put up the with Tenplay ad inclusion to watch but still not convinced it was worth it. So many lesser cooks still there!
  4. I totally agree. Depinder was so damn smug about it too! However, Mr Bloody Scott at one point taking a minute and a half to simply cut a prawn in half and bend each side back is a joke (I did the math) but the look on Elise's face when she realised that '80 prawns done' only meant cut in half and not actually cleaned was priceless! She was a terrible captain! I'm wondering if the 'write your own pressure test' means that as the 'twist' they will hand off their recipes to each other and not actually cook their own. Which would be super funny if you wrote a really simple one for yo
  5. Just the fact that Justin is the first into the top 10 has me shaking my head! You totally called it! I'm crossing my fingers for Aaron or Elise to exit stage left on Sunday. I also fully believe they are going to keep Depinder around until the final and then have her crushed by Tommy! Both dishes tonight sounded disgusting - so very happy not be be a judge at that point!
  6. I totally agree. He and Elise seem to be shown a great deal but don't seem to be very good cooks. Both can go next!
  7. I was thinking the same thing! Chunks of caramelized macadamia may have hidden the slight graininess. I am SO HAPPY that Conor didn't make it through and is finally out of chances to return. He was making it really hard to watch the show. He always looks kind of 'grubby' and I wouldn't want to eat anything he made because of that. Fingers and toes crossed tonight for Tom!!!!!
  8. I'm with you - everything about Aaron annoys the crap out of me. Him and Elise can just disappear and I'd be perfectly happy!
  9. I agree! Olive ice-cream should go in the bin! I was so relieved they didn't invent a sudden fondness for olive ice-cream just to keep Conor (which is what I was expecting) but the rest of the dishes sounded delicious (drama aside). Curtis Stone being made to stand full length in the video chat with the added knife belt was all sorts of disturbing. Kind of Knightish, kind of Butcherish, kind of tool! LOL
  10. At the point Wynona decided to make a granita I'm pretty sure they said 13 people were making granita so that would make 14. Plus, cucumber granita is the worst! I also agree about just how disgusting black olive ice cream would be. However, maybe if he made it savoury (at gunpoint) and added some fetta and some sort of oniony/tomato element it could have been a mad take on a greek salad and he could have said it was a starter!
  11. I totally agree - just because you love cooking dessert doesn't mean there are not better dishes you could make. My brain immediately went to that gorgeous charred Mexican corn with blue cheese instead of the Mexican cheese we cannot get out here in the country. I make a blue cheese sauce to dip it in.
  12. Sorry - I used the wrong thread earlier! Have we ever seen Menoli before? WTF was Scott doing baking a cake that has never worked before? Yay that two pins are gone! Weird episode - loved seeing Poh and Callum again but as usual, all attention was on Reynold!
  13. Nigella said it a few months ago in her new series and broke the internet! So, yes we will be hearing it all season! I have an issue with Aaron - he was a crap captain for the team challenge, then he admitted to stealing Jock's porky mac and cheese - which I could live with. However, tonight he makes the cornflake icecream that he totally stole from Larissa (who possibly stole it from Billie???). He has no inventiveness but they all act like he made up these dishes. *sigh*
  14. Having just watched Wednesday night's episode I had to chuckle at what you said Dippydee - as so many made ice cream! I love watching Tim! He is so calm and focused but has the driest of wit!
  15. I totally agree it was his time - he was fun to watch but what a lot of faffing about! There are so many people we still have barely seen on the screen. I spent a good few minutes trying to remember if I actually knew a person called Yo Yo was on the show! Some of the food looked amazing and I get really jealous of the judges just because they can taste it. Welcome back Masterchef!
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