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  1. That’s a bummer for you! Their frozen limeades are the bomb!
  2. Somehow, no one has ever accused me of being PC! 😀
  3. Is the “your honor” drinking game in effect today? I need an excuse to get hammered for the State of the Union tonight. I suspect that Darrell Bowles The Second has scammed free Uber rides and food from many drivers who felt bad for him and didn’t pursue repayment. Good on Kimyade for not falling for the manipulation. His indignant, “Then why’d you bring me here?!?” was priceless. I’m glad Kimyade got her judgment. It was funny that JJ doesn’t know how a Sonic drive-thru works!
  4. Erik’s mom is about as bad as he is. She self-righteously proclaimed that SHE would have seen the signs that Erik is a liar. You raised him, you harpy! And now you let your precious little sociopath sleep in your basement or whatever. I was glad that Phil smacked her down.
  5. Yes, Manchild Mark (thanks iHateAmpersands) is delusional all right...but watching his family giggling and chuckling about the situation was cringeworthy. Especially his sister and father.
  6. I swear I saw Phil’s head expand a bit every time hoarder mom batted her eyes and fawned all over him in today’s episode. I thought it was hilarious that her name is “Robin”.
  7. Brett certainly has a “type”, doesn’t he? Bronwyn and Sarah looked like sisters. Poor little Bella, being raised by these characters.
  8. I love how Shill gets his panties in a twist when the guests argue among themselves and ignore him.
  9. Tessa’s brother looked like he was thoroughly enjoying watching his mom and twin sister melting down on national TV. When Tessa agreed to go to the ranch (“I’ll do it! I’ll go!”) she looked like she expected confetti to fall down from the sky. I am so glad I decided to have cats and dogs instead of kids. The world is probably better off as well!
  10. I Googled Karen and she is listed as a Registered Dental Hygienist. I’m not sure why the JJ show called her a dentist. I Googled her because I couldn’t believe this gullible, pathetic woman had three years of postgraduate education, then passed a difficult board exam. A dental hygiene program at a good college is rigorous and nothing to sneeze at, but Ms. Karen is not a doctor. I love it when Byrd goes full on and gives litigants a talking to. That Mr. Pleasant was anything but.
  11. Clearly Benjamin inherited his mother’s intellect.
  12. Did we grow up in the same home? I got to watch The Flying Nun and King Family specials, too. :)
  13. I thought both Beverly Hills mother and daughter were auditioning for a reality show. Those fake tears...come on!
  14. Word, word, triple word to all of the above. It seemed like all three judges liked Lisa, felt sorry for her and as a result, ruled in her favor. The whole time I was wishing that Douchebag was receiving a richly deserved Judge Judy smackdown. I agree, some counseling is definitely in order (and not from Dr. Phil).
  15. Ha! Rainbow Brite! Or Strawberry Shortcake!
  16. Was that the girlfriend who was cooking “nekkid”? I think I remember bacon on the stove, but it could have been grilled cheese. I’d love to see that rerun too!
  17. I think “goddaughter” in this case is akin to “street uncle” from a previous case.
  18. Now THAT would be a sweep ep worth keeping.
  19. I noticed the women in the audience cringing. One woman whose head was behind Walter’s shoulder was making disgusted faces. I’m not sure about the rental situation in Ventura, California, but renting in the San Francisco Bay Area is ridiculous. A room in a tiny condo for under $1000/month is considered a bargain. Walter is so creepy that he should pay a woman to live with him. Men in the Bay Area do advertise free or cheap rooms on Craigslist, requesting attractive “struggling students” or “single mothers” who might trade FWB for lodging. It’s a sad, sad, situation. I count my blessings.
  20. I’ve noticed that, too. I think Byrd is being respectful of Judge Judy by not looking at the papers or items he is bringing to her.
  21. Yes, but there’s still time! He’s most likely still single, and he’s sexier than ever!
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