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  1. My wife and I had a theory about the inventory discrepancy. When they show Marcus doing the math while at the warehouse, he multiplies the total number of bottles by COST (as he should) to arrive at the $40+k number. My wife then mentions, "what do you want to bet that Max calculated inventory on-hand by using average retail cost as the multiplier?" We then did the math on our own and VOILA! We immediately came up with original claim of something in the quarter of a million dollar range. Which, all that accomplished was one of two things: a) further proved her complete ineptitude as a business owner b) she knew exactly what she was doing, in order to artificially manipulate/influence Marcus' perception of the state of her business and ultimately, his offer. Which was partly based on that figure. Either way, he was absolutely correct in abandoning that sinking ship of crazy.
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