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  1. DragonFlyzz

    S14.E04: Overwhelmed

    After waiting for what felt like forever for Friday to get here it felt like I blinked and the episode was over. I need ninety minute episodes especially if we have to watch moving day, personality tests, etc. I still like Kat but she really needs to up her dance game. I need Prelims Kat back. I’m still loving the adorable Chandi and she seems to be holding her own. Poor Gina Marie. Baby girl is in over her head. She needs to toughen up and learn to maintain her composure when she receives critiques. Then again she really is just a baby. I’m not sure she’s mature enough to make the squad straight out of high school. Loved Jenn C’s supportive energy. She was super sweet to the girls.
  2. Judy mentioned that the piece was really fast and missing just half a beat would completely throw you off and you might not be able to recover. That being said some, like Chandi, nailed it. Given the amount of time Kristen and Malena spent in training camp they should be held to a higher standard. If they re-audition they should be standouts or they shouldn’t get another shot. Since the number of spots in training camp is limited give some newbies a chance.
  3. Yes please. Viewers have been asking for more solos for years. I wish CMT would listen to us.
  4. I’m still on Team Kat. She definitely has to fix those kicks but she has a beautiful face and figure with a really vibrant personality. I can’t blame her that we see her every five minutes because that’s on the editors of the show not her. I’m also a big fan of Chandi’s. I think she’s absolutely adorable. I don’t think Malena’s performance in the semifinals merited her moving forward to the finals. I’m not convinced Kristen should’ve advanced either. If you’re coming back to re-audition after having made it to training camp you need to nail any issues you previously had. If you lacked power and punch (I’m looking at you Kristen) you need to come back and wow the judges and have all eyes on you (in a good way). If you had memory issues (yes Malena I’m talking to you) you need to absolutely slay the choreography. I don’t think either of them proved that they had addressed the issues that got them cut. I guess we’ll see how this plays out next week.
  5. DragonFlyzz

    Season 5 Discussion

    Because he took the bait ... the stupid schmuck.
  6. DragonFlyzz

    S16.E13: Finale, Part 1

    Hahaha. That's snort worthy.
  7. DragonFlyzz

    Season 5 Discussion

    I agree. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t David the one who started the awkward conversation by calling out Mikayla for not making him feel welcome? He totally put her on blast in front of everyone.
  8. DragonFlyzz

    Season 5 Discussion

    Thank you. I yell at the TV every time Tweedledum says dowry.
  9. DragonFlyzz

    Season 5 Discussion

    Hahaha! Made be LOL.
  10. DragonFlyzz

    Season 1 Discussion

    I hope you've told MrsSmith and not just us. ?
  11. DragonFlyzz

    Season 1 Discussion

    That would require some intelligence and forethought on his part. I'm not sure what led you to believe that Larry has either. ?
  12. DragonFlyzz

    Season 1 Discussion

    Too true that.
  13. DragonFlyzz

    S12.E10: The Next Step

    The lack of even handedness in this process drives me nuts. K & J called out both Savannah and Alexandria on the field entrance saying they were repeatedly making the same mistakes. You'd think neither had ever set foot on a football field when in fact both cheered for other football teams. When they moved on to the dances K said she preferred Savannah in the dance as opposed to the entrance but she didn't like Alexandria in either. Can someone explain why Alexandria didn't even get called into the office? I guess since her hair wasn't in her face and her eyelashes were in check it was all good. Brennan nailed the field entrance but because K wasn't loving her facials during the dance she was out. Color me completely disgusted.
  14. DragonFlyzz

    S13.E01: The Blind Auditions Premiere

    I don't think it's exclusively an African-American thing. I saw Lady Gaga throw her shoe at the dancers when she was a guest judge on SYTYCD.
  15. DragonFlyzz

    Season 1 Discussion

    OMG. That didn't just make me laugh it made me wheeze.