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  1. Thanks. Wasn’t paying close enough attention to see that they showed the spelling of his name. The pronunciation sounded very similar.
  2. You can look 20 years younger and be 100 lbs lighter but you’ll still be a nasty heifer.
  3. Nothing about Nut is satisfactory to mommy dearest.
  4. Yes she does. Michael would be dead where he stood if he even thought of flirting.
  5. Isn’t that the doctor who created Meaningful Beauty?
  6. She seems to be more of a pescatarian than a vegetarian.
  7. She eats seafood. She ordered seafood when she and Mike went out to dinner.
  8. How do they make that retroactive? That should only apply for sponsorship going forward.
  9. I think I know her. She used to work in a bridal shop in Flushing didn’t she?
  10. That’s possible? Never would’ve believed it.
  11. The initial card expires in two years. This hullabaloo is about his “permanent” card. I think that card will be good for ten years.
  12. I find it exceptionally annoying when people act like their spouse’s life only started when the two of them met. The friend just needs to shut up right quick. Not your business to question Julia’s motives and it’s too darned late anyway.
  13. Give them five minutes and I’m sure that will change.
  14. You can sit down Lo. Staying in a toxic marriage isn’t good for the boys.
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