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  1. Jinx, SDB! After Noah says in the clip how he “dealt” with his drinking problem, I was screaming, “No, you didn’t!” at the same time. LOL those poor writers, not a single one of them even pretending to care anymore...
  2. Re: Donna’s clothes vs. boyfriend I’ll actually pick the clothes. Since I can’t die, I’ll set myself on fire, which will save the rest of humanity from her designs.
  3. I believe the Magic Toilet at the beach apartment did in fact flush ziplock bags, too. Too bad it didn’t flush one or both of Dylan and David, too.
  4. I second the congrats (condolences?) for our poor hosts. I really didn't quite believe this season would end until it FINALLY did. So. Long. So. Boring. It feels like it should be the answer to a cryptic riddle. Q: When does 44mins x 32 = 800,000,000? A: Season 8 of 90210.
  5. Totally agree. I also was convinced for the first 10 mins that he was the Bloody Roux guy (he's not).
  6. Michael Knight/Garth!!! HAHAHA!!!!!
  7. In his zeal to attack Steve, it seems that David trips over his own pants in that GIF. (really, how could he not, though?)
  8. Wow. I just looked that up, and...just...wow. That is baaaaaaaaad. WTF is that earring?!
  9. Is anyone surprised that Noah's brother is a rapist/sexual predator/all-around sleazo? That's literally the ONLY role I've ever seen him play. *SVU (Surprise! He drugged women and then raped them. Obviously didn't learn his lesson.) *One Tree Hill (only stat rape and she was totally into it, but still not cool) *Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (creepy stalker- and yes, I totally watched that show, sorry...) *Revenge (no sexual assault that I can recall, but he was definitely a sleazo up to no good)
  10. *Young Dealer Potter (it's Sheriff Witter)
  11. Janet has known Steve like 5 minutes, and up to this point only knew him when he was in a relationship with Carly. So why would she have the expectation that Steve is supposed a big womanizer? I guess just more evidence that the writers give zero f***s by this point?
  12. Can you imagine if Donna and Noah had had a child together? With her bug eyes and his grouper mouth? Yikes.
  13. UGH. I just watched the next episode, and he does it again with a payphone. WTF? He seriously cannot hold anything like a normal person.