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  1. Brandon repeatedly shows he cannot say no when sex is offered: Claire, Val, sexy Beverley Beat guest columnist...
  2. Also listening around a child. He ignore it. So, were tickets to Vegas free? David didn't know how he would afford beach apartment. Nanna's on a fixed income. Maybe Brandon paid for their flight and hotel rooms and the strip club with his sweet, sweet tutoring money? I could barely afford dinner at Applebee's when I was in college in 1993.
  3. When she rolls up that check from her dad Sean Connery to snort coke? So good!
  4. Yay! Other people know as much about this show as I do (re gun). Also, maybe Jesse is allowed to get Ahndrea pregnant because he is actually her age.
  5. I am not proud I know this but Dylan never gets rid of the gun. Val will find it when Dylan goes off the rails (actually, onto the rails, heh heh) next season. Also, no mention of the one pop-dance song that has played in almost every episode this season, and maybe even in the last one. I think the lines are "I knew from the very start/I could be the one to break your heart." Huh? Anyway, they play it a lot, I hate it, it was totally free. And hulu is missing PPAD episodes, probably bc of music rights and I hate that, too.
  6. Isn't Brenda Dylan's friend, too? Can she not be concerned about Dylan's pain because she is busy dating? The depictions of how friendship works on this show can be really weird.
  7. Oh, Cress is in it quite a bit. Even first ep of season 5. He is awesome.
  8. I think someone got a vague "liberal arts" degree. Maybe Donna? I remember bc I graduated undergrad when they did and that weird degree bothered me. The reversal on Dan from nice guy to creep was too bad, and less believable than the reversal on Ray next season. Ray is aggressive, possessive, and sulky from day one. Poor Dan is a super liberal but racist against Hispanics? Please. Fun inappropriate relationship in college memory: one of my fellow grad students was dating a professor who served on her thesis committee! They got married, I think to avoid getting in trouble. Funny, he never go
  9. So they flipped Kelly and Brenda's senior year attitudes toward college life to suit the plot. When they were trying to prove Kelly is meant for Dylan, they are ambivalent, but Brenda hearts higher Ed. Now writers make Kelly all co-ed crazy and Brenda over it to show maybe she is actually Dylan's true love. Blerg. Also, Brenda's eyebrow devolution makes this thick-browed gal so so sad. The eyebrows will get even thinner as the 90s progress.
  10. My husband was a DJ at Clemson U mid-90s. His first shift was 3-6am. Also, I'm a season ahead and verbally abusive David has nothing on pre-stair-push Ray as far as being controlling from day 1.
  11. The only hair that improved this season was Donna. And she completely regresses to a weird platinum helmet next season.
  12. I like Brenda's Diane Keaton look, and the little top when she's stink-eyeing EV with her gang. But I lived through 90's jeans and somehow managed it without CT or tesseract pleats.
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