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  1. 23 minutes ago, icemiser69 said:

    Is it just my imagination or have television commercial break lengths recently gotten much longer.  My gosh are they annoying, 

    I feel like I keep seeing commercials twice in a row.

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  2. That’s what I thought too! But they referred me to all the info I found myself while waiting for them to reply to my message (we’ve been remote since March of 2920).

    Also, I accidentally typed “2920” when I meant “2020.” But I’ll leave it as-is because it may as well be that long at this point!

    I think I’ve done what I can for the time being. I wish that made me feel better, but I don’t think I’m the person who can easily say, “well, what else can I do?” Bah to me!

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  3. I didn’t freeze my credit, but I did a whole bunch of other stuff recommended. I have some kind of ID theft coverage through my work insurance…which sounds nice, but until and unless something actually happens, I think it’s basically just an information hub kind of thing and a free monitoring service that I activated. Checked my accounts and did something or other via Experian (or whichever one I used) and filed complaints online in various places. Then I called the monitoring place to double-check to see what else I needed to do. Still stressed, but per the rep I talked to, I think I got it all covered? But now what does one do? Wait?! Do I ever get to know if I’m all good? I have no clue! 

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  4. Ugh, MORE than a peeve, man — guess who’s the lucky winner of attempted (I hope) identity theft! Whoooo! Apparently, someone has filed for unemployment in my name, as I learned from the letters that showed up this week. NOT letters saying “oh dear, look what happened!” but the actual forms that one who applied for unemployment might get in the mail (I wouldn’t know; I’ve never applied). And it seems like all gov’t voicemail boxes for this sort of thing are full, complete with a message about how they’re not taking calls (apparently, this is rampant!). But here’s the lesser of the peeves that I’m fixating on…

    If I am getting all of the correspondence, how would someone get the dough?! And how are these things not verified somehow? I still work at present for the employer that is on the form! 

    Also, I realize that I would be a terrible scammer not only because I just don’t understand HOW, but because it all seems super-tedious to perpetrate! Oh my god, this is the most boring crime (not as boring as trying to get ahead of it, mind you—as I learned today).

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  5. On 1/20/2021 at 10:18 AM, heatherchandler said:

    Trautman was excited to get back to work when production first resumed.

    "I'm so grateful to of started filming Season 4 of @siestakey," she posted on social media. "I can't wait for all of you to see the journey I'm on. I hope I make you all proud and if I inspire a few of you along the way - that would just be the cherry on top."


    So, they all turned on her.

    I just now noticed this post. Did this girl really say "to of"?

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  6. I went to Walgreens today — sans mask, even though it was right on my wrist (I totally spaced out. But I’m vaxed and there weren’t many people in there). Anyway, I asked the cashier if there’s been an increase in vax appointments and he said there has been over the last couple of weeks. So I guess that’s promising? I think where I am is doing more or less OK, relatively, but that was good to hear.

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  7. 15 hours ago, GussieK said:

    This puzzle discussion has veered away from pet peeves, so I will bring it back.  I have two petty puzzle peeves:  I can’t stand when I see people filling in the crossword with lower-case letters. Why would they do this? It’s in defiance of all puzzle convention. My other one is when I see people cross off or check off the clues as they fill them in. Why?  First of all, what if you made a mistake?  And also you just don’t need that visual aid to know where you are in the puzzle. 

    I do LC sometimes; depends on the pen I’m using and how it feels in my hand, or on where in the book the page is. I’m extremely pen-picky; some of them hinder my neatness (generally I prefer an extra-thin Sharpie but crossword book pages don’t really allow for that).

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  8. I am prone to a little bit of doom scrolling too, but I try to remember to “latch onto” some of the promising information I learn as well. And I’m hoping that this cash incentive for vaccination thing helps. Give them even more money—I don’t even care at this point; I just want this in the past, man. This short window of “heading back toward normal” was fun while it lasted.

    ETA: Weird; just at this moment, I was catching up on some YouTubes by a commentator I really dig (not going to say who, as I feel like it maybe might possibly (?) veer into political), who mentioned to a scared caller that there are "good news newsletters" that focus on the positives that have come about in all this mess.

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  9. I like a basic book and pen! That way, when I am inevitably watching episodes of The Office after work, I am at least doing something with my brain. That said, while I do not miss my commute, I still, after all this time, sometimes feel confused by what to do in that "too early for dinner, too late to do much else" period after I log out.

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  10. UGH, I saw one on Amazon once that I thought would be fun -- like a '90s trivia one. I am glad I clicked the "look inside" option before buying because it had maybe 12 clues per page (seriously, so much negative space!) and they were all ridiculously easy.

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  11. 10 minutes ago, shapeshifter said:

    Have you tried the Monday New York Times crossword puzzles? I subscribed online at the start of the pandemic and just renewed. The Tuesday ones are also often challenging but not too challenging. Doing them online, there an Autocheck option, which I use with the harder puzzles, later in the week. You can try a certain number of them for free (nytimes.com/crosswords/game/daily). My sister and her husband got a book of just the Monday puzzles from Amazon, so that's an option too.

    Oh, maybe I will try that! Thank you! I like challenging and all but it seems like so many clues are, like…social colloquialisms or very specific sports terminology from when my grandma was a child, haha! Update this shit, man! 

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  12. I really hope I can articulate this peeve without sounding like a complete moron among a crowd of intelligent folks. Anyway…

    Crossword puzzle books! Its not that I want them to be easy, because I don’t (in fact, that is also a peeve). But I really wish I could find some with clues that are more within my realm of knowledge. I don’t mean that I want to automatically know the answer as soon as I read the clue; I mean that so many of the clues and references and answers seem to be from way before my time. Not in a scholarly “world history” way (because that would be fine!), but in a common lifestyle or vernacular kind of way — stuff that I would just never know, no matter how much I ponder or how much I’ve filled in around it. To be honest, when this happens and it’s hindering a chunk of the puzzle, I peek! And I don’t feel bad because, 99% of the time, I still have no idea what the thing is even after cheating and because I’m just trying to relax after work a little bit! No one dies because I peek, obviously, but I don’t want to!

    Anyway, maybe I am not making sense! Again, I don’t want easy crosswords, but maybe a book of puzzles with more modern clues. I’m so not opposed to learning something new from a crossword puzzle or getting stuck on a clue for a while, but I would prefer that it be something that makes me think, “damn it, man—I should have known that faster!”

    (Also, I sometimes peek for sports ones because unless it’s wildly obvious, it’s not happening!)

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  13. When I worked in a book store, we just found them in the bathroom and made one of the part-timers use the “pick-up stick” to throw them away. People do really weird shit (and worse than THIS!) at B&N superstores.

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  14. “Actually I was a germaphobe before the pandemic.  I took hand sanitizer with me everywhere and used it every time I touched communal objects such as door handles, restaurant menus, condiments, money, you name it.”

    (Bold because my quoter wasn’t cooperating.)

    Same here, for well over a decade! People sometimes mocked me, but still accepted it if I offered! And menus, for some reason, were the worst to me! In some ways, I think my pre-COVID germphobe ways (and, oddly, my OCD) helped me when this all went down. In other ways and on other days, though, yikes—it was the exact opposite.

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  15. I once got a single mascara in a box that could have fit something big like a blender or toaster oven.

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