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  1. caljeepgirl

    Proven Innocent

    Oh well, too bad. The show was okay; production values were good and the premise was interesting. Tuned in for Kelsey Grammer; bonus = Vincent K. But unfortunately, I just could not stomach the female lead! Too many badly delivered jokes and she's way too much of a showoff for my taste. Since she's kinda' in every single frame, it really ruins the show for me.
  2. caljeepgirl

    S02.E01: Episode 1

    I enjoyed this....it's truly amazing to see Felicity Huffman playing such a different character from Season 1. As to those of you who gave up on Season 1 just a few episodes in, I very nearly quit as well. But I'm glad I stuck with it all the way....I just think the acting in this series is phenomenal! I highly recommend Season 1 to those who missed it.