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  1. Gadge

    The Ellen Degeneres Show

    Two paragraphs that really nicely displays why I love so much of this site. Snark without being cruel, praise without being sycophantic, personality of the writer without overwhelming the content, with a sharp observational eye and a fun clip to link it to. I've found nowhere else that works those hard-to-balance aspects, especially from writers who aren't looking to hate-watch, instead criticising from a place of affection. I'm so glad this site exists - even in the small articles. Thank you.
  2. I very much enjoyed this adaptation, and as noted, it's more faithful to the original book than the play or previous adaptations. I appreciated that, because I think it really works because of the solution, tempting as the alternative may be. Handsome and faithful without getting too fussy - a very strong Christie adaptation overall.