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  1. By the end of the episode I had to laugh at the stupidity of it. On the phone, he told whoever, that he was coming right in. But he made 8485 stops on his way to work. Telling anyone that will listen that Nelle is dead, even though he himself had not done the ID yet. And then he's stopping off for a bite to eat at the Rib, in order to be present for the Ned/Valentin fight. I don't think he had actually gotten to work yet from that one phone call. Oh My God, how annoying. That thing that you two had that had absolutely nothing to do with me, it's all good now. What? Shut up Josslyn. I'm not even sure if she was originally pissed that they kissed and she wasn't one of the kissees, because she has an interest in Cam or if she's suddenly interested in Cam only because the other two kissed. Also: Cam: I want to get a job after school, to help out with family finances Josslyn (taking the silver spoon out of her mouth to say): What kind of job can you get that won't interfere with school? Me: UH, Walmart, McDonalds, any other fast food place, grocery store, mall store, pretty much anywhere that hires teens. Shut up Joss.
  2. Chase keeps saying that Nelle was positively identified. By whom? Usually it's the next of kin, but Julian or even Martin, would have been the one called. And it wasn't them. Clearly whoever did the ID will turn out to be a lying liar and she's not really dead.
  3. I never understood how that blackmail was going to work. Nelle had no actual proof, papers or recordings or anything. It was literally her word against Julian's and she's wackadoo.
  4. Speculations around the interwebs is that it's Scotty, as hired by Franco and Liz. Which is where he went in the middle of his drinks with Bobbie. But I'm not sure NIk would give him the money. Scotty doesn't have the big bad feel to him to be able to push Nik to give him money and he's buddies with Ava, so not sure about that speculation.
  5. Holy crap she was riding on my last nerve today. Although I thought it was hilarious that he's already annoyed with her living with him when it's literally been a day (based on where everyone else is in their storyline) Annoying line of the day: Brook to Ned: "Im still the person I was before the attack". Me: Then change you're effin' ways you dumb brat. Looks like Lulu had the Prop Sonny job today. It was her turn to tell him that he's the most wonderful of all the wonderfuls.
  6. Because it didn't sound like a conversation but a PSA for osteoporosis. Alexis: I'm going to need to make lifestyle changes (in a full acknowledgement voice) Sam: YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES, MOM(in an unecessarily loud, exasperated voice) Me: The fuckk? She just said that (in a I want to punch Sam in the face, voice) I was at a different table for this one. I found Maxie to be in total bitch mode and none of her questions were any of her business. I couldn't tell if the writers were going for exposition, in that Brando is Dev's "father" or if it was a meet-cute to move Maxie into his orbit and out of Peter's. Either way, me no likey!
  7. She did ask for his car and driver since she can't drive with the cast on right now. So maybe he'll go with her since he'd have to be dropped off somewhere anyway. But since it has nothing to do with CarSaSonSam, I doubt we'll see it.
  8. You meant Valentin right? Also, she gets her panties in a bunch when she sees Alexis' cast and blames Valentin, like he came over and broke Alexis arm then put it in a cast. What a dummy. Maxie was also on my last nerve today. She's all up in Brando's business. She barely knows this guy, none of her questions were appropriate. And the opening comment about what did he do to Sam that she's given her stamp of approval. LIke anyone needs effin' Sam's stamp of aproval to live their life. GUH.
  9. But they aren't. Joss is Sonny's stepdaugher. Dev is supposed to be Sonny's father's cousin's grandson. The math is too hard on my brain, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't make them related in any way shape or form. Maybe there's a step something or other but it's too far removed.
  10. What was with all the touchy feely today. Jax plants a kiss on Nina's cheek. Alexis has her hands on Molly's face. Sonny gives Avery a hug. I get that they're being tested probably on a daily basis, but that still felt like a bit much since were still in a pandemic. Dear Show, I do not beleive for one minute that Dev has feelings for Joss, nor that he would talk to Brando about it. Sonny to Carly: How am I going to tell Avery that her grandfather died. Ten minutes later, Sonny to Avery: "Honey, Grandpa died". Wow, that took such effort to figure out the exact words. I really wanted Avery to respond with, 'what does died mean'. Molly/Alexis/Portia; I get that it was a PSA for osteoporosis, but the dialogue was so heavy handed, especially on Molly's part. Molly: <with giant eyes> IT IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE. Alright, calm down. Oh look Carly, got a haircut on the way home from Turning Woods! Also, Jason scar healed on the way home from Turning Woods.
  11. Ok, thanks. I remember seeing it beside a log as a police officer walked right by it. I thought it was dropped at the bottom of the ravine, after she fell. Having it dropped at the top makes more sense for Avery to find it (not that it made sense for avery to wander around in the dark, at night, so close to a ravine!!)
  12. That whole thing made no sense. When we saw Carly/Nelle there, they were arguing in the woods behind the cabin. Then ran after each other and Nelle fell over the side of an embankment where Carly tried to pull her up and Nelle fell/jumped/whatever. Nelle appeared to have fallen a faily long way down, since neither Carly or Jax could see her anymore. That's where it looked like the necklace had fallen. So we're supposed to beloeve teeny tiny Avery went down the side of the mountain in her wanderings where she found the necklace?? Did I miss something here. She was wearing the same clothes. I took it that she left, went for a run in her regular clothes, then came back. Weird. I'm hoping they were playing not Idris Alba and they're going to continue looking for her.
  13. Who knew there would come a time when we would be happy to see her!! Weird/abrupt cut, Carly calls Ava to tell her about Mike and that Sonny wants all his kids back. Ava agrees and hangs up, but they cut to the next scene. I wanted Ava to tell Nik, seeing as Spencer is also Mike's grandchild. Would have been appropriate since Ava and Nik were actually having a nice moment. I squeed a little when Ethan showed up at the blackjack table beside Olivia. Then I spent a good five minutes trying to remember if the two knew each other and they do. I hate that they're saddling Alexis with a health issue, right after killing off her boyfriend, right after taking away her licence but if anyone is up to the challenge it's NLG. Also, I'm liking the Ned/Alexis vibe going on. Chase offers BL his couch to stay on, but doesn't she still have the room at the Metrocourt that Olivia comped her?
  14. You'd be surprised. Facebook GH pages are all "boo hoo hoo, it's so sad and so beautiful". Meh. I thought of that the minute Stella told Sonny that it was a side effect of the anti anxiety drug. I'm betting Courtney will be leading him up the stairs, the same way they had Edward and Lila guide Oscar up. Morgan would be there as well, but with all the talk of Brian wanting to come back and the possibility that Morgan might return, they won't have him beside Courtney.
  15. An hour of self indulgent Corinthi sadness and Mike still isn't dead.....GUH With Brando showing up it just makes Kristina's absence even more glaring. Show could have said something like, she's trying to get back from whereever, like they did with Lois (who never did show up for BL) So there was at least an acknowledgment. Same for Spencer.
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