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  1. I love Chloe Lanier. She puts little nuances everywhere. When Chase was walking out the door with an unconscious Willow, she calls out in this little fake voice, "bye Willow". Made me laugh so hard. Although it was incredibly stupid for her to take 4567 hours to get Wylie organized to leave . It was a plot point for Chase and Michael to catch her but the whole time I was yelling at her to get the eff out of there. Despite the stupidity of 22 year old Jordan being ex DEA nonsense, she did give the line of the day today. When Curtis asked if she was Trina's mother since she worked undercover with Taggert and she sarcastically says yes, she's littered the world with undercover babies, made me laugh. Her line read on that was spot on, even though she was terrible with Remault earlier and with Curtis prior to,that
  2. Valentin is so desperate for the shares, i don't think he cares who the baby is in relation to Nelle. He has his lawyer ready to get Brook Lynn's shares, by making sure the music producer doesn't let her out of the contract. He was playing hard ball there as well, but then made a comment the other day to the lawyer about how he wasnt' happy to find out the producer was a lech, hitting on BL. So maybe he does have morals on things he already knows. If he doesn't ask Nelle about Wylie, than he can ignore the truth and take her shares.
  3. Sasha finally admitted the truth about Valentin hiriing her to be Nina's daughter which was the final nail in the coffin, though Nina had already had enough of Valentin before it was confirmed that he was behind it.
  4. I'm going to fanwank it that Danny was in school. What's the shocker is that Scout was at home with a babysitter when we all know those kids spend 92% of their time at Grandma Monica's Home for Wayward Children. It would have been far more realistic (and hilariously funny to me) if Delores had said "I stopped off by the Q mansion and the housekeeper/cook/nanny said you'd dropped your kids off again and were traipsing aroun town". Also, if Sam and Jason are supposed to keep their love of all loves quiet why would she tell the babysitter where she was going so that the babysitter could tell the parole officer when she showed up. Also, if the parole officer is allowed to show up unannounced whenever she feels like it, she can't expect Sam to be sitting at home waiting for her. Maybe she's a work (yeah, I got a hearty chuckle writing that!). Maybe she is at a doctor's appoitnemnt. You don't know. Just cuz she's not sitting on the couch doesn't mean she's calluding with her fellow felon ( I mean, she was, but she coudl have been doing something legit, like lunch with Mom or book club with Krissy or grocery shopping with Molly........) "You weren't there when I showed up for my unanounced visit".
  5. Helena always had cute little (much younger) hotties hanging around her. Could be any one of them. I doubt we'll ever find out unless it's Faison since it won't really matter in the long run. it does make me wonder what his last name is now. Do we know what Helena's maiden was? I'm not sure if its the directing or Ryan himself, but he's been playing it since Lucas woke up in such a way that makes me thinks he remembers and he's pushing Brad to see how far he'll go before he confesses. And of the course the show is playing it with wacky shenanigans, that it's the exact same scenario for both when in fact, its a felon being kept from her felon ex versus a legitimate lawyer wanting to date a legitimate doctor.
  6. Is it? Every show that I've seen with a parole officer/parolee, the parolee shows up at the office. (I;m thinking Orange is New Black and Mom who both had those stories recently). I don't rememer ever seeing a parol officer hunt someone down, especially not at the freakin' hospital.
  7. The implication wasn't that Luke was Helena's baby daddy. Valentin said Charlotte was the heir to Helena (Val's mom) and Luke (Lulu's dad). Becuase of Helena's obsession with Luke, she'd want an heir with him, ergo Charlotte. Or what ladyrain said!!
  8. I loved Gladys' explanation of why she told people that her son was dead. "Well he came back from the war and he was different,doing weird shit and stuff so I started telling people that he died over there" Thanks Mom Not to defend the idiot but he did. When he got to the hospital he asked Carly about Laura. Carly said Laura was still in surgery (said in that dismissive, who cares tone of Carly's).
  9. That took me a second but I beleive Sasha doesn't know the truth. Which makes no sense based on how they wrote the story originally. she didn't come to Sonny, he went to her. Sonny did a background check, found Gladys was Mike's cousin and that her son had died in the war, which would allow them all to pretend that Dev was his kid/her grandkid. Having his show up alive is fine IF Gladys isn't aware of it. Either he was declared dead when he wasn''t or he's undercover somehow and death was his cover. But the fact that while she seemed surprised to see him in the warehouse, she didn't seem surprised that he was alive. Plus, him having the Christmas picture of Dev and Gladys which could only have come from her, means they were both aware of his existence. I think Brando being dead was from the other writers so maybe these guys are trying to course correct somehow, though it makes less sense this way.
  10. And even there they didn't . He's in the MRI machine, says it, Teddy turns to Amelia and explains about the PTSD but doesn't answer the guy.
  11. I googled the transcript for that episode and she says she's 20 weeks, but the ultrasound person says she's 24 weeks. So the ultrasound confirms how far along she is. Question is, when did she and Linc hook up for the first time. Maybe that's just an easy way to eaze into it for him. The look on her face when she's told she's 24 weeks made me think she knew it couldn't possibly be Linc's. Now, like I say, I'm hoping I'm wrong and it turns out to be LInc's but Shonda can be a biatch with her shows and I never get what I want. Same here. They really should have done a "previously on" at the beginning because the only thing I remembered was Bailey's miscarriage. Had totally forgotten about the who's the daddy and why Maggie had quit. Also, I don't beleive that the face transplant guy and the chick with the scratches on her face, have been on the show before this episode. I remembered the interns as being Glasses, Helms, Parker and the muslim woman that Bailey fired a few episodes ago. And I barely remember their names.
  12. But I thought it wasn't a tease. I assumed it was pretty definite that both couples are at a good place and now this will muck it up. which pisses me off because Linc has been super cute and super supportive through this whole thing and Hunt needs another baby like he needs a hole in the head. So stupid of Shonda.
  13. The entire cement truck scene made zero sense. From the inside of the bar, they said they couldn't open the door because something was wedged up against it. Then it turns out to be a cement truck. Why would the truck driver have pulled up that close to the side of the building that it would be alligned right up to it. Then, Andi gets into the driver side and Vic goes around to the side that is supposedly wedged up against the bar door, OPENS THE TRUCK DOOR and gets in. Well hell, if there was enough space for the truck door to open (what, two feet maybe) then there should have been the same amount of room for the bar door to open outwards. WTF? Also, who pulls out a pair of scissors and cuts their belt at the neck? You can't see what you're doing. Instinct would have been to cut it at the waist where you can see. But no, she has to do it up high and stab herself in the carotid. Stupid woman.
  14. Didn't they confirm in the previous episode that it was Owen's? Am I misremembering that she went into the ultrasound thinking she was X number of weeks along, which would make it Linc, but was told she was (I think) 4 weeks more along than she thought, which would make it Owen's (unless she slept with someone between owen and LInc)
  15. I don't think they're going to write him out. He'll just be referred to. He was already working at the other hospital, so it would be easy for them to just pretend that's where he is all the time. "I spoke to Alex about...." "Alex stopped by to see the kids..." "I consulted with Alex and he said..."
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