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  1. Well, technically they're only second half cousins, since Austin and Ned are first half cousins. So, you know..... I can see him using it on BLQ but that would hurt Maxie and I don't see him doing that. He seems to really like Maxie and she went to bat for him during the ELQ stuff today.
  2. Michael doesn't know about the Peter angle yet. Jason just told CArSon today about Liesl going after Peter to kill him in St Lucia. Plus, Nina only knew where Peter was for the few minutes that he was in the bar in NF. I suppose one could argue that she could have called the police and told them that Peter was there, but apparently he apparates in all the corners of the world in nano seconds, so that lead wouldn't have been hot for very long.
  3. But was Mikkos an heir to the fortune or did it originate with him? If Mikkos/Victor's dad was the "owner" so to speak, of the Cassadine fortune, than yes, it would be divided between Mikkos and Victor and their subsequent heirs. But if Mikkos made the fortune than Victor gets no piece of the pie and neither does Valentin.
  4. There was an opening in the "scapegoat/written into a corner" spot since Julian died NINE months ago. "The role of Julian Jerome, deadbeat dad, to blame for everything, is now being played by Nikolas Cassadine" If all the agents are as bad as the one babysitting Sante, Peter and company could hang out with all of them and no one would realize he's the bad guy or what to do with him. But he has no claim to Windemere or the Cassadine fortune. That went through Mikkos's line to Nik then to Spencer and any other child Nik might have. It's like the royals. Will
  5. I'm really praying this is the case because otherwise this is all nonsense. But Jason himself has come back from the dead, as has Sonny. At this point, I get annoyed when anyone is shocked, SHOCKED I TELLYA, when someone shows up alive.
  6. It looked like a jacket, which probably included a bullet proof vest. He probably grabbed it off a guard.
  7. As my 13 yr old was freakin out beside me (!) first words out of my mouth was that for sure Drew was wearing one, because he managed to get that black jacket off of someone, though Valentin's shot looked like it went right through, so I'm guessing no vest for him but nowhere near vital organs. He'll be in the hospital for a bit, giving Anna a chance to realize her feelings for him.
  8. I thought it was hilarious that she glanced outside before declaring it to be 2am. Like you can tell time by looking at the sky from a jail house window in a foreign country!!! Who needs a Rolex.
  9. Maybe it's the Bermuda Triangle of upstate New York. When Robert mentioned Victor, I fully expected Sam to be all, "Uncle Victor?" like she even knows who the heck he is.
  10. LIne of the day: Ava to Spencer at the PCPD: "Just think, you had nowhere to sleep tonight but now you do." I mean, come on, that's hilarious!! Ava swanning in and out of the PCPD is a thing of beauty. I also have to give kudos to NC because he has gotten better since he started and it certainly helps that he's in scenes with Maura, who elevates all of her scene partners. I did find it interesting and in character that Spencer dug in his heels and decided to stay in jail rather than accept Ava's offer. Hey, did you know that Nina kept Sonny tied to a radiator without inte
  11. I find it interesting (and by interesting, I mean it makes me want to shove forks in my eyes and scream bloody murder), that the show insisted on having SMike claim he wanted to know absolutely nothing about his past, right up until the last day. Telling Jax he was moving forward with Nina then telling Ghost Mike that he didn't want know his past. And yet, since his return, that has not been brought up AT ALL. Why insist on it right up to the last minute, then just to completely drop it?
  12. And then running over to Mommy and saying, "why haven't you tossed her out yet" I'm pretty sure she's already aware of that. I thought she had that conversation with someone, maybe Chase, that she feels terrible for selling the shares and messing with Ned's leadership. I can see the local news picking up that Prince Spencer Cassadine of the Windemere Cassadines has been arrested. I mean, if the Nurse's Ball can have a whole program.....
  13. LIne of the day: Ava to Nina: .....while you were finding your shangri-la in Who-ville. That gave me a hearty chuckle. Ava/Maura's been on fire the last few days. Much prefer this woman to the one who cowered for months. Loved Ava continuing to be the bad influence over Nina and her feelings for SMike. Loved the confrontation between Austin and BLQ only to have it blow up in her face when he essentially said, bring it on. I kept wondering who Britt could have turned to rather than Jason but Chase is the only police officer working now that Jordan is gone and Dante is run
  14. I was just coming to say this. The Ava that first walked into town is not the same Ava after having her daughter murdered at the hands of Ryan Crazy Pants. Also a question I had. He hasn't diagnosed or treated Leo for autism so how is randomly talking about it considered taboo? I thought it was hilarious that she seemed to be patting him on the head like a good little boy. "How can we talk if we're not allowed to cross paths" and then Sonny just looked confused. Kin ad libs like crazy so I love watching his scene partners and how they rea
  15. Yep, that was the plan. Also Carly showing her hypocrite stripes again with this nugget: Carly "I'm going to take something away from her like she took Sonny from me for NINE months.' Uhm Carly, technically you already kept something from Nina......the knowledge that Nelle was her daughter, while she was alive and in her death. So, shut your pie hole.
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