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  1. No he wasn't. He was a security guy/independent security contractor thingy. No, because she refused to name Shiloh as her baby daddy in court and was sent to lockup for contempt.
  2. I'm clearly sitting at a different table on this, because I totally disagree with this. I can think I'm Meryl Streep but I can't walk into her bank and clean out her account. Not the greatest example but you know what I mean. this idea that he's allowed to be Drew because he has Drew's memories is ridiculous. Maxie isn't Georgie even though she has her heart. Jordan isn't Ryan and Joss isn't Nelle just because they have their kidney. If those three started behaving they were the person who's transplanted organ they have, and declaring themselves to be said person, we would all think they've lost their minds and want them to get some medical help. Franco is not Drew no matter how much he thinks he beleives it or wants to believe it or whatever.
  3. I beleive she was. We just didn't need to hear about her until we needed a plausible reason why Sasha would have accepted Valentin's money to pretend.
  4. Even if he did a background check on her, he wouldn't have found out that she lied. Nowhere in a background check would he have found out that Valentin hired her and changed 98877 DNA tests. So all he would have found out about her is what she's told everyone, which is the truth, where she's from, growing up with a single mother and grandmother, her job. Franco barely remembers that and only remembered after doing hypnosis with Kevin. He also seemed a year or so older than Drew, so it's possible Drew would have no memory since he was too young. It's always been a make up company because that's what Deception was when Lucy was running it before. Sasha works for Criimson, as Nina's assistant but Lucy wants her for the face of her company, which is cosmetics. He doesn't want to be treated. He's learned online about Franco's past and doesn't want to return to that man. Drew's memories are more fun, I guess, so he's decide to remain that guy.
  5. That was a total shout out to the fans since we're the only ones that call her that. This. I mean, it was clearly a plot point to find the scarf , which is likely Cassandra's but yeah, you told Lulu you needed to look in all the hidey holes not right out in the open. Retcon city. This whole thing with Franco is so gross. Fine, he has Drew's memories, but it doesn't make him Drew. His body is not the one that was physically with Kim 17 years ago. His body is not the one that conceived Oscar. Him behaving like it is just gross. And the fact that she's falling for it is even grosser.
  6. I could have sworn that the last time we saw it (last week? earlier this week?) that whoever was sitting there, then got up and went to the bar to get somethign/speak to someone and it was in Charlie's. I remember wondering when Charlie's had suddenly gotten a back room and figured it was for anyone who wanted some peace and quiet and not be in the main room of the bar. But then yesterday, Laura specifically said they weren't at Charlie's so I was super confused and not sure why it really mattered!!
  7. THIS. In less than three episodes, which is about a day and a half in PC time, they've had him not show up where he was supposed to, plane went down, no survivors/no body found, dead. That fast. I mean, it's quite the F U to Billy Miller. I actually thought that was a decent scene because Joss wasn't moping so much as she was upset that she's moving on and feels guilty for doing it. Michael's talk about grief and how it's ok to feel ok was spot on.
  8. Oops, I meant Navy. Sorry to everyone who serves.
  9. And how long can that conversation actually take? "I was raised in an orphanage, I went to school here, there and over there, I saw Jason's picture in a newspaper, I dated 4 women including Kim, who was just a fling but now is the love of my life, I was in the army, the end". Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to "get to know Drew's memories", then he can be turned back into idiot Franco. This idea that he should remain Drew so that Monica can get to know him, is insulting since "Drew" isn't the man that he was in 2012. He's not the man BM's Drew became, that she loved as a son. If Drew were already dead, I could see her wanting to cling to what little "Drew" there is. But at this point, she believes Drew is in Afghanistan and on his way back. So why would she want someoen else to be the son she didn't raise.
  10. Wow, this show really hates Billy Miller. First, they're doing his memories story without him. then they have him missing in action told to us in a two second scene by Sam, who shows zero emotion that her daughter's father is missing. then a two second scene where Jordan gets a call that the wreckage has been found and no sign of Drew. It all took three days and two tiny scenes. They've had scenes of the idiot 4 and Shiloh going to the bathroom that lasted longer. WTF??
  11. He wasn't allowed to be Jason. everyone around him told him to eff off because he wasn't the sainted Jason. Yet here, everyone seems to be fine with Franco staying Drew. Franco's all "I don't like who this Franco guy was so I'm going to stay Drew" and everyone around is all cool beans. I'm saying too fuckin bad, You killed the people , you suck it up and live with it.
  12. I don't understand the writing here. Even Cam was talking to Franco as though he were Drew, with the talk of Oscar being disapointed in him. Franco is NOT Drew just because he has Drew's memories. The same way Maxie isn't Georgie because she has her heart, Joss isn't Nelle because she has her kidney and Jordan isn't Ryan because she has his kidney. Drew wasn't allowed to be Jason for five seconds after it was discovered that Jason was alive. Having Jason's memories does not mean Drew is Jake and Danny's father. So why do the writers think for one minute that were supposed to be okay with this nonsense. The same happened with Molly getting a "summer" job one week ago, writing for the Invader.
  13. This, this this this times infinity. What would she do if they had managed to transfer the memories to Cameron? She needs to realize that "Drew" is more than just memories up to 2012. I don't think he believes he's Drew anymore. He's acknowledged Drew is gone to Afghanistan. I think he knows that he isn't Drew, but he likes the memories and since he doesn't like what he's read about Franco online, he wants to stay the person that the memories belong to and just continue living his life forward from that point. Somebody has to do it since she doesn't drive yet herself. Carly was probably thrilled to pass the buck onto someone else to drive her teenage kid to the mall. Dev's job was a summer one until school started. What was the point of that? They made a big deal of Carly being upset/suspicious of Gladys pulling Mike out for the day and the implication that she wanted something. Then Sonny makes a snide comment and that's it.
  14. Why would it be garbage. Surely they can do something with it. Heck bring it to the local shelter and feed the homeless. Something. (I'm insulted that perfectly good cheese would get thrown out!!!!)
  15. According to Wikepedia they were never divorced so she was still married to him when he died. Can't remember if Alexis legally had him declared dead without a body and if that means that Hayden is no longer legally married to him. What horrible casting was that? James turned 1 in May yet that kid looked like he was at least 4. I thought it was weird that he wouldn't know all the changes she's been making. Do they not talk when they're home together.
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