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  1. Sofia Mattson kept denying on social media that she was pregnant until last week, when she finally admitted it, so she's way far into her pregnancy now, which means Sasha's further along then she would realistically be.
  2. On today's show..... Liz apologizes to Carly for not beleving Jason and the two comiserate about losing husbands. Chase is all, 'yeah I'm alive, by the way, I can't feel my legs" BLQ tells The Boringtons to tell Chase the truth ASAP. They wring their hands than Willow heads to the hospital only to find out that chase can't walk. Brando announces to TJ and Molly that he and Sasha are pregnant, which makes me go huh? Until TJ reminds me that Brando and Molly slept together that time that TJ was kidnapped but it's all good now. Also, Molly gives TJ a 5 month anniversary gif
  3. It was done today. Finn couldnt spit it out so he left it to Gregory to do it. Finn was upset and told Liz that even though it had only been a short time, he had enjoyed being Chase's dad and felt he was losing something. She reassured him, then later Gregory also commiserated and they hugged it out. Also today, Valentin and Anna are heading to Pautuk to look up clues about the dead nurse and where Peter and the baby might be. Brook Lynn and Maxie look WORRIED!!! Ava and Nik broke up becuase she's putting Avery's safety above all else despite him trying to fight for them.
  4. You meant Carly?!! I find it interesting that these two, who probably weigh less than Peter, put together, were able to drag him up to the roof, remove the covering of the elevator, which looked like it was difficult when Anna was taking it off today, got him down to the lab and into the freezer and neither had a speck of blood on them, despite the fact that Peter was bleeding heavily from a head wound. Sure.
  5. Agreed. But at the same time apparently anyone can just waltz into that house, since Sam was already there, snooping around before Dante got there. I did love that Dante knew about the hidden camera that he'd clearly seen but that Sam was all "wuhhhh???". Because she's just that clueless.
  6. Austin doesn't live there though, it's not his home. He said he lived close by and that he owned several properties in the area, including that one.
  7. Speculation is that he is Jimmy Lee Holt's son, and he'll show up at that board meeting and delcare that he wants a piece of the family pie. Well, considering they don't even have a cash register but use one of those cash box thingys that I remember using in the first office I worked in back in 1989, it's not a surprise. Computers are new fangled thingys that haven't shown up in Nixon Falls yet.
  8. And he was the third person that called out the business as Carly's, including Ava, who questioned who was going to be in charge now, and Carly herself who when Jason got a text about bizness, was all, "should I know what that's about'. Methinks Carly isn't going to give up that title without a fight and I'm here for it if the writers are brave enough to go there.
  9. But who's going to believe her? She's a crazy person, hired by a crazy person to help grab Maxie and the baby and leave the country. Today, Dante had video of what happened in the cabin, which will show Chloe being a loony tune to Maxie. I actually like her with both guys but I'm guessin Valentin wont' want anything to do with her once he finds out there was no baby.
  10. Finn has been so busy pitying himself that he hasn't stopped to question why the serum didn't work. Once that happens, then he might realize that it's possible that he isn't the father and that's why his DNA didn't work. THIS. And THIS
  11. my nephew is the same age and is obsessed with his trucks. If someone said to him that his mother isn't his real mother but his grandma's daughter is, he'd be like, I don't give a crap, let me go play with my trucks. And it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it.
  12. It would actually be an interesting story is she cared for both men. But at this point, anytime she's near Chase, or talking about Chase, she looks thoroughly disgusted like he's something under her shoe, rather than a guy she almost married and was in love with.
  13. To let us know that there is more of the antidote somewhere out there where police, FBI, WSB and other law enforcement have no idea where. Here's a crazy thought, look into any holdings that Peter might have had in the PC area that might house a lab or something that would create or keep the vials. This should write itself.
  14. I love how drama queen Finn was being today. Throws all of the paperwork on the ground then declares that he's going to turn himself in to police. It was such a whiplash moment, of wait, what?! Liz was all, dude calm down, don't turn yourself in, and keep tying to find a cure and just like that, calm as a cucumber. Also, when someone throws everything from a desk onto the floor, or throws barware across the room, my first thought is always, someone has to clean that mess up now.
  15. I don't think Chloe was going to the spa with Maxie. Although at this point I'm splitting hairs, since it doesn't matter. Which is unfortunate since I sorta, kinda, like Brasha, though it wouldn't surprise me and it would probably involved Gladys seeing as she was glaring at them with hate for Sasha, today. Britt's currently CoS and doesn't look like she's giving up the job anytime soon, though she could reinstate Monica as head of cardio
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