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  1. I want Cynthia Erivo to win the Oscar for this song so badly! I want her to get that EGOT! And the girl can flat-out sing!!!
  2. I wish I could like Will Farrell. I just...can’t. Never have.
  3. I’m 66, and was rocking out here in my chair! I’m not a big rap fan, but that was so entertaining and energizing!
  4. 😂😂 I’m an old people, and I’m loving it!! But you’re right!
  5. So glad Hair Love won! I saw it this morning and thought it was lovely.
  6. Olivia Coleman is wearing Stella McCartney. That surprises me. I love the color but that’s about it.
  7. Rebel Wilson looks gorgeous! Her 40s hairstyle and makeup are everything!
  8. I don’t know who styles her, but she wears things that I just never understand. Last year’s Oscar dress was not bad, but that was the exception.
  9. I think it’s the idea that she didn’t wear something new - wearing something already created doesn’t waste resources to make something new. I’ve become interested in the movement of not buying something new, but using what’s already made.
  10. Kaitlyn Devers wearing vintage in order to be more sustainable - that dress is perfectly matching the red carpet, and it’s beautiful, too!
  11. She is so gorgeous, but some of her fashion choices make me shake my head. I guess I don’t understand high fashion, but this does nothing for me - or her!
  12. From the shallow end of the pool - watching the new Bela’s commercial, and all I can say is, Artem in that tuxedo!!! Nikki Bela is one lucky lady! *fans self* 🥰
  13. I love the color of Idina Menzel’s dress. It’s gorgeous on her. America Ferrera is so beautiful pregnant, and she looks fabulous in that red. I’m not loving the headband, though.
  14. I like her hair shorter, too. When she has all the extensions in, it drags her face down. I loved Kelly Ripa’s bob a few years back, too. I wish she’d go back to it. She and Guiliana have very thin faces, but they can both rock a bob.
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