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  1. On @Midnight, Chris Hardwick did a rendition of "It's Getting Cold In Here," suggesting Nelly would have his heat shut off for non-payment. So that's three white nerdy guys doing Nelly songs in one night.
  2. This was on in daytime reruns sometime in the 1990s maybe? Along with "Day By Day," a forgotten Family Ties spinoff that starred Linda Kelsey and some guy from General Hospital as a couple who quit the rat race to open a day-care center, and their yuppie neighbor? friend? was played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus before she was on Seinfeld. That's when I discovered it.
  3. Actually, the toy bead GHB thing really happened %u2014 in 2007. "The arts and craft beads, aimed at children 4 years and older, were sold at major U.S. retail stores as "Aqua Dots" and in Australia under the name "Bindeez Beads." So that's where they got the idea. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/11/08/toy.recall/ sorry for the gibberish in that post. That %u2014 is supposed to be a dash!
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