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  1. MuMuGuy

    S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    That brings back fond memories of Best Ink. That show was way better than Ink Master. I also hate how the contestants always have to start whining and complaining in unison about the challenges.
  2. MuMuGuy

    S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    Hopefully that means Paramount will either take the time to come up with an interesting concept for the next season of Ink Master or realize that it ran its course and pull the plug. This finale was and whole season was incredibly boring. At least Cleen got his win, so we’ll no longer have to see him again.
  3. MuMuGuy

    S11. E16. Grudge Match Finale

    Jimmy called it out on the collusion against Chris. Funny part is that Chris was instrumental in most of the Flash Challenges that Team Christian won and he was right most of the time when he chimes in and they told him to shut up.
  4. MuMuGuy

    S11. E13. Who's Got the Power?

    Chris got robbed this episode. His teammates bitched him out for not speaking up, but he did and they basically said “Hush, the adults are talking.” It isn’t even the first time that happened, and Chris was right every time! If they do the coach thing for another season (please spare us Paramount), they need to have Christian, DJ, and Steve Teft do a battle for the title of Crappiest Coach. I have to concede Chris’ final tattoo was the worst since what should’ve been the stems looked more like blue pipe cleaners. Christian’s pupils need to stop sniffing their own asses and realize that as fast as Christian threw Chris under the bus, he’d do the same to them just as fast.
  5. MuMuGuy

    S11. E12. Too Hot To Handle.

    What the hell is the point of challenges if the Judges will eliminate people based purely on aesthetics? Team Cleen got shafted two weeks in a row. Tim should’ve been given the boot last week instead of Kyle, because at least Kyle attempted the challenge, whereas Tim’s had no composition (read: flat) and Amanda did an uneven snow globe with Gollum from Lord of the Rings trapped inside, as opposed to a reflection. Too much Kruseman-esque “screw the challenge” stuff going on this season, especially this late. The producers are so madly in love with Cleen that they’re going to give him the win. They’re merely giving Christian the advantage to make Cleen’s inevitable victory that much more “impressive.”
  6. MuMuGuy

    S11. E10. Put up or Shut up

    The first challenge was stupid. The challenge was to match the Coaches' designs, but the judging was more about "Do I like that tattoo more than Christian's/Cleen's tattoo?" This was probably the dumbest challenge ever in Ink Master history, especially since finesse doesn't mean what the producers apparently thought it did.
  7. MuMuGuy

    S11. E08. Chalk This Way

    Even though the Judges sent home the right person, Oliver needs to think before he talks. Jimmy's wolf head was terrible, but what the hell badgers and raccoons has he seen that looked like Jimmy's wolf head? I do hope that either Jimmy or Kyle go home next week. I'm so sick of them hugging each other one minute, and then having a brotherly pissing contest the next.
  8. MuMuGuy

    S11. E06. Fight Your Own Battles

    Austin should've been gone a long time ago. He's basically a more obnoxious version of Kruseman, insofar as failing his way through the competition by riding on other people screwing up worse. Austin has not done one solid tattoo yet and has been in the bottom nearly every week. Since Austin yet again got lucky by Stacy goofing up worse, he needs to low-key work with Team Christian. Cleen straight up tried to throw him under the bus during the face-off tattoo.
  9. MuMuGuy

    S11. E05. That's Going to Leave a Mark

    That argument at the start between Jimmy and Kyle was insanely stupid. I fail to see how Kyle was being arrogant and cocky by telling Jimmy that he tries to add too many bells-and-whistles to his tattoos goofing him up on time management. Kyle not being eliminated for shoving Jimmy is proof that the show is about a bunch of wannabe tough guy (and gal) meatheads thumping their chests. Funny how Kyle Dumbar, I mean Dunbar was eliminated for putting his hands on Chris, but they were okay with violence between contestants.
  10. MuMuGuy

    S11. E04. No Wrist, No Reward

    Did the judges not see how wobbly and... inconsistent the lines in Kyle's wrist rose were? He should've been in the as well. Austin needed to go though since he was in the bottom every damn week so far. They need to start booting people based on terrible report card. Cleen needed a cut of shut up juice when he was talking "Oba, you were at risk of a heart attack? Try being a coach!"
  11. MuMuGuy

    S11. E01. Opening Shots

    Nah, the rivalry is fake. It's fake just like how when Emily Elegado and Aaron Is were rivals in their season of Ink Master, they all of a sudden became cool with each other after the show and in Redemption. Ink Master is all about manufactured drama and they realize simple trash talk isn't gonna cut it any longer, hence why they showed dude shoving that one guy that looks like a lame version of Pee Wee from the The Warriors (1979) into the couch. These untalented hacks yelling and talking trash to each other makes me really miss Best Ink.
  12. MuMuGuy

    S10.E14: No Stain, No Gain

    Even though Deanna's elimination tattoo did have some issues, Roly's was worse. Even though Steve is a dick for the way he went out of his way to set Jeremy up to fail the whole season, I'm glad someone finally called out DJ for letting Josh control the team. DJ's goofy, Adam Sandler lookin' ass isn't even a true Ink Master since Bubba carried him all through that stupid Master Shop crap.
  13. MuMuGuy

    S10.E11: Quit Buggin' Me

    Josh must have really strong back muscles from carrying Team DJ all season long. I know a lot of people dislike Josh, but he's playing the game just right. I did find it amusing that DJ does the most grandstanding amongst the coaches, yet has the worst report card for Flash Challenges. Now we know why he isn't a real Ink Master, but a Co-Ink Master. It should be obvious to everyone that DJ rode Bubba's coattails to Master Shop. The failure itself was great, but the olive branch was pure baloney hijinx. Steve has been breaking Jeremy's balls all season, including just getting off of blatantly trying to have him eliminated due to bias. I'm not saying that Jeremy should've (or even could've) defected to another team, but it's clear that Steve doesn't have his back at all. Steve was just in pure panic and damage control mode because he has only two artists left, them being some of the weaker competitors in the house no less.
  14. MuMuGuy

    S10.E10: Some Assembly Required

    As an aside, I definitely want Anthony to win the coach showdown. He’s easily the best coach since he’s stern, yet fair. He gives positive reinforcement and checks people when they’re out of line, especially Daniel. DJ is a weak coach since he’s always letting Josh bully him and the rest of team. Steve was hella quick to try and get Jeremy booted after being called out for not taking his opinions into consideration.
  15. MuMuGuy

    S10.E10: Some Assembly Required

    This season of Ink Master has been extremely boring. They need to either come up with a fresh concept or pull the plug. Ripping off Under the Gunn, which is still considered the worst thing in the Project Runway brand should've been a clue to the producers that it wasn't viable for Ink Master. As far as this episode, Steve screwed himself up. Jeremy was still loyal to Steve initially after he told him about Joshua trying to spread disunity, but Jeremy damn sure has no reason to be loyal to Steve after he blatantly tried to throw Jeremy under the bus.