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    S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    That thought crossed my mind after reading the last few pages on here before your post ...☺️

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    I'm sorry I had to copy and paste this and send it to icky on twitter I laughed out loud, let's see if she thinks it's as funny lol

    S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    Hi all :) I've been watching this season on YouTube since my pvr hasn't been cooperating, u have to wait a few days after it's on tv to find an episode on YouTube but have never had a problem finding it until this reunion episode, I can't find an episode anywhere online, I'm wondering if any of you know of a website I can watch it on that has worked for you? The bravo website doesn't work for me being in canada it won't let me view. Any other suggestions?
  4. Oh man, that house has such potential to be AMAZING. Shannon's old lady decor is so heartbreaking in that house! All the different floral print fabric and grandma furniture just ruins it! It looks like an 80 year old grandma lives there. and id hate to know the price she payed to have it look that way on purpose! Ok rant over... Sorry if any of you loved it and I offended anyone, I just reallllly dislike it lol
  5. Your hubby went to college with brooks ? And that wasn't his name!? Tell me more tell me more!
  6. Hello fellow BCer I'm in kelowna :)

    S05.E07: First Time For Everything

    Thanks for the effort starfire :) when I go to watch, the page tells me "sorry you cannot view this video from your location" Thank you for trying!

    S05.E07: First Time For Everything

    Oh I forgot to ask, are there and other Canadians on here ? I'm asking because you all talk about the after show and I've never seen it on my MTV channel, and I'm wondering if other Canadians have the after show on their channel. Is it only aired in the states?

    S05.E07: First Time For Everything

    Tyler drives me absolutely batshit crazy with how he talks. He always try's to be soooo deep and Mature and it just makes him look like an idiot.
  10. ANEUMS

    S05.E06: The F Bomb

    Looks to me like farrah went digging through old MTV jersey shore casting tapes to find a "boyfriend". Someone get Farrah's mom some damn translucent powder for her face. Soooo bad.
  11. ANEUMS

    S05.E05: Surprise Surprise

    Hahahaa that's awesome I love how they are fighting amongst themselves
  12. ANEUMS

    S05.E05: Surprise Surprise

    https://twitter.com/f1abraham/status/590344912857509889 Farrah said something very similar on her twitter lol
  13. ANEUMS

    S05.E03: Old Wounds

    It made me soooo mad when catelynn trashy horrible mother was in the backseat of the car with them, smoking .. With her pregnant daughter in the car with her. that woman irritates me more than anyone on this show.
  14. ANEUMS

    S06.E17: A Bird In A Gilded Cage

    Ahhhhh yes that makes perfect sense! Thanks !!:)
  15. ANEUMS

    S06.E17: A Bird In A Gilded Cage

    I'm just wondering how there is still a cure if the original cure was shoved down Katherine's throat a few seasons ago? What am I missing here?