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  1. I can't wait to see Flint's reaction to Billy. Toby Stephens is fascinating to watch. I'm wondering if we'll know without a doubt if he threw him overboard or not, just from the look on Flint's face. I can't help but keep running over it again and again all that happened tonight. Such a great show.
  2. It's annoying that a great story is getting overlooked in some areas by homophobia. Their loss. FWIW, I think Miranda looked disappointed when Thomas kissed James. To me, it seems as though up until that moment James was all hers. She than shared him with Thomas. She declares to loving them both and I believe that to be true. I think Thomas was gay and Flint until Thomas made the first move, had not considered loving a man romantically. I'm of the belief though, that Flint's actions in the love scene with Barlowe last year could be due to him being angry at her, and feeling that her depth of love for Thomas outweighed her affection for him. Her reading from the book she shared with Thomas and her eyes being closed during that scene. She never looked at Flint. Just because her husband was gay, it didn't prevent her from being in love with him. Perhaps if things didn't unfold so badly, she'd still have Thomas even though she loved them both. Had to add that even if Flint loved Thomas, it doesn't prevent (IMO) Flint from being jealous of her affections for Thomas so many years later. Another layer of regret/jealousy- the scene Miranda with the book. She could be so sad that Thomas is taking her lover, but I think she was upset because James was the one true love to Thomas and not her. In a perfect world I think she'd have preferred Thomas could love her that way, and she does also love James. The part that I keep trying to figure out is does she or even CAN she love them both as deeply or truly? Or does her love for one outweigh the love she has for the other? As for Flint-I think he loves them both, he's heartbroken over Thomas and perhaps wonders as to whether Miranda could ever love him as deeply as she did Thomas. The way he looked at her when he brought her back the book that first time in season 1. That's a quiet, sincere kindness, that little something extra you do for someone you love, IMO. And he did it again, even after all the hell he went through at sea this time. Relationships are very complex and I applaud them for showing the shades. Not just one choice or level of emotions. Tonight's opening scene demonstrates it so well IMO. Anne was ok with all three being involved, but she didn't want to be the one on the outside; the third. I think it's opening a fascinating discussion on polyamory. One of the challenges is in all parties being accepting of their role in the relationship. For some it's more complicated, and fall out results. Sorry for being so OT. Such a thought provoking episode.
  3. Neurochick, absolutely love your last comment. I think a great internal theme of Black Sails is about sexual and emotional fluidity. Not being put into a pretty little box, and owning who we are as people, free of repression and shame. Each of the characters have varying levels of scars, repression, anger, resentment and shame. A group of outcasts. Of course they are all drawn to this place where they can be themselves. After tonight it is so much more poignant to me. My all time favorite Flint scene is episode 7, when he grates out 'it's an intolerable sacrifice, to apologize to England'. No wonder with how he was treated. Berated for who he is, at his core as a man, when all he wanted was what was truly right. On another note: I'm wondering if Flint was looking at Billy the day of the boat rising was because he reminded him of someone. Yes, I mean that other blonde and noble fellow. Which again makes me think he didn't push Billy. Do we know just how much was in that letter yet? The Flint story is always my go to over all, but each of these characters represent so well, relatable stories of anguish. Wow! Such a great show. Amazing insult the writers wrote for Eleanor to say to her bum of a father. 'Paraphrasing' About coming from him, and always expecting that stench when he darkens her door. He did deserve that for openly admitting he ditched her in a war zone because she wasn't a son. Anybody else think Max knew those particular men had resentments toward Anne, and was waiting to use that and the exchange with Jack at the beginning, to her advantage?
  4. I know no one is gonna believe this, but I thought it, I kept thinking it might be...and then I freaking SAID IT! I knew it! And yes, I did totally jump out of my chair! Still screaming and my brain is exploding!
  5. Glad you brought this up Garnett7: 'I think he wants to seat himself as the big man at the table and Vane has to go before he can get to that spot. Eleanor, too, if she doesn't watch her back.' I have a bad feeling that we're seeing Eleanor so scattered because she is going to be the big death this year, and possibly by Flint's hand. No proof, no spoiler info just a niggling feeling, after seeing so much Barlowe now, and the season 2 trailer showing Barlowe talking to Flint where she says they've come too far and also talks about really being a partner w him in running the island. Barlowe's not going to be any leader with Eleanor around so... I don't think she'd have any problem taking Eleanor's place.
  6. So true ganesh, about fear equalling respect on Nassau. Silver's monologue to her, the night she assembled the men to kill the crew members, expressed how much power she would hold. But the fallout and riot she faced shook her. Now with someone like Lowe threatening her and the absence of her true father figure (Mr Scott) she's making mistakes. Add to that, IMO how she looked up to Flint as a heroic figure and ally, but now isn't sure he is who she thought. Things are spinning for her because she's discovering such a huge grey area. After seeing how tortured Flint is over what the people think of him, I would like to see the parallel of Eleanor's reaction to what the people think of her.
  7. WatchrTina, great thoughts on Abigail! I think father and daughter might not be so close after all, and she either feels it's best to just tell the pirate he'll get paid, or as you said, he'll pay out of duty. I've wondered just how she was sedated. Drug use sounds possible, because I was curious how in all of that commotion we see her already unconscious. It of course could've been time lapse for drama, but seemed odd to me that we didn't hear her fighting back or just a scream or anything. I liked her answer about Lowe losing his head- 'Good.' For a moment I thought that was a scene to ultimately connect her to Vane, but again this show keeps me guessing. As for Flint's real motives---DAMN!! That might be true. He might really have been motivated by his emotions surrounding Lady Hamilton all along. I'm also wary of Lord Ashe and Flint's history. I have a bad feeling he was the person who discovered the affair and won't much care for dealing with Flint now. dohe, I'm glad you brought up Max again. I think the line that made me feel it was business was how she said that Anne had a conflict inside of her and Max almost had it resolved (paraphrasing) until Jack came in the room and started to compete. I just feel it's to gain control of the brothel because Jack right now is the owner with Anne. I believe Max is a partner as well, so if she breaks them up she can truly take over. I get the feeling from Anne's words of powerlessness where it concerns Max, that Max would be the one in control in their relationship, and ultimately controlling the business. I also have a bad feeling that she helped get Jack and Anne back on the seas because in their absence she'd be running the business. A lot happens in Nassau VERY quickly, when gone for a day on the seas. Or she might ask Anne to stay with her because she knows she's struggling with refusing her, which could drive a wedge between Jack and Anne. Her telling the prostitute (apologies for not remembering her name) all of the seduction tricks and secrets shared as we see Jack's face, made me wonder about the part about being locked in a closet. Will that be addressed later? Maybe it's Max's history, or it was Anne's, and she's letting him know in that moment all that Anne has told her already. The fact that she wants to break them apart has me disappointed in her character right now, but JPK is a wonderful actress. As for Jack, I'm not so sure he'd take other women with Anne around. I remember that holy rollin' fit she had last season when Jack was in the tub, screaming that she believed he'd slept with Max. Which IMO was jealousy more so because of her buried feelings for Max. In this episode, I thought Max said 'new recruits', and Jack was drinking with them with one of the brothel girls on his lap more so to keep the men interested in paying for time with the ladies. I took it as part of the technique. One gal sits on Jack's lap, the others come over and interest the men, and then perhaps they pay for some privacy. That's the most interesting thing about Max and Jack for me. Each seems to anticipate the challenge of dealing with one another, but they might have underestimated Anne in all of this. Have I said how much I love this show?
  8. This episode showcased perfectly why Toby Stephens is perfect in this role. The lighter, more idealistic (if somewhat cynical even then) McGraw, who believed in Lord Thomas. He admired him and called him friend. Cut to the present, desperate, determined, possibly regretful 'Flint' who looks tortured by how he is perceived. It's a remarkable thing to watch. This week as each before leaves me analyzing people's motivations and that too is a great feeling when watching a show. I can't just guess what's going to be the end result. Vane making Abigail write the ransom note: Possibilities IMO, to keep her in line, fully realizing the gravity of her situation. Written in her own hand serves as a form of proof to any that recognize her handwriting (unless she is going with the men delivering the message-I have to rewatch that scene). Perhaps he can't read or write, or he'd rather use that assumption to his advantage; make others underestimate his intelligence to outsmart them in the long run. Eleanor will constantly struggle and always run the risk of being someone's enemy because she's simply never going to please everyone. She's trying to lead in an already uncivilized place and I think it's realistic to see her flounder when being pulled in so many directions. She also doesn't seem to want to betray Flint or Vane, but she will have to pick a direction. With her rancid father involved now, I think she's going to gain a lot of enemies. I actually like Eleanor and the way she looked up to Flint, so I worry that she might not make it through this transition. The conversation between Max and Jack and the way she coached the other young prostitute showed her to be quite cold and calculating, IMO. Tonight it left me feeling as though she really doesn't care for Anne, but wanted to win favor and push Jack out of the brothel, but Anne sounds like she is trying to guard herself. I honestly can't say I know who will be the odd man out in this scenario, but maybe Jack will come across Mary Read and introduce her to Anne and Max will have to move on. Glad Billy is FINALLY back and I can't wait to hear how he went into the sea and just how he made it back to Nassau. Silver is definitely hiding Billy away because he believes Flint tossed him overboard. Right now he's hiding him to keep him from talking, but I bet he's also preparing to use Billy to help hang Flint if necessary. He's always got an angle. I loved all the plotting, the conversations and the performances. I can't wait for next week.
  9. I've caught up with this board more than the show for quite a long while, and made the mistake of actually using some downtime to watch. So Sonny the reprehensible mobster extraordinaire is going to be town savior and forgiven (and by extension, Carly the overbearing mother of the year) by Michael. Excuse me while I bleach my eyes and ears out. Or I'll try that nifty spork idea Oncesane mentioned. What a gag inducing waste of time. I'll continue to read the board for entertainment.
  10. Hot DAMN!!! Meeks, dude we hardly knew you. That was brutal. I too loathe all about Lowe and his equally psychotic crew. The theme of this episode for me was all about schemes. Jack tried to beat Max at her own game by being an accepting third party, or accepting of Max as a third, but I do think she'd prefer to usurp him. That might backfire on her a bit, but I'm not sure who will win out in the long run. Vane saw the brutality before him but didn't intervene. Not that it would be so smart or beneficial to his own well being at that moment, to get in the fray (I'm not sure how many of his men were around to back up Vane) but it certainly worked to his advantage to let Eleanor dangle. I don't feel bad for Dufresne because he and Degroot even talked about what Flint said and yet they still chose to endanger their men, because they wanted to prove their power. I thought Dufresne was arrogant and passing the buck on his own responsibility in what happened. Flint used his brain again, banking on Dufresne going against him and not being prepared to act appropriately. He couldn't know for fact that their men would die, or that they'd even fail in their pursuit. He used Dufresne freezing to his advantage, and the men were the ones who chose to vote Flint back in, even after everything else they already blamed him for. Flint and Silver are made of all things awesome. Billy Bones!!! Another great episode. And I always love me some Randall!
  11. I'm still not certain how to properly quote others when replying, as I'm using a tablet. My last post included quotes from other posters and I wouldn't want anyone to think I was using their words as my own. I'll try to edit my early post upthread. Apologies for any confusion.
  12. 'On the other hand Vane seems clearly to have been sexually molested as a child and been scarred by it -- that's the vibe I get from his encounter with the big, bald pirate he killed after rising from the grave. ' God that guy was so creepy and disgusting. I had that vibe too, and very glad Vane defeated him. That was a character that I was glad to see short lived. Very thoughtful post, thank you. 'There's a sad reason for that- Jannes Eiselen, the original Dufrense, suffered a recurrence of brain cancer in late 2013, right before season 2 began filming and had to leave. ' That's heartbreaking. **Edited because proper quote function seems to be misbehaving on my tablet. Apologies for any confusion**
  13. Welcome back show! I'm still dancing a jig, and rewatched throughout the evening. Glued to my seat the first time, and laughed out loud at the Flint/Silver interactions. Second time around I just enjoyed the hell out of their scenes, and enjoyed much of Hannah New's delivery in her scenes. I enjoyed how each flashback served a purpose at different points in Flint's own introspection. He's looking back at those turning points and we're being shown the differences in him, rather than just told. It didn't come across as heavy handed when Thomas mentioned Flint's meager upbringing, or him giving his former last name to Mrs Hamilton. I also loved her dialogue. Right from the start I believe she was drawing him in, and even then she was wistful for another lost time. The way she 'envied' what it felt like first meeting her husband. It already sounded like she was missing something in her marriage. The early cracks that brought her to Flint. I still believe she was the one who orchestrated what happened between them, and Flint will start to see that in hindsight. There is no turning back for him, and he knows it. He's world weary and even if he has regrets or has moments of remorse, it's just too late and he has to desperately continue to move forward or perish. Count me in to the 'dont like Dufresne' Club. He's a little too high and mighty for someone who considered killing Randall, along with Degroot and that other crew member who all wanted to silence Randall and keep the plan in motion last season. And his actions were ignorant and dangerous while preparing to cripple the ship before she brought around her broad side. Not saying they definitely would have succeeded, but he is no captain, and certainly without a clear vision. Flint had reason to be angry with him for his part in their shipwreck as well. It looks like the preview is showing his limitations next week, getting Flint another opening at Captain. That's why I enjoy it all so much. Each of them has flaws and schemes. They are pirates after all. Ned Lowe is awful and disgusting as he should be, but his character shouldn't take over the whole show. We'll see if that happens. I'm hoping more for him being the outsider to bring old foes Vane and Flint together as unlikely allies for a short time. Vane had a good scene with Eleanor, and again we see who will turn on who and for what price. Max again becomes part of throwing a wrench into things and affecting the course of events. Most notably, Lowe's young captive, and just who she will be used as a bargaining chip to control. I too disliked her selling to Lowe out from under Eleanor, because I think she did it because she could and not for any more useful or sensible reason. She reacted in the moment and didn't think beyond getting a jab in at Eleanor. As for her going to Bonny , I don't see real feelings on her part yet, beyond seducing Bonny to get what she wants. Right now it's to win favor because she sees how attracted Bonny is and she'll use that. I also think it's not cool that she did that to Jack after he was pleading her case to Bonny. I could be wrong, but I think her deeper feelings will be with Max and Jack will be the outsider. If I do have one gripe though it would be to agree with those who mentioned the obvious bisexual females and lacking in any male/male relations. Maybe this year will be different, but I'm expecting true love for Max and Bonny, and the only male interaction I'm not sure of at this point. If this season remains this good, I really hope they get some awards recognition beyond make up or sets.
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