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  1. He really needs to stop drunk posting. It's like he keeps doing the post-internet era "walk of shame" where he goes back online the next morning and realizes that everyone can see how foolish he got the night before. And then he tries to delete all of the evidence.
  2. Putting aside the fact that I pretty much loathe everyone on this show, and myself for ever watching this show, I'm not sure if I'll be able to see next season, even if I want to, since I don't have cable anymore. It seems that Bravo makes you log in to your cable provider before allowing users to view full episodes, so I might be out of luck.
  3. Agree. I'm thinking that he's always been her biggest "fan" and enabler -- high, sober, or sick. He's really not doing her any favors, either, by continuing to make excuses for her behavior, pandering to her ego, and sweeping her issues under the rug. Has anyone heard of the Hulu series "Hotwives of ___"? I just started watching it and it's hilarious. It's a Ho'wife parody show and their first season includes two BH-like characters; A British, Lisa-esque character, and a "Former child star, current ditzy addict" character, based on Kim. "Showbiz is in my blood -- as is heroin."
  4. You bring up an important distinction, as it seems like Kim is still experiencing more pleasure from being drunk and high than misery. Some addicts hate being addicted to drugs and realize that it's a problem that they can't get a handle on (because of the dependency factor or from low self-esteem and negative re-enforcement behaviors), no matter how much they want/try to. Other addicts revel in their addiction and feel that the high is worth the cost to every other aspect of their lives, so they run from any attempt at sobriety. I have no idea what it would take for Kim to 'switch' mindsets and willingly work on herself, if anything could at all, at this point. Mental deterioration/illness is a real possibility and can hinder her ability for personal insight. It's all such a cluster. ETA: Brandi is such an half-wit.
  5. I kinda disagree that Kim is her family's responsibility. Unless Kim has been diagnosed and deemed mentally incompetent, by qualified medical professionals, she's responsible for herself, still. The only true "safe" environment would be 24/7 hospitalization with hourly check-ins and 24/7 room video monitoring. And even then, there's no guarantee she can't harm herself or others. When I was in a mental health facility, another patient managed to stab a staff member in front of everyone, so, yeah, no grantee of a completely safe environment. Many treatment centers are also not safe, if one doesn't want to work towards recovery. I don't know a ton about drug rehab, but in ED rehab, one can learn many new tricks from the other patients and continue old habits in secret to continue to harm oneself with. I hate to sound like a downer, but this is free will, in action. Even if her family straight up buys her a house, a car, pays all of her bills, hires security, a driver, a cook, a tailor, a shoemaker, and a ladyistter, they can't stop her from killing herself with drugs and alcohol or via any other method. If Kim (or anyone) does not want to be sober, there's not one single thing a person or facility can do, baring strapping her down and drugging her into oblivion.
  6. I can see it. And we all know how things turned out for HST. : ( I don't know. I don't see how doing any of this would create different results than before, when she was free to do whatever she wanted while everyone else paid her bills. Her problems aren't external, but internal, so no pretty paid off cottage or Peapod delivery or hired muscle is going to make a difference until/unless she decides that she doesn't want to live like that anymore and puts actual effort into changing her life.
  7. Her getup reminds me a bit of when she and Brandi got all dressed up to to stalk JR in the bushes. Minus one wacky wig, of course.
  8. I don't feel that anything anyone has said is worthy of "a handbasket to hell" and I hope that everyone who has lost someone to a painful illness makes sure to be kind to themselves when thinking back on it. It's so difficult, not to mention exhausting, to witness ongoing suffering, that relief seems like part of the natural reaction to me -- even relief for oneself. I actually think that's the crux of the problem in treating illnesses such as addiction, as well as certain other mental illnesses. Everyone wants to find relief from the suffering and everyone might be going at it in different, conflicting ways. The sufferer wants relief from whatever pain they are in, through drugs or activities which numbs or heightens their mood. They want relief from their thoughts and what they think others are thinking about them. The loved ones wants to find relief for both the sufferer and themselves by either denying the entire problem or trying to cure it through medication, money, religion, tough love, enabling or whatever else. In the end, everyone just wants relief, imo. There is also a lot of complexity with these kind of illnesses. Not everyone who goes down this road or refuses help is doing so because they want to die or even think that they are going to die from it. Self-harming behaviors are often considered, by the suffer, to be a form of self-preservation because they feel that it's the only way they know how to survive. Even if it eventually kills them, it's how they cope with living.
  9. That makes sense. There can be relief in death when someone is sick and suffering for a long time, no matter what the ailment is. I still hope Kim can turn it around but it's all up to her. She may not even be capable of change anymore and that's sad because, what then? It can be so hard to tell where sanity/lucidity ends and psychosis begins and what is a willful choice based on mental clarity and what is a reaction to things perceived by an ill mind, since we all act on our own perception of ourselves and the world. I hate that Kyle is still being blamed for Kim's state, as if Kyle - or anyone - is capable of fixing another person. It just doesn't work like that. If other people could truly change another by love/sheer will, there'd be far fewer people suffering from illnesses. These issues aren't easily cured by wishing it so or throwing money around and support can only go so far before it begins to impair the life of the loved one. I've been in both positions and neither is as cut and dried as all that.
  10. See I always thought of Brandi as the leaky boob.
  11. Yeah, "D List" celebrity is being generous at this point, imo. I think most people who hear about her will throw some pity her way, because many are aware of the suckage that is addiction, but there won't be any mass social media outrage or some media frenzy complete with protesting fans outside the courthouse. I'm sure the Sheriff's Department is used to dealing with hostile, entitled, BSC junkies, in general, so she'll fit right in. Got 99 problems* but I ain't one. *Bad Sister stole my Goddamn House, etc., etc.
  12. I agree. It's very common for people who are on drugs or under some form of mental delusion to think that they are playing it cool and fooling everyone with their lies and sleight of hand tricks when trying to divert attention or cover their tracks. They don't/can't realize that it's often very obvious to everyone else what's up, especially, imo, because they often "over-correct" themselves and come across as exaggerated and over-the-top (e.g When drunk people will start yelling or whispering during normal conversation because they can't control voice modulation or when someone who is delusional makes up unrealistic explanations or their story keeps changing as they are telling it). And this is what always pinged my bullshit meter when she'd grandstand about how sober she was and how she was working on herself. You learn, when you're in recovery/therapy, that your perception of reality, especially of yourself, isn't very reliable when you're drunk or high or in a state of psychosis or whatever. So, it's important, like when Kim "slipped" and took a 100% pain pill, to ask for and accept feedback on behavior in order to further understand and correct oneself, moving forward. She didn't do any of that. She didn't want to hear it. Same with Brandi, really -- she never wanted to hear from others and take into consideration, their experiences of her while she was drunk/high, because that would contradict the story she was telling herself in her head.
  13. I just remembered the blind item posted a few pages back and that makes me think, if true, then it’s possible that shoplifting is just another way she maintains her "high" and she’s been doing it most of her life. Only this time, her behavior and notoriety have caught up with her and she can’t talk/buy her way out of it. We’ve previously discussed Kim not being picky about the drugs she uses and I think she’s just a plain adrenaline junkie. Besides the booze and pills, it seem like doing things like shoplifting, stalking people in bushes with disguises on, race car driving, binge shopping, partying, gambling (poker), and probably any number of other risky behaviors give her a rush that she becomes addicted to. Some people have addictive personalities where they seek a high from just about anything and everything. I think we all want her to “get it” and deal with herself and her issues, but the sad thing is that for many addicts, there is no bottom for which they hit and then realize they want/need to change. Some live their whole lives this way, and at depths which most cannot fathom being able to sustain. There’s absolutely nothing anyone can do as long as that person wants to stay down. If she’s too far gone mentally, then her family might be able to get her held temporarily until professionals can determine if she needs long term care, but that’s easier said than done. And even then, as I said in a previous post, that doesn’t mean she’s ever going to be consciously accepting of her situation or willing to change herself. We're only privy to a tiny fraction of her behavior and mindset, so she might not even be capable of that, who knows. It’s such a sad situation and so frustrating for everyone who can only watch but who are helpless to “fix” it for her. I’m relieved to hear that Kyle, for whatever reasons, is apparently taking a step back. I can only imagine how painful that has been, but for her and her family’s sake, I’m glad she’s doing it. This whole thing reminds me of a passage from one of my favorite and personally inspiring books, “Konx Om Pax”: "So to get the noise out of my head, I took the little whip and whipped myself till all my blood poured down over everything, and I saw the whole house like a cataract of foaming blood rushing headlong from the flaming and scintillating Star of Fire that blazed and blazed in the candescent dome, and everything went red before my eyes, and a great flame like a strong wind blew through the House with a noise louder than any thunder could possibly be, so that I couldn't hold myself hardly, and I took up the sharp knives of the machines and cut myself all over, and the noise got louder and louder, and the flame burnt through and through me, so that I was very glad when my Prince said: You wouldn't think it, would you, sweetheart? But there are lots of people who stay here all their lives."
  14. Agree. Maybe I am giving Kim too much credit for being capable of forethought but this is what I am thinking as well. A cart or multiple carts of toys with other items mixed in might not catch as much attention and possibly suspicion as carts full of electronics, jewelry, and booze or whatever, without the toys. Of course, as others have pointed out, there's money in reselling kids items like toys and clothes. Also, there's a high in stealing like that, so perhaps it was more about the feeling she gets from the experience. I don't know, man, the women is like an onion -- we just keep peeling back stinky layer upon stinky layer. There's no core.