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  1. Evidently. *cries in Martha Graham* I feel like he's done that diving front somersault in every one of his dances. Jaxon has definitely used it a couple times as well. I found it odd that the judges acknowledged that Karen y Ricardo use that coffee grinder thing in every one of their dances but are silent on if the contemporary dancers use the same tumbling skills over and over? This may be purely lore, but in the glory days of SYTYCD the rumour goes that Nigel told a group of auditioners not to put fouettes in their routine because he wanted to see them actually dance (I love a good f
  2. I literally hate 3 of the 4 decisions. Damn lol. Can someone explain Charity and Andres to me? I don't get them. Contemporary is so much more than tumbling passes, angst and lifts that comprise over 75% of the dance. And for the "genre" of contemporary that it is, it's not even the best? They're so overhyped I don't get it. Part of the problem is that the show rewards contemporary that is filled to the brim with tricks but ugh, why. Michael Dameski over Karen y Ricardo...ugh see above.
  3. Thank you! Damn I hope he's back next season (if it's renewed) I love him!
  4. Twitch's poor voice :( I wanted to like Slavik and Genessy's hip hop so much, as I think Luther really gave them really great choreography, but I feel like they didn't really bring the energy or sharpness that it required, and consequently, it fell flat. I should not be thinking I wish I was watching the choreography on other dancers halfway through the routine. I love Brian Friedman and his mind. But did Vanessa call him Feelman? Yikes. Jensen was way too smiley throughout the whole thing and didn't really get down enough into the movements, and the synchronization was kind of off
  5. Okay so I usually roll my eyes when other people (usually judges) cry at the dances on these competition shows but damn I actually teared up watching Sean and Kaycee. Something about the purity of their movement and the youthful innocence that was portrayed really got to me. It also helps that it wasn't an overly wrought, flaily, liftapalooza which I can't stand.
  6. Sorry for slightly off topic, but does anyone know why Spencer Liff hasn't been on this season? :( I saw a youtube interview of him recently saying that he was going to be back, but I guess something came up unexpectedly and that's why Travis did Broadway last week?
  7. Omg this show was such a trip I s2g. I completely forgot Emanuel Sandhu was on this show! I can't help but love Blake haha, and how much raunchier this version of the show was. Remember Breaking Dishes? It totally wouldn't fly right now, but I remember loving it back then oops. I loved the House routines and getting exposed to that style!
  8. It was actually the next one after, Lara Smythe :) Ahhh my faulty memory. I guess I liked it so much that I just remembered it as the first ever! I, too, adored Allie! I have been away from this forum for a bit because of school but if you haven't already, please post your favourites, or post more :P I'd love to see them :) I miss SYTYCDca so much!
  9. I forgot to DVR the episode so I haven't watched it, but just wanted to say...JUSTICE FOR BRANDON. I mean I adore that solo of hers with the rose and that gorgeous controlled turn but, come on. He was so versatile and performed 3 of my favourite routines that were outside his style (the ChaCha, Disco, and his Argentine Tango). His partnership with Janette was everything.
  10. I actually don't remember that :( What I think this is telling me, however, is that I need to track the series down and rewatch it! In S1 a girl went to our school and so the principal would get on the announcements and tell us to vote for her every week. She didn't make it very far though oops lmao. Also re: Stacey. Her first ever routine on that show, No Happy Ending with Natalli and Vincent is still my favourite SYTYCD contemporary of all time. And I maintain that Luther and Sean's choreography has always been better in Canada :P
  11. I would love for Kyle to choreograph on the show. I'm so surprised they haven't got him on yet considering he choreographs duets a lot (something like Sweater Weather would be perfect for the show). Would love to see him, Yanis Marshall, Jake Kodish, Janelle Ginestra, Nika Kljun, and Erica Klein on the show I'm so happy you said this! SYTYCDCa has been on my mind lately; I recently watched a video on youtube called top 15 solos from the season 4 girls or something to that effect. I forgot how amazing that show was and how incredibly strong all the dancers were. Damn you CTV for cancell
  12. I've loved Zack Everhart since SYTYCD and will forever think he wuz robbed so I can't pretend to be unbiased in this and unhappy that they advanced but it actually goes deeper than that haha. Their first routine was choreographed by Kyle Hanagami (who they are both very close with) who was a supervising choreographer on WOD last year, and has worked with JLo in the past. And going by Instagram, this routine was choreographed by Tessandra Chavez who won an Emmy with Derek for their work on DWTS. I totally agree about DNA and I have a petty grudge against Antonina too because she is the re
  13. As someone who has truly horrible technique it's now my time to shine! Yes improper turnout is one way to see if they are using proper technique or not. Another thing that I'm VERY guilty of is in arabesque a lot of people "cheat" to the side and do not have their legs fully behind them in order to gain height. Sometimes when this happens you can see that their hips are uneven and not level because they're hiking their legs up (you can see this strongly in attitude position as well). And finally a lot of the time in order to get height, although this is kind of a rookie mistake, dancers will s
  14. So Evan was my favourite guy, and I'm sad that he didn't have a chance to really bloom on the show :( I really love his dancing from other things I've seen him in and I think he is extremely versatile. But then again, just because you are a good class dancer/performer doesn't always translate to doing well on the show! Here's some vids in case you haven't seen him in anything else beyond the show! Also my dad who knows nothing about dance was outraged when I told him that the judges were bussing Chelsea. He thought she was the best :( Evan starts at around 1:23
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