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Hey, That Titan Wasn't So Moe In Black and White!: Attack on Titan Anime vs. Manga

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I thought I'd start a topic for people who are following both the manga and anime. Manga and anime spoilers ahoy, of course.


One of the criticisms I see about the manga is that it's too much like Lost; it piles on the questions without answering any of them. I disagree because I think it's clear that Isayama has a plan and answers. You see him planting seeds early and answering smaller questions along the way. "Ymir's people" is a good example.


I think Isayama's major weakness is pacing, which the manga has improved upon. Isayama's other weakness is his art. Sometimes it's difficult to tell characters apart, but I'm happy to see this is an anime with a cast of snowflakes. Oh, and they're prettier, too (even some of the titans ;p).


Speaking of Ymir, I was wondering how the dub was going to handle naming her, because, you know, Ymir.


The first time she appeared, I looked for her name in the credits. I don't think I saw even a reference to the character. In episode 9, she's referred to as "Freckles" in the credits. I get why FUNimation decided not to name her because the name is pretty dang spoilery and exposes one of the biggest revelations very early. I'm curious to see how they treat the character from now on. Are any characters going to mention her by name? It would be pretty odd if Christa doesn't.

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Was part of the new opening cut? I seem to remember more shots of the Female Titan. I totally understand if FUNi did decide to remove some of the more, umm, telling images. One of the problems the anime has is that the human titans look even more like their titan counterparts (and there are already similarities in the manga). The Female Titan's identity was pretty much given away the first time she appeared in the opening credits.


I wonder how long it will take the anime-only viewers to figure out the identities of the other human titans.

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