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S02.E02: Fear and Loathing

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Wasting less time than usual in getting to this one -- and probably the next -- because it's among my favorites. The Troubles of the week are fairly bland (and the boyfriend is hands down the worst actor who has ever appeared on the show), but the character bits and the ties to the overall arc are really good. We get more of Fraudrey's sass and Scullying,which is never a bad thing, and we get to see her defaulting to "our" Audrey's original method of dealing with Duke. I quite like the interplay between those two, and I totally get why there are folks out there who 'ship them. The one thing that rings false to me about the Audreys in this episode, though, is our Audrey's assertion that she already tested water and soil samples from the town. I feel like the most significant difference between the two -- personality-wise, at least -- is that our Audrey wastes no time getting on the "this is something supernatural" train. (And also my headcanon that Nathan is desperately trying to get her interested in better reading material.)


The same question always comes up for me about supernatural things that take the shape of your fears: What if the things you're afraid of are really abstract? Would I be immune to Jackie's Trouble because it wouldn't know how to depict the cripping terror that I'll never find happiness or a sense of purpose? Also I am scared of heights; how would that work? But of course, the question more immediately relevant to this setting is "What did Nathan see?" At the moment, my theory is that he saw Max, but since his childhood memories of his biological father are so jumbled he's not really consciously sure what he saw.


Speaking of Nathan, the preciousness of his poking at everything cannot be overstated. Nathan, honey, you're weirding everyone out but that's okay because it's adorable. I love his worry that the kiss being the first thing he felt might make Audrey uncomfortable, and her complete bafflement at that concern. No matter how smooth and competent he is at everything else, she still has the power to reduce him to "hopeless little boy with a crush" without even noticing.

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This is one of my favorites, too. I actually like the Trouble because I liked the fake-out -- at first we think it's whatever weird thing was seen, then we find out that it's fear in general, then we learn that the real Trouble is the Trouble thief.


And there are so many great character moments -- Nathan's awkward speech and Audrey teasing him about it, the Audreys bonding, Duke learning that Nathan's Trouble is cured and offering to provide ladies to help him "process" it, Nathan weirding Audrey out with his kind of creepy rose fondling, Nathan's reaction to the Audreys tag-teaming the tale of the clown, Audrey II shaking down Duke (and him kind of seeming to like it), Duke's reaction when he comes rushing to tell Nathan and Audrey about Ian and they don't seem at all surprised, and Nathan giving up the chance at a cure for the girl and everyone's reaction to that.


Oh, and Nathan and the dress uniform.


Also I am scared of heights; how would that work?

The ground might appear to open up in front of you, so that you're standing on the edge of a bottomless pit. Or you might think you were suddenly vaulted into the air in a tall tower.


But of course, the question more immediately relevant to this setting is "What did Nathan see?"

I'm dying to know if they actually came up with something and if it will be relevant, or if the direction given to Lucas Bryant was a generic "you're seeing your worst fear."


Now, back to the rewatch (I'm finally catching up).

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