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Flip It Like Disick

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On E

Scott Disick and his team flip high-end luxury real estate projects in Los Angeles while also transforming home design projects for celebrity friends.

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Sunday nights

I didn't mind it - plenty of house porn,

It reminds me of a mixture of Entourage, Million $ Listing, LA, and The Vanilla Ice Project

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What a trainwreck. Very little of the episode actually dealt with any nuts and bolts of property flipping and instead seemed to center on Steve Aoki's home (and NO WAY IN HELL are you getting me to jump in that pool: one slip or misstep and you're breathing into a tube in a wheelchair the rest of your days, assuming you even live), and the manufactured drama when the contractor Miki kept whining about the designer Willa's staging.

Question: Why even have the contractor there at that point? I mean, seriously: WHO CARES WHAT THE CONTRACTOR THINKS ABOUT THE DESIGNER'S STAGING? Tell him he can go work for someone else if it bothers him so much.

The whole episode boiled down to a lot of whining by Disick and his buddies.

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