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A Reminder About Political Discussion On Primetimer

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Bumping this due to the recently updated politics on Primetimer policy, which is linked here, as well as quoted below.


As per our golden rule: Be Civil (or Be Gone), Primetimer expects respectful interaction no matter the topic at hand.

Where politics is involved, people often get out of joint when another is not in line with their ideology. Then the mods have to spend more time babysitting reports from, and/or moderating in, those forums than is acceptable. That's not something Primetimer is willing to continue doing.

To clarify:

  • We do not allow any discussion of politicians, political bodies (Congress, Parliament) political movements or political parties, including jokes and asides, unless those entities are specifically mentioned on an episode of the show being discussed, or in editorial content about that episode. Even when this applies, they may be discussed ONLY in the context of the show. This means no elaboration, speculation or using what was said as a springboard to voice your political thoughts generally.
  • Name-calling or nickname use aimed at politicians or political entities is no longer permitted - for example, President Cheeto, Lyin' Joe Biden, etc. (This applies only to political people and entities as stated above. As always, any non-political folks are fair game for nicknames.)
  • Discussion of 'Hot-Button Social Issues' is allowed [for the purposes of Primetimer these include but are not limited to; abortion, healthcare & gun rights], providing it relates to the episode being discussed or takes place in a Small Talk topic.

Anything counter to the above is considered off-topic and subject to moderation measures.

Please familiarize yourself with this policy; moderation measures may include warnings, suspensions, moderated content, and up to banning from the site. This policy is in effect going forward.

Please PM me, the forum moderator, with any questions. As always, discussion of moderation actions in the forum are against the rules, and may also result in moderation measures. Thank you for posting at Primetimer.


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