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[BUG, FIXED] Bad forum page?

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There is one page in one thread that is behaving strangely for me on 2 different browsers (Chrome and Edge).  I have restarted my Android device but no change. The link to the forums main menu isn't there and in its place there is some kind of site menu. There is also one post where the reply doesn't work for me. They work on other posts though.

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1 hour ago, SilverStormm said:

I've found the post you're referring to and will get that taken care of it's now fixed. As for the rest, I'm not seeing it; can you provide a screenshot please?

Thanks; looks like fixing the post fixed the page. For the record, I realised when I went to take the screenshot that the forums link was still there; the issue was the page heading was much larger than the page so the link that is normally on the top left was appearing on my right and the forums link was so far to the right it was off the screen.


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