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This show, airing on CNN, shows dialogues between people who've had a family member murdered, and the people who were convicted of committing that murder.

I've watched 3 episodes so far. It's really intense. I don't like the way it's edited, which is clearly for maximum drama and suspense (loud music cues, strategically placed scene breaks, etc). The subject itself is dramatic enough, without CNN trying to add more tension. But it's interesting to see how these things happen-- why and how do people become murderers? How do the surviving family members cope with the aftermath? What would actually make anyone feel better after something like this, and what if anything can someone do about it once they've killed someone?

The media mostly talks about catching the killer. But of course that's not the only thing families of murdered people are concerned with.

I was surprised to realize that many of these people actually get out of prison at some point. It's not necessarily a life sentence. What then?

The show raises more questions than it answers, but I'm still finding it worth watching, at least for now.

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