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[Resolved] Is there an autosave on PMs?

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Is there an autosave on PMs? I noticed there is a drafts folder, but I've recently accidentally closed a PM instead of sending it a couple of times. There was nothing saved to drafts, and there didn't seem to be any way to recover the text. I'm not sure if I were under a time-limit that wasn't triggered yet, or if not, how drafts can be saved, if at all?

Separately from that I'm wondering if I'm just doing something fundamentally wrong. On the occasions I alluded to what really happened was I clicked somewhere...anywhere...outside the PM window and it seemed to just..go away...forever. I'm not sure if that's expected behaviour or if I'm just doing it wrong. This is on a Chromebook with Chrome OS Version 73.0.3683.88.

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Better late than never, I had this looked into and it boils down to the following:

Having a 'drafts' PM folder is leftover from legacy versions of the software. The system (where possible) will automatically save the contents of the Editor at regular intervals to local browser storage, restoring the contents into the editor the next time you load it.

The caveat is that this won't work when using the 'compose' button without specifically clicking to send a PM to a user (from their profile, or hovercard). The reason for this is that you may start typing a PM to one user, then stop and start sending one to another user instead. It's possible in this situation that the editor would auto load the content and it could potentially be sent to the wrong user.

Apologies for the delay, sometimes these things can take a while but they're not forgotten.

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